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  1. Just so nobody forgets, some of the many lows of Johnson's time as PM Parties, Paterson and prorogation: lowlights of Boris Johnson’s tenure | Boris Johnson | The Guardian
  2. If that’s how it works, can you miss a few more?
  3. Pish. It doesn’t cost anything more to open a stand lower where you can actually see the ground.
  4. Is this the worst ground to watch football in Scotland?
  5. Cheers for this. I was in danger of getting confident about this game, but this suits my natural pessimism. I hate it when we’re expected to win. I can look forward to the game knowing we’ll lose. Is there a sarcasm emoji out there? Expect a tough game, but if everyone’s available it should be a good watch. Go on Queen’s.
  6. Happy to help. That was what you wanted, wasn’t it?
  7. Three points for Gladbach, but not the greatest performance. Still, top of the Bundesliga (for a few hours anyway)
  8. Before my time, but without a doubt Clem Attlee. The NHS, the Welfare State, nationalised rail, col and steel, and achieved all of that despite the catastrophic state of the economy post-war. Also began the process of decolonisation. Pretty much the only left of centre government.
  9. The glory hunters are jumping on board already!
  10. Can we beat last season’s 18 draws?
  11. Absolute disgrace. It's got to be raised if/when the AGM comes round, I can't understand how we can go from bussing young kids to games to try and raise their interest/enthusiasm for the club to essentially doing our best to drive them away in less than 2 months. It's a ridiculous price for kids
  12. She could just have finished with "...Labour's determination to do nothing". There was no need to add on the last 3 words
  13. Living in Germany in 2014 and never got my vote. 100% Yes when the next vote comes. Anyone that thinks we are doing well with the shower of liars, charlatans and thieves and thieves running things at Westminster, I've got a bridge you might be interested in buying
  14. Very much not in a reasonable state. Although it doesn't look as bad as a couple of months ago (the odd green patches appear to have broken out on the pitch) it's still a dismal apology for a football pitch. A great argument for artificial pitches
  15. Well done to the team for finding seven minutes of highlights from that game. A lot more than I thought I‘d see.
  16. Apologies if it's already on here, but cba looking through the whole thread. Wrt that "tune", saw this in the Grauniad recently, a version written in 1794 by an American republican and French citizen Joel Barlow: God save the Guillotine Till England's King and Queen Her power shall prove: Till each appointed knob Affords a clipping job Let no vile halter rob The Guillotine...
  17. And the circle of death. Anything happened in the last 5 minutes?
  18. Pixellot. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see pictures of the wrong goal at corners
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