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  1. Two teams flinging shite at a wall and seeing what sticks.
  2. Yeah mate there is. Vegan Chicken and Mushroom. It's quorn that's inside it, I'm not a massive fan of it. Wish we had more vegan options tbh.
  3. But your point is absolutely pish when the word Guidetti used wasn't even sectarian. Even if it was, the context is completely different - he was singing the song that celtic fans sang about him to a TV reporter after being asked what it was. He didn't turn round and dish out sectarian abuse to some wee guy who was trying to have a laugh with him like Lafferty did.
  4. Maybe, aye. Think he just needs to wisen up a bit if he wants to make the next step and play regularly for a Premiership side as he really struggled with us. Obviously must have something about him seen as he done well at Raith. On a side note, I see Arboarth have been playing Scott Allan at RM in a 442 which is...interesting.
  5. He's really really bad. Takes far too long on the ball and loses it constantly. Can see he has the right idea, but takes way too long to pull it off. A really pointless signing for us last January - played a few games and made horrible errors in most of them and was then binned and never really featured again.
  6. We'll see how the season pans out. You seem to have an awful lot of confidence based on nothing at all.
  7. Constantly has go at Killie and says they have an aging shit squad. Supports team with Trevor Carson, Richard Tait, Ryan Flynn, and Curtis Main in it.
  8. This is the issue I have with you. You constantly come on here, and post all over Pie and Bovril about our squad, but it's all absolute bollocks. Our signings on paper have all been fine. Power, Jones, Lafferty are good signings at this level and Donnelly will hopefully be fine, but has had a poor start. The "young players with a handful of games" chat is a bit selective too. Here's a little breakdown of our signings for you, and hopefully it'll make it nice and easy for you to understand: Jordan Jones - Previously a great player for us who earned himself a few good moves off the back of it. Poor season at Saints last year seems to have skewered your opinion here. Alan Power - See likewise. Liam Donnelly - A typical Scottish football utility man. Hardly amazing and not delighted about his signing but he has done well enough in Scotland to merit a chance. Joe Wright - Over 100 appearances in League One in England. Pretty well thought of by fans at Doncaster. Kyle Lafferty - Again, a proven player at this level Ryan Alebiosu - One of the players who has played very limited games. Has looked very good so far going forward, but it's clear he's raw. Lewis Mayo - Over 60 appearances in Championship over the last few seasons. Very highly thought of and made Championship TOTY last season. Natural step up in his career now, sensible move. Kerr McInroy - Pretty similar to Mayo, minus the TOTY part. A low risk, potential high reward punt. Jeriel Dorsett - Big lad who won Rochdale YPOTY last season. Won't necessarily be a starter, but provides decent competition in there. Zach Hemming - Was our stand out player by a mile last season, and despite not having played that many games in his career it's clear that he's miles better than anyone we have had since Bachmann. Deji Sotona - A complete unknown. Was Man Uniteds fastest player, but that means hee haw. So, from that list there's 2 players who have played "a handful of games" in their career, and the rest look like fairly sensible signings to add to the squad we already have. So aye, you are talking shite. There's also no entitlement from our fans - pretty much everyone I know has said, based on the league last year and the fact it was so close then we should be able to go and challenge teams and have a go, but would take 8th/9th and consolidate from there. Bye now.
  9. County fans are good c***s imo. Horrible game today.
  10. Thought we were the better team, bar a spell at the start of the 2nd half, and deserved a point at least.
  11. Rangers Celtic Hearts Dundee United Aberdeen Ross County Kilmarnock Hibernian Livingston St Mirren Motherwell St Johnstone
  12. I think that United one looks a bit shit. Sponsor is minging and so is the collar.
  13. Walker looked pretty good in his very brief cameos with us. Was pretty unfortunate that Hemming turned out to be so, so good. I'm sure he'll be fine for you - he's a giant.
  14. How was Jordan Jones for you last year? He's coming back to us apoarently and I dunno what to expect. Was brilliant for us first time round, but hasn't really played much consistent football since he left us.
  15. Yip. Subbed at half time, made an appearance in the diddy Cup v Dumbarton months later and was then shipped back at the first opportunity.
  16. I know everyone loves to praise your lot for your apparently amazing social media content, but someone needs to take Laura Brannan's phone aff her. A rocket of the highest order who's constant shitey views reflect quite badly on the club, and go against quite a lot of the good work you do.
  17. I watched all of this out of interest and thought Courts comes across really well. That Ally boy is an absolute rocket though, the constant digs at Rangers, United's ex-keepers, and other teams were embarrassing and you could tell that Dillon and Courts wanted him to shut the f**k up.
  18. Apparently yourselves, along with us, are interested in McGeady.
  19. Rooney has signed for Fleetwood apparently. Wanted to go work with Brown. We put in an offer but seems to have opted to go down south.
  20. I mean, we literally had Hendry on loan for the first half of this season, and he was by all accounts incredibly happy here so I don't think it's that wild to suggest it. Also don't think it's that wild considering you were claiming Hendry wasn't top flight standard, was 6th choice etc etc, before we took him on loan and got him back on track for you. I don't really know why you have your knickers in so much of a twist here - not a single c**t is convincing themselves we are "huge" because of the possibility of signing Callum Hendry and Shaun Rooney. Don't flatter yourself.
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