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  1. The steak pies from the Links Street bakery were minted back in the day. That's when Lovats owned it as well as La Speranza.
  2. Sorry, hadn't read on to subsequent posts. Also meant to type 'IF not Dalziel'.
  3. Haven't looked it up yet, but not Dalziel, then possibly Keith Wright or Smudger in the mid 1980s. You could possibly going as far back as Willie Penman, Francis Joyner or Norman Haywood.
  4. The East Fife programme is excellent. Great article on the Michael Colliery disaster. Paid £3 in the championship for worse.
  5. Difficult to form an opinion when he had so little to do. He had a weak punch at a cross in the 2nd half and maybe one other incident where he could have been more commanding.
  6. That was a strange day. It was a Saturday and for some reason we didn't appear to have a game. Funny thing was, neither did Celtic.
  7. Don't know how much of it was directly a board initiative, but there's lots going on with the Roary Club. They have the family day in the north stand, they get rewards and gifts for attending games and they get a birthday and Christmas card sent from the Rovers.
  8. Aye, but the size of your average *** probably meant they needed three seats per two people.
  9. Home end was about 900 (nine rows of approx 100 seats). Away bit around 650 I think.
  10. If I recall correctly, wasn't it the fact that Dunfermline used money they were due to pay in tax to finance years of extravagance and HMRC eventually took exception to this, tipping the Pars into administration? I may be wrong, but my understanding is that we're not in any serious arrears with the tax man.
  11. Nope. Nothing is sacred in that part of the world. They even set fire to Denbeath Club a couple of weeks back.
  12. I can just about buy into the notion that it's the week before payday, that it's not the most atmospheric ground, that we've had a lot of games in August etc etc, but 'I'm not going because it's the last week of the Edinburgh Festival'? WTF!
  13. RRFC and Starks Park Properties are to be consolidated into one company on the completion of John Sim's take over. Who actually owns Bayview? Didn't the guy Rankine sign it over to his ten year old step daughter to get round dual ownership rules? Imagine what would happen to East Fife if she decides she'd rather have a Wendy house than goalposts on her property.
  14. Unfortunately by the letter of the law your man had to go today. However I don't think it was a bad tackle in a malicious sense. Buchanan did well to turn him and I think he made a genuine attempt to get the ball but didn't quite make it. Thought Brian had two decent saves before Forfar scored and 1-1 was probably fair at half time. For all our possession in the 2nd half, we didn't work the goalkeeper hugely. Forfar will hold their own comfortably in this league and will sting a few teams along the way, although their number 7 is a complete roaster. Had they not already been down to ten men I've no doubt he'd have walked for shoving the linesman.
  15. There was a midweek home game against Stranraer in 1985/86 where the crowd was less than 300.
  16. I always knew him as Wheelie. I remember one day he was being a p***k and a guy threatened to launch him and his wheelchair down Pratt Street. Haven't even seen him about T-Hall for years.
  17. Coutinho to Barcelona Dele Alli to Liverpool Vaughan to Spurs Sorted.
  18. On the face of it 100 grand is a lot of money, but if you consider East Fife got 60 grand for Nathan Austin who had never kicked a ball above the third tier and the **** got 800 grand for Lewis Macleod who'd barely kicked a ball anywhere, then it puts it into perspective. The other factor to consider is it's unlikely to be 100 grand straight into our coffers to help ease cash flow difficulties etc. It probably includes a fee to the player, fees to agents and staged payments of the balance over a two or three year period, depending on length of contract given.
  19. Scott McBride. He couldn't score in the proverbial house of ill repute with a tenner tied to his boy bits while wearing a Rovers jersey, but he'll no doubt bag one on Saturday.
  20. It works fine when you're scooshing a game 3-0, but not so well when someone who's having a stinker gets hauled off when you're 3 down.
  21. I actually thought Stranraer were unlucky to be behind at half time yesterday. The speed at which we moved the ball in the first half was far too slow and Stranraer never looked stretched or uncomfortable. I think the 2nd goal completely knocked the stuffing out of them and it could have been more by the end. We'll have a few games like that at Starks Park this season and our success or otherwise will hinge on scoring the first goal.
  22. Especially on a night when the Raith suite was likely to be very quiet.
  23. You forgot about Dougie Hill getting injured in the warm up at Pittodrie, so we'd used 1 sub by kick off and 2 by the 25th minute when Russell got injured.
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