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  1. Dalziel's flying header at Cappielow which broke Willie Penman's club scoring record. Three weeks earlier, Craig Brewster rescued a point late on at Somerset with a beauty which dipped at the last second, but unfortunately I haven't ever seen footage of it.
  2. I think there are three worthy candidates for Player of the Year - Regan Hendry has been class all season and has been instrumental in us executing the style of play McGlynn wants from us, Kieran MacDonald has been hugely consistent and his replacing of Calum Crane has been a massive reason for the improvement in the team this season, However, I'm tempted to vote for Ross Matthews. At this stage of the last two seasons, I was of the opinion that it was time for him to move on, but this season he's really started to boss games and has weighed in with some priceless goals. In fact, I thought Matthews' winner away to Airdrie was worthy of inclusion in Goal of the Season. He won the ball in a robust tackle to start the move, the football in the build up was excellent, then he timed his run into the box perfectly and provided a lovely finish.
  3. Nah, it was a sore one, but these things happen. The thing that made me most angry was the appointment of Locke, and that anger increased when it was revealed that McGlynn applied for the job, but didn't even get an interview. A competent manager (McGlynn or Jack Ross) would have had us in the promotion playoffs again that season, and a mediocre manager would have kept us up comfortably.
  4. Albion Rovers were playing in a higher league than Clyde only two seasons ago.
  5. Is it not the case they offer vastly reduced admission prices to season ticket holders of the four senior Fife teams? That must help their gates a bit, but is very unlikely to continue if or when they get into the senior league.
  6. Worth remembering he's a couple of years older than Bowie, but certainly looks the part. Hendry's goal against Partick was a thing of beauty. You can never tire of watching skill and composure like that.
  7. Did Ryan Hardie still have the spare pair of gloves in his motor for Josh to wear?
  8. It is. I think if someone had a Klinsmann Bayern top to auction, it would clear our debt, rebuild the railway stand and give McGlynn a war chest to win the league next season.
  9. Nah, good servant to the club, but that particular ship has sailed. His goals tally two seasons ago deflected away from what had been a couple of pretty rotten seasons.
  10. There's absolutely no way they could possibly fine Stranraer, Falkirk, Partick or anyone else for openly criticising this shambles, otherwise they'd have to take Sevco to task over it and that's simply not going to happen.
  11. I'd imagine a lot of clubs are keeping their powder dry until they see what sort of reconstruction proposals arise. I can't imagine any club, other than those with representatives on the SPFL board, are in any way happy at the way things have been handled.
  12. They've obviously backed down as they've been tipped the wink that there's going to be no relegation. That saves Stranraer as well. Imperfect though it is, and much as I'll miss the seethe from Hearts and McCall, it's probably the solution that does the least amount of damage to the least amount of clubs.
  13. Given Anne Budge is heading the talks on reconstruction (WTF?), I'd imagine there'll be two promoted and no relegation. That would surely leave East Fife as one of the favourites for league one next season, therefore surely if you're winning most weeks, the increase in home punters will offset the Lino pound?
  14. With all the talk of proposed reconstruction, I'd be surprised if you're not joining us next season. As runners up, of course 😉
  15. Aye, and the fact Anne Budge has been asked to become involved in a proposed restructure for the 20/21 season suggests that Hearts aren't going to be relegated, therefore that must have implications for promotion as well.
  16. Thanks for your sentiments, but I'm not remotely convinced this has ended. I can see an omnishambles in the courts over the next few months.
  17. I'll be honest and say that when Airdrie went 3-1 up, it was morbid curiosity more than anything else that made me stay til the end. I was intrigued as to whether most of the venom would be directed towards Smith or Davo.
  18. If it's premiering at 3 o'clock, I'll make a point of being in the house by 4.30. 4.40 would have been fine, but I didn't get a clear view of Davo's red card and would like to see it again.
  19. Come on now, you come across as one of the more streetwise and sensible posters on here. If 3 leagues of 16 is being spoken about, surely you're not naive enough to realise it will contain at least two colt teams.
  20. Tazz is only on here as he's gutted his granny's 30th birthday party has been cancelled due to the lockdown.
  21. I'm not sure I would exactly settle for that, but it would be a good start.
  22. According to the Daily Record (I know, I know), John Nelms is proposing that the prize money Rovers and Dundee United would receive, if they are declared league winners, should be slashed and given to Hearts and Partick Thistle to compensate for them being relegated. This appears to be one of the caveats for Dundee changing their vote.
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