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  1. Jesus Christ you must be shite if some of your fans are wanting that fat *** c**t back.
  2. I know you won the game, but I thought you boys were pretty brutal against us.
  3. Looks as though Callum Hendry is going to be recalled by you. Bit of a weird one because I quite like him and always thought he was decent when he played but he's really low down the pecking order now.
  4. Now rocking a Marshall Origin. Here's a pic of it with my cabronita tele w/jazzmaster pick-ups.
  5. Also ended up ditching the Katana. I grew to hate it which is funny considering the praise I was giving it at the start haha! It's a really good sounding amp on its own, but it's absolutely horrible with pedals imo - despite what people say.
  6. Cheers for the thoughts! I did eventually end up buying one and use it with logic. Great wee bit of kit for in the house.
  7. Ross wasn't even one of our targets, never mind our main one, you absolute fucking slaver.
  8. Such a frustrating game that one. I genuinely cannot remember rovers having any chances, bar their 3 goal, and yet we got scudded 3-1. We are just far, far too static in every aspect. As tidy as McGinn and Alston may be on the ball in the middle, there is very little urgency from them to ever get a quick move going. Feels like we always have all of the ball in games but do absolutely nothing with it. I have been incredibly disappointed in Jason Naismith too. I always thought he was quite a rampaging full back but he's the absolute opposite on the ball. He always wants to stop and turn and play it back and just kills every single attack stone dead. Off the ball he does attack the back post well sometimes, to be fair to him. Hendry looked good from his cameo. Was a weird one that Armstrong was stripped and ready to come on and then we equalised and Wright told him to go and sit down. Made no sense. Nae wonder he doesn't get a game though, that third goal was pathetic - I genuinely still cannot work out how a wee rapid winger who's just came on could not catch a full back who's been playing the entire game. I'll need to see it back but it honestly felt as though Armstrong was running in quicksand trying to catch him. A poor day.
  9. Apparently we are signing Oli Shaw. Thoughts on him?
  10. My money is on either Clark or McCann to get sent off next.
  11. Been miles off it this half. First half I thought we edged it a bit. Not really sure about Stokes tbh and we badly need a striker.
  12. I honestly don’t think this game is done yet.
  13. This ref man. So much to like about this Saints side. Really hope they do it here.
  14. I think for this level he’s quite a good player given his versatility. Not outstanding or anything but decent enough. The fact he bounced around a few championship teams in England before going to Airdrie always makes me think that maybe he has a wee bit more to give that he just hasn’t shown yet, but time will tell.
  15. It will definitely be an interesting season for you guys. There is no doubting the fact that there are some interesting players in your squad - Paul McKay and Harry Cochrane being the two that I really want to pay attention to. Feel as though it’s the latter’s last chance to really try and make a go of it and establish himself as a good midfielder at this level.
  16. Looking forward to this. What’s the script with Ally Roy? He seems to have had a pretty class betfred cup campaign after joining you but I always assumed he was a bit of a jobber? I reckon we should win this but it will be a tough test, of which there will be many this year. Queens squad seems to be filled with random youngsters who I have never heard of and a couple of guys looking to get their careers back on track. And Willie Gibson. 3-1 Killie with Alston, Cameron and Murray scoring.
  17. What are you talking about? We were winning the game 1-0 before the penalty. I don’t know why so many of your fans, and your manager, keep peddling this line that giving away a penalty in the 86th minute whilst you were already trailing is what decided the game.
  18. Nonsense. Not even the highest paid player at Killie, never mind the league.
  19. In theory yes obviously but anyone with half a brain realises that it’s obviously not going to be as easy as that.
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