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  1. Bunn was good as well. Looked tricky and was very direct. For someone who hasn’t played a game in months he done really well.
  2. Probably our best all round player. Nesbit scored all the time but hes more intelligent on the ball. Aye, he is a smashing player. My favourite at the club in fact. I really hope he gets a regular run now.
  3. Played well. Some really nice touches and a well taken goal
  4. Eamonn Brophy. A lot better than expected.
  5. Hahahahahahah unlucky. He can score screamers but can’t control a ball.
  6. Kiltie is better than Thomas and Frizzell by an absolute country mile. Thomas has a good left foot but goes missing when he starts games. He’s a decent bench option but that’s it, imo the championship is his level. Frizzell is lower end of championship/league 1 standard.
  7. Delighted to have Kiltie back. One of the most naturally gifted players at our club, I just hope he gets a proper opportunity to show it.
  8. That was never a penalty. He literally fell over himself
  9. What a day. I honestly sometimes feel teary thinkin about the final whistle that day.
  10. We are going to get scudded here. Hopefully a Rangers player gets a serious injury to cheer me up. Merry Christmas.
  11. Even at that, there's angle of it from behind the goal and it's about a fucking foot away from him. He just has to move towards it a wee tiny bit. This is what has been annoying me. Folk defending him saying he was unsighted by Rory etc. The c**t is fucking 6 foot 5 he literally needs to lift his ginormous right arm and he would have saved the thing
  12. Probably finishing 3rd last season. It was just a season filled with absolutely class memories. Made what was otherwise a pretty horrific year for me pretty special so it will always be my favourite. Beating Celtic to win the cup was pretty decent too.
  13. See I’m not sold on Del Fabro if I’m being honest, his positioning is questionable and every week he seems to be regressing. El mhak is a good player imo but is a victim of the way we have been playing. He isn’t a 10, despite our insistence in trying to shoehorn him in there.
  14. Branescu is an absolute imposter. Absolute haddy. Our squad is so poor imo. Alessio has left us in a bit of a mess with utter shite signings.
  15. This is unlistenable. Cosgroves replacement needs to f**k up about thistle and get out of Caldwells arse.
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