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  1. Heads gone stuff from Ross after the match today. I actually quite like him but sometimes I do think he maybe believes his own hype a wee bit too much.
  2. Pretty sure Tommy Gravesen is now a professionally gamer/gambler/millionaire
  3. Aye, the less said about him the better to be honest.
  4. I hate this sort of patter. How is it bitter to say that we aren’t that bothered about him leaving? He’s a decent enough player but should be replaceable imo. I could understand if everyone was making out he is absolutely shite but all the comments so far have been pretty fair imo.
  5. He also has hamstrings made of chocolate. Not saying injury is the sole reason he doesn’t play for us but a combination of being very poor for months and injury would explain it.
  6. Honestly, please don’t get too excited about Brophy. He really isn’t all that. He can be a handful at times but some of the reactions to his signing have been massively over the top imo. Had a purple patch for 6 months when he was paired with Greg Stewart under Clarke but apart from that he has been pretty meh imo. He is also infuriating at times. Get used to his ridiculous decision making, i.e shooting from 30 yards at an angle rather than passing to a team mate in great positions. I think he is a decent enough player at this level but that’s it.
  7. Branescu was absolutely shite. A genuinely useless keeper.
  8. Not very good. He makes the odd good save but is never spectacular and he’s had a fair few howlers. He definitely isn’t the worst keeper we have ever had or anywhere near it but he looks championship level at best imo.
  9. I fucking hate that c**t. An absolutely shite keeper. If our fans could stop constantly peddling the line that he’s a good keeper that would be great.
  10. Cannot believe how bad motherwell are. Get it up Maurice Ross.
  11. Aye I one hundred percent agree. He was clearly holding out for a move to the Championship when he left us and tbh I can’t grudge him that but I never really thought it was a realistic target for him after the average season he had last year. All the best to him, I still love the big man even if a lot of killie fans have slightly soured opinions of him.
  12. That was my initial thoughts on him but truthfully from watching him this season I just don’t think he has the quality required to be a starting striker at this level. He can’t shoot, he can’t dribble with a ball, he appears to be incredibly weak most of the time and doesn’t have an aerial threat. For every one good game he has, which tend to be very good to be fair to him, he then goes on to have about five bad games but again maybe I’m being harsh because I suppose you could say that about our entire squad!
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