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  1. I honestly don’t think this game is done yet.
  2. This ref man. So much to like about this Saints side. Really hope they do it here.
  3. I think for this level he’s quite a good player given his versatility. Not outstanding or anything but decent enough. The fact he bounced around a few championship teams in England before going to Airdrie always makes me think that maybe he has a wee bit more to give that he just hasn’t shown yet, but time will tell.
  4. It will definitely be an interesting season for you guys. There is no doubting the fact that there are some interesting players in your squad - Paul McKay and Harry Cochrane being the two that I really want to pay attention to. Feel as though it’s the latter’s last chance to really try and make a go of it and establish himself as a good midfielder at this level.
  5. Looking forward to this. What’s the script with Ally Roy? He seems to have had a pretty class betfred cup campaign after joining you but I always assumed he was a bit of a jobber? I reckon we should win this but it will be a tough test, of which there will be many this year. Queens squad seems to be filled with random youngsters who I have never heard of and a couple of guys looking to get their careers back on track. And Willie Gibson. 3-1 Killie with Alston, Cameron and Murray scoring.
  6. What are you talking about? We were winning the game 1-0 before the penalty. I don’t know why so many of your fans, and your manager, keep peddling this line that giving away a penalty in the 86th minute whilst you were already trailing is what decided the game.
  7. Nonsense. Not even the highest paid player at Killie, never mind the league.
  8. In theory yes obviously but anyone with half a brain realises that it’s obviously not going to be as easy as that.
  9. Why does every other team in this league manage to have nice, fairly normal, threads where they discuss the fitba like actual real humans yet every single thread involving us seems to attract the largest amount of ‘yer da’ types anyone has ever seen. I really hope we get out of this shitpit league quickly because I dunno if I can stomach more than a season of this horrific patter.
  10. Jesus fucking Christ the absolute state of this entire thread.
  11. I think it’s the opposite actually, punishment tends to be a bit lesser.
  12. Ah, that makes much more sense. Tiny wee midfielder. Was never really going to get a chance for us in the prem and tbh I’d be surprised if he even made it at you (no disrespect meant at all there btw). His dad will be the connection that Broadfoot is talking about then.
  13. 3rd kit is quite nice but something about it looks a bit cheap to me. Home kit is rotten imo.
  14. Would be surprised at this. Was highly rated at us. Broadfoot mentioned that the guy seemed to not really put in any extra effort and maybe got too comfortable being a “footballer” despite having achieved nothing. He also made it seem as though the person had been out of football for a period and has just been handed this opportunity because he knows someone, rather than having earned the chance based on ability.
  15. There’s a boy who used to play with us on trial with yourselves, according to Kirk Broadfoot on sportsound the other day. No name mentioned though.
  16. Basically a carbon copy of an East Kilbride top from a few years ago, in a different colour scheme. Minging imo.
  17. Absolutely awful. Watch the two play off games and that’s what you can expect. Guy is beyond past it.
  18. Kilmarnock Goalkeepers: Sam Walker Zach Hemming Curtis Lyle Colin Doyle Defenders: Jason Naismith Dylan McGowan Euan Murray Chris Stokes Jack Saunders Calum Waters Brandon Haunstrup Euan Deveney Midfielders: Chris Burke Rory McKenzie Blair Alston Brad Lyons Liam Polworth Stephen McGinn Tomas Brindley Daniel Armstrong Fraser Murray Attackers: Scott Robinson Innes Cameron Kyle Connell
  19. I think it will be accies. I’m not really confident that we will go up, but I canny see us having a shocker.
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