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  1. I mean objectively, surely there’s no contest?
  2. I think folk are giving accies a bit too much credit too far. Their squad looks pretty poor imo and Rice doesn’t inspire much confidence I don’t think.
  3. I think everyone seems to be holding this view. Think it will be a really close league this year. I think we definitely have the best manager in the league and a decent enough squad but until we sort the GK position out and add some firepower then I really can’t see us being top either.
  4. I would say currently: Inverness Killie Partick Dunfermline Raith Hamilton Morton Ayr QOTS Arbroath This is subject to change based on signings etc but I just think this is roughly how it’ll look based on current squads/familiarity with the league etc etc.
  5. Heard a few rumours that Maguire is coming to us, obviously a lot of shite if what you say is true. Will do a job for someone. Handy player.
  6. Blair Alston and Remi Matthews are the latest rumours. Can’t remember Matthews but he will defo be an upgrade on the keepers last season. Alston is a massive no from me. Absolutely hopeless from what I remember. I appreciate we are a championship side, and I think our recruitment has been very sensible but I feel like some of our fans are getting a bit carried away with it. We still need one or two “quality” players in amongst players like Armstrong, Murray etc if we want to challenge for the league.
  7. We are signing Blair Alston apparently. Is he as shite as I remember him being?
  8. You’re thinking of the wrong Ben Gordon, it was the one that played with you - neither of them were from NZ, but the one that played with you did play there so he won’t feature on that list.
  9. Kieran MacDonald will be announced for us any day now I would imagine. He’s not exactly being subtle about it on Twitter.
  10. We already had our shot of him. Once is enough cheers.
  11. Serious question, do you honestly believe you will get anywhere near £4m for McCann? I think he is an amazing player and absolutely should be worth that considering the money chucked around at other dross but it is just never the case in reality imo. I reckon you will get 2.5 million max for him. Would be happy to be proved wrong though!
  12. You got a link to this? Can’t find it anywhere
  13. Dicker won’t be back to Scotland. He’s done anyway, even at championship level.
  14. Is he a left back or left midfielder? Is he any good? What sort of player is he? Spill the beans! We do need a left back so would be pleased to see him come in if he’s decent
  15. The guy on the bottom is also the absolute ringer of Nick Griffin, ironically.
  16. I dunno who is worse out of Doyle and Rogers. They are both quite similar in that they can occasionally pull of some decent saves, but then concede the simplest of goals minutes later. I genuinely think they might both be as shite as each other. At least Rogers isn’t about 3 stone overweight.
  17. To be honest, I don’t think he’s changed that much. If anything he seems to have mellowed. He was an utter moaning faced c**t when he was with your lot, but now he seems pretty placid. I get the vibe he can’t really be fucked and is only with us because a.) we asked him and b.) there’s plenty of golf courses near. Which isn’t good, obviously.
  18. He also seems to be a bit of a weird c**t. Any story I hear about him being a ‘character’ involves him getting naked/drinking his own piss/shitting himself. Was it not in the news that he filmed himself having a w**k in the changing rooms a few years ago? Bit of a fucking weirdo imo.
  19. You have literally won less than half of your games in an absolutely pish championship. You are a shite side. You seem to have managed to take offence to me giving what I would say is a pretty fair assessment of both teams tbh. For example, I said both teams were poor, so dunno why you are banging on as if I have just slated Dundee only. The keeper comment was also more of a dig about our shite goalies yet you’ve still somehow managed to get your knickers in a twist about it.
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