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  1. Well that was a truly terrible gain. That boy Bair could be the worst player I’ve ever seen.
  2. See, it’s a bit of a weird one. There was definitely always a kind of ‘Let Boyd hit it!’ aura whenever we had a freekick, and I do think he scored a few but I think it was a bit like the Ronaldo thing where he would attempt it 50 times and score 5. He seemed to score a lot more of them in his later years when he was even more, ahem, immobile.
  3. That is such a great Killie kit, but deary me we really were a mess for the first 10 games that season.
  4. She was the definition of ‘a bad egg’. An utter moon unit.
  5. Wright is a fat, arrogant dinosaur. You are absolutely fucked if you appoint him. Get it done.
  6. Is Stephen McGinn on the gear? Richard Foster is a smarmy, specky wee c**t.
  7. Brophy is utterly shite and it's great to see that the St Mirren fans who insisted he was worth the insane money you were chucking at him have now realised that he is indeed, not.
  8. Errrrrr, anyways... I thought we played well today. Deserved more, but never got it - such is the game. Full credit to all the lads today, they deserve plenty of praise for that performance. Polworth is such a classy player, and if wee Armstrong had an end product he'd be unstoppable.
  9. Good job he isn't out midfield "playmaker" either then. He's had the least amount of game time out of all our midfielders this season bar Lyons, and only played yesterday because everyone else was suspended.
  10. Anyone trying to claim that Erhahon incident didn't merit a red is at it. He catches McKenzie very cleanly with his elbow then pushes him away, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He was incredibly angry at Doidge for a fairly innocuous challenge a few minutes earlier and seemed to be looking for a bit of a fight. He's a wee fanny with an attitude issue. Always has been.
  11. This was McKenzie during todays game. His face is absolutely battered as a result of elbows from Gogic and the incident with Erhahon. Please for once, give it a rest.
  12. Two teams flinging shite at a wall and seeing what sticks.
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