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  1. The toy he takes on the couch is a red Kong that I stuff with peanut butter! It’s a life saver! He chews it for a bit but eventually goes ‘nah f**k this’ and decides to go into wild mode. I wouldn’t change the mad wee b*****d for the world.
  2. The bold yin I posted above is 8 months old now and I’m still having a bit of trouble with his toilet training. I take him out regularly and he does the toilet fine outside and gets plenty of praise etc but he will still just randomly pee indoors sometimes. He is also ridiculously energetic, like he will genuinely not sit still no matter how much I play with him and tire him out. When he comes up on the couch he is fine for a bit chewing his wee toy until he gets bored but if he doesn’t have the toy to keep him occupied he goes mental and bites and wants to play. It’s quite annoying cos it makes me feel bad because he canny fall asleep on the couch or sit on it with me or anything like that, so I have to put him in his wee play pen where his bed is so he will get a wee sleep in there. anyone else had similar experiences with their pooch? I think it is just a puppy thing tbf, at least I hope so.
  3. This virus thing. Serious or what? Will it affect my food supply? Wil I get out for a walk? Answers human.
  4. I finally got a Boss Katana to see what all the hype was about and holy f**k, they are excellent! I got the 50W MkII version which has twice the amount of amp/effect settings I believe. It really is a beast, the variety of tones it produces is fantastic and it could easily be mistaken for a cranked valve amp at times. The 0.5W, 20W and 50W switcher is a great wee setting as well. Honestly can’t imagine a better value amp for the money. Now for my question, I am looking to set up a wee home studio with some pretty basic equipment. Just going to buy an interface and run it through ableton/GarageBand on my Mac and I’m just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with the Focusrite Scarlett interfaces? I used one years ago but can’t really remember my thoughts on it.
  5. Aye because the wee group of fannies that were in your end that were caught on camera on a train singing “f**k Caroline Flack” really gave off a good look for your support. Clown.
  6. It’s frustrating thought because it was blatantly obvious we needed a keeper and yet again it seems as though we put all our eggs in one basket with Bachmann and when that fell through (if it even went as far as that) then we had no alternative.
  7. Branescu is really, really poor imo. From what I have seen of Koprivec, he literally looks like a smaller Larry. I don’t think MacDonald is great but he is better than both of them.
  8. Is it likely to just be Mutch coming in or do we have another couple lined up? Also, I’d be intrigued to know why so many deals seem to have fallen through for us this season.
  9. Hendrie is either injured or has been told he’s not needed. A few weeks back when we were playing a game at rugby park he was posting Instagram stories with his pals in his house. Obviously out the picture, for one reason or another.
  10. Ross County were the worst team I’ve seen in a long time. They carried absolutely no threat whatsoever, despite our big haddy of a goalkeeper trying his best to cost us points yet again.
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