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  1. People are honestly fucking idiots. I know folk who have a fiver on about four different folk on skybet. Jesus christ, when will folk learn.
  2. Why the f**k are people mentioning Killie here? Weird old firm-esque attention seeking.
  3. You have a fucking brilliant beard. SOD's still edges it tho.
  4. Alternatively, you could have mentioned how he achieved West Brom's highest ever premier league position when he managed them. You could've also mentioned the other 5 clubs he has been involved with in England as a coach, and a very well regarded one at that. And of course the brilliant job he has done at us. He has plenty of pedigree.
  5. Christ, I was the complete opposite with the tannoy. c**t was nearly burstin my ear drums every time he spoke.
  6. Despite hitting the bar 3 times I dont really think we deserved anything. Had it not been for Stuart Findlay making about 3 excellent last ditch blocks/tackles you would have won by more.
  7. We were utter shite. The amount of missing players didn't help. Livi's stadium is a cracker. I really like it but it is an absolute c**t of a walk from livi south station.
  8. How far away is livi south train station from the stadium troops?
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