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  1. Apparently yourselves, along with us, are interested in McGeady.
  2. Rooney has signed for Fleetwood apparently. Wanted to go work with Brown. We put in an offer but seems to have opted to go down south.
  3. I mean, we literally had Hendry on loan for the first half of this season, and he was by all accounts incredibly happy here so I don't think it's that wild to suggest it. Also don't think it's that wild considering you were claiming Hendry wasn't top flight standard, was 6th choice etc etc, before we took him on loan and got him back on track for you. I don't really know why you have your knickers in so much of a twist here - not a single c**t is convincing themselves we are "huge" because of the possibility of signing Callum Hendry and Shaun Rooney. Don't flatter yourself.
  4. Quite a lot of chat that both Rooney, and Hendry are coming to us. I'd certainly be happy with the latter, and pretty content with Rooney too. You can have Jason Naismith free of charge.
  5. Cheers! I play through a Marshall Origin and it is a pretty bright amp (I like bright, jangly tones btw) but the Jaguar is soooo jangly. Thing is amazing to play tho and is the most versatile guitar I've ever played.
  6. I bought this yesterday. Its an absolute beast. Sooooo bright sounding, so I have to play with the tone knob half way down pretty much all the time, but it's a belter.
  7. As a p90 lover, that tele is a cracker.
  8. I like Raith. Good side that play nice football, and have always felt for the majority of the fans for the shite they had to endure during the Goodwillie saga. Hope they can get rid of the clowns that sanctioned that move and kick on next season.
  9. He was taking the piss to be fair as he is pals with a bunch of our squad. But aye, he is a fanny. Edited to add, that also isn't what he done at all. He jokingly tweeted that McKenzie should be our captain and said Stokes was a 'total fraud'. There was no reply to a picture of Stokes injured.
  10. Jesus Christ you must be shite if some of your fans are wanting that fat *** c**t back.
  11. I know you won the game, but I thought you boys were pretty brutal against us.
  12. Looks as though Callum Hendry is going to be recalled by you. Bit of a weird one because I quite like him and always thought he was decent when he played but he's really low down the pecking order now.
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