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  1. Team talk has to be along the lines of 'this is the club which went to court to try to deny you promotion boys. If they'd had their way, you would be currently barred from playing football. Bear that in mind when you're out there'.
  2. Maybe it's because the clubs whose fans get the couple of pound discount haven't royally shafted their creditors, tax payers and fellow clubs in the last decade. Just saying.
  3. Our standard price is £14. But, we sometimes offer a couple of quid off to fans of clubs we deem to be good guys.
  4. Every job he's been in has ended in a catastrophe, yet he always seems to mitigate himself and there's some other mug club waiting to recruit him. The Iain Munro / Gary Locke of CEOs.
  5. There's a site called Meat Filled Pastries. I'm sure it has a lot of photos of pie huts.
  6. Not sure about Falkirk, but I can't imagine why Hearts and Partick would object given that's what they wanted before, and they're both safe from relegation this time.
  7. I had a quick look at Jambos Kickback and despite the horrible situation at Stark's Park, it brightened my morning knowing we're still getting right under their skins. Apparently we should have had an outbreak of 'humility and regret' as well as Covid.
  8. I've got a six Jeff. What's your six? Minger Jeff, M I N G E R. I'm afraid we can't accept Minger. In that case, I've got a five Jeff.
  9. Absolutely. The only reason the championship is continuing is to appease Hearts. If they weren't in it, the league would be suspended.
  10. Assuming we get past Stirling, of course. But aye, if you had to pick a worst three possible ties, Livingston away would definitely be in there.
  11. So we can count 2019/20 as a double winning season. We'll have a cup to go with our league title.
  12. Back in the good old days you sold 20 scratchcards per week (@10p each) for the Rovers supporters club and that got you free travel on an Alexander's bus to away games. What the rules were about 13 year olds effectively being involved in gambling, I have no idea, but it got me to towns and grounds I'd never have been near otherwise. I'm sure the first time I went to Annfield it was 70 pence at the boys gate.
  13. I hope Dougie Hill snaps Jamie Hammill in two and gives him good reason to writhe about on Stark's Park this time.
  14. I've never seen this Been guy play before, but if the return of Thomas O'Ware is going to put him down the pecking order, he must be brutal.
  15. I think most of the clubs' TV channels will be run by volunteers. As I said above, I've got no problem whatsoever if they're partisan. I went to have a peek on YouTube, but ended up watching your 20-0 game (great memories of the old Annfield), then countless views of your boy cementing Ian Black a few seasons back. Tremendous.
  16. Imagine being the polis man who has to put that hat back on his napper?
  17. Seriously? Even as a Rovers fan, I'm absolutely gobsmacked if the level of East Fife's ambition is to be a feeder club for a plastic franchise which has a core support of less than 1500 and has pretty much spent its way into near oblivion in every decade since its formation.
  18. I've got no great problem with that. I'd rather have biased and informed than the clueless muppets on Premier Sports (Michael Stewart excepted) who covered our league cup tie at Tynecastle.
  19. I've said it for a few seasons - if it wasn't for injuries, Kevin Smith would be nowhere near league one.
  20. You're probably right, but Queens can probably point to a few 'what ifs' in the game at Palmerston at 1-3 and 2-3. Fair play to the Rovers that day, they were clinical and that bit sharper in the middle of the park, just as Queens were last night.
  21. Aye, fair play. Hardie was some signing for you. Apparently we enquired about signing him on loan from St Johnstone, but couldn't afford his wages.
  22. You could well be right with that. I'm sure it was a double sub and two came on and only one (Andy Kirk IIRC) went off. The most utterly bizarre thing about it was the referee going across to the Pars dugout and giving Kirk a yellow card!
  23. I'd imagine there's going to have to be a change in personnel pretty soon as a good few of our players, mainly midfielders, must be sailing pretty close to the wind in terms of yellow cards.
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