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  1. I am selling some prints of 35mm film photographs I have taken. If you see any you fancy then I would really appreciate it if you bought some! I’ll add in a bunch of little 6x4 prints for free with every order to say thank you! https://jordanrobertsonphotography.pb.online/
  2. Nice to see you’re still taking Wright leaving you and rocking up at us well.
  3. He isn’t being a bit joyless though is he, because it wasn’t a troll. You are just talking shite.
  4. I know we can’t really blame TW for anything but his reluctance to play Burke and Mulumbu, paired with his insistence of playing Pinnock and Millen is absolutely baffling to me.
  5. I reckon Celtic will go for Howe/Maloney. Also got a weird feeling, based on nothing at all, that they might try and get Thierry Henry.
  6. Can someone please post a video/link of mcgregors interview
  7. I don’t think anyone at Killie - fans, board and players - are under any illusion as to how big a job he has on his hands with us. If he fucks up the 11 games and we go down, so be it. He won’t be blamed as it wasn’t him that got us into this mess, so in a way, the pressure is kinda off him imo. Time will tell.
  8. Re the complaining about the board. Obviously it would eventually grow a bit tiring but to be honest someone that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and rock the boat a bit sounds quite appealing. After a season of listening to Alex Dyer, who literally was the most placid yes man ever, it would be quite nice to get a big nasty moany b*****d in. Hopefully he gives players like Power, Dicker etc a few home truths as well.
  9. Also, McInnes is a much better manager. It’s quite a weird one with Ross because up until recently if someone asked me my thoughts on him I would have said he’s a great manager but the more I think about it I’m not really sure why I think that. He obviously done wonders with St Mirren transforming them from being doomed to Championship winners but there’s been loads of managers that have been successful at lower levels that are now considered utter shite. Paul Hartley etc. I think the fact that Ross got a move down south to a ‘big’ team kind of gives a false image of how good he is.
  10. The fact anyone would even begin to consider there is any element of truth to that is mental.
  11. Honestly mate, our expectations are pretty low just now. If he can keep us up this season fans will love him. If he could regularly getting us pushing for top 6 then fans will be happy. We have had one and a half good seasons - we have no right to be picky just now imo.
  12. Glad to see there’s still a lot of positive opinions about TW from saints fans. Given we probably have pretty similar budgets/expectations I’m quite excited to see what he can do once this shit show of a season is done. Hopefully we are still in the top league. Personally, I think this appointment is about 2 years too late. We should have tried to get him when Clarke left rather taking the ridiculous risk that was Alessio. It pleases me that despite being terrible just now, we are still a decent and appealing option for successful managers.
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