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  1. I'm not really sold on the idea of him returning, but in fairness to him, he was having to do Skacel's work for him as well as his own. When partnering Mark Stewart at the beginning, and once Ryan Hardie came back, Mcmanus weighed in with a few goals.
  2. Looking forward to it. We've got a good record in the cup at Dens Park so I'm quite confident. However, we always seem to be on the wrong end of bad decisions up there, onside goals disallowed etc. Hopefully that doesn't happen this time.
  3. I think only Barcelona, in the semis, had a closer aggregate score against Bayern that season. As far as being fortunate to get the home friendly against them is concerned, I think we paid them a pretty penny to get them to agree to it. I'm sure the tickets for the friendly were actually more expensive than the tickets for the actual UEFA Cup game.
  4. You're putting up some great stuff Dan over the last couple of weeks. Really appreciated. But a wee word of advice - maybe stop after the Motherwell game in April 1996 and keep your reputation and our sanity intact.
  5. Creaney's sole contribution to the Rovers was to cleverly win a penalty in the last minute of a League Cup tie against Arbroath. He didn't dive, but was clever enough to see the defender slide in and stopped in his tracks so that he was clattered and knocked over. Alex 'Toasty' Burns stuck the penalty away and earned us an away tie at Parkhead in the next round. The last I heard of Creaney he was driving taxis in Coatbridge.
  6. According to Steve Finan's brilliant book 'Over the Turnstiles' Kilmarnock had three resident sheep at various points during the 1960s who combined mascot and grass nibbling duties. They were named Angus, Ruby and Wilma. Aye , you're right, this lockdown has gone on far too long.
  7. There's footage of Crawford's last minute winner at McDiarmid on the awards video. He actually takes it in far too close to the goalkeeper, but Alan Main is painfully slow off his line. Tremendous celebrations nevertheless.
  8. I'm sure we did. I'm also sure we got a free kick in the last minute about 25 yards out and can't remember if that was Dair's effort that hit the bar or whether Van de Kamp saved it.
  9. Aye, but if it had been two points for a win, we might have approached the Hamilton game differently. We were far and away the dominant team in the game and should have won, but, apart from a cross that fizzed across our six yard box late on, we were in control of the situation knowing a draw was good enough. With the spirit and bottle that side had, I'm willing to bet we'd have won at Firhill on the last day if we'd really had to. I remember Paton and Campbell being a pair of ungracious p***ks at the that time.
  10. We took a maximum twelve points from Falkirk that season and still never really made a sustained bid for the title. We beat them quite comfortably 2-0 at Starks Park in the first game, but in the other three Guido van de Kamp took them on almost single handedly
  11. I'm pretty sure the away terrace was closed off for both the Hearts and Motherwell games so we could start the redevelopment of the ground as soon as possible. I'm also pretty sure that roof was off the old shed at the Links end for the Motherwell game as well.
  12. It was Bobby Geddes who pulled Graham down as he tried to go round him and it was Mo Johnston who missed the penalty which would have put Falkirk 3-1 up. Raeside equalised soon after and Duffield scored the winner late on. It pretty much secured our survival with four games still to go after that. It wouldn't have been a good one to lose, but it wasn't quite a win or bust scenario either.
  13. Most sponsors and advertisers outwith the Premiership are local businesses who contribute more out of sentiment rather than seeing it as an actual business opportunity. And as far as the furlough scheme goes, I reckon it'll hurt Premiership clubs the most as it's only 80% to a maximum of £2500 per month. If you consider Premiership players on 3 or 4 grand a week, it's going to cost the Premiership clubs a lot to top up their wages and keep them happy with little or no income.
  14. That's absolutely right. I thought Thomson did fine towards the end of the previous season as we were in free fall over the last few weeks of Nicholl's reign, but I must admit the alarm bells started to ring for me at that Motherwell game. Thomson stood on the touchline and looked absolutely lost. Also agree Munro was worse. I'd have fired him after the New Year game at East End. We lost 0-2 but it could have been a whole lot more and it was our 4th game on the spin without a shot on target.
  15. That looks like quite an impressive crowd for a Scottish Cup tie against Buckie Thistle.
  16. I'd forgotten how bad that was. The closest in recent times was Mark Stewart in the cup against Hearts three years past, and the best one against us was Jason Cummings when he ran round the back of the nets celebrating, oblivious to the fact he'd actually missed.
  17. It's a bit late anyway. Falkirk would have been away to Airdrie in the playoffs last night or tonight.
  18. I don't want to see any club go to the wall, but if I were the Scottish government I'd be asking the question why clubs need bailed out when they can afford to pay the CEO a bigger salary than the Prime minister and First minister put together, and a bonus equivalent to the salary of three nurses.
  19. He hasn't 'gone'. He's not directly employed by the Rangers now, but his company have the contract for their PR / Media Relations. It's amazing how ra Bears hated Traynor when he was employed by them (and along with the kit man etc trousered a six figure bonus for winning the 3rd division), but now they hang on his every word in all these statements he scripts for them.
  20. Dallas bottled it. If he deemed it worthy of a penalty, surely he had to send Stevens off. And the authorities managed to redress the situation later in the season when all three officials claimed not to have seen a blatant head butt.
  21. Love the celebration by the ballboy after Dalziel's penalty against Partick.
  22. The game that Barry Wilson scored in was a 2-0 win at the end of the 94/95 season. It put us back to the top of the league and we never relinquished the lead thereafter. The Lennon chip was two and a bit years later after we'd been relegated and Nicholl returned.
  23. Lennon one possibly in a game at the old dens when we were battling for promotion. There was a huge rovers support and a ball cane into the fans and we kept it singing your no getting your baw back. Not sure of result but definitely didn't lose It was early 1997/98. We were 0-2 down at half time, pulled one back with about ten minutes left (Derek McGill?), then Lennon chipped Rab Douglas with a couple of minutes left to get us a draw. I think.
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