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  1. Absolutely.. It'll knock at least 500 off our support as well and hospitality will be vastly reduced. Remember the good old days when the diddy cup was midweek except for the final.
  2. Rovers v Falkirk rescheduled for Tuesday 3rd March.
  3. Berra has looked awful any time I've seen him recently - his lack of pace basically lost Hearts the cup final last season and he was more culpable than most in the Edinburgh derby a couple of weeks ago. The fastest I've seen him move in the last few years was when he chased after the linesman to berate him in the league cup tie at Bayview last season, after playing Nisbet onside. Because he's seen as a true 'Hertz man' he seems to be immune from criticism from their support and the media.
  4. Surely has to be more entertaining than the game at Starks Park in November. One of the most turgid games of football I can remember in years.
  5. I seem to remember the Pars chairman saying last summer that their financial figures to June 2019 were going to be dreadful. He said that their actual attendances had plummeted and were nothing like the figures given, as they included the 2000 freebie season tickets given away, and that was one of the reasons for stopping them this season. Just wondered if they'd ever been made public.
  6. The signing I was most wrong about was Liam Fox. Having watched him for Livingston against us, I was convinced he'd be our midfield linchpin, but never quite happened. He did play a 'probing ball' to use one of Jock Brown's favourite phrases, into the heart of the Sevco defence during the Ramsdens Cup Final, which caused Billy Moshni to fall flat on his James Blunt, and subsequently led to our winning goal, but I've got repeated visions of him being outstripped time and time again by Linlithgow Rose players in the Scottish Cup tie seven months later.
  7. I'm quite sure if we offered our suppliers, staff and assorted creditors zero pence in the pound, and they accepted, we'd make a profit in this league as well.
  8. I heard the same. Leathered a boy outside the Tropicana on Saturday after the Peterhead game, then got into a scrap with a bouncer in Bentleys after trying to goose his burd. It's a fact.
  9. Your surplus should be even greater this season as you have Falkirk paying a couple of visits as well. East Fife will have to devise a contingency plan however for when the Rovers eventually go back upstairs and the navy blue pound is no more. The 1800 or so fans we bring is like three extra home gates to you and once you add on the increase in hospitality takings and the extra locals who turn out to watch the big games, it all points to a period of austerity for East Fife.
  10. There were a couple of empty seats in my row as well, but there were more bodies than seats in the top end corner where the young team were standing.
  11. It's not really that much of a surprise that we're only a couple of wins ahead of you as, outwith the 1950s, we only tend to be in the same league as each other when Rovers are at a low ebb and have been relegated to a lower league (like the last couple of seasons and at present). If you look at the two clubs' respective league positions since East Fife joined the senior leagues, then unequivocal superiority isn't really too far off the mark.
  12. The minute's applause was perfectly observed by both sets of fans, in sharp contrast to the booing at Parkhead today.
  13. Good point well made. I think both Aitken and Ross lost control of the games at certain points, but it's difficult to make a case for saying any of the red cards were blatantly wrong.
  14. Injured unfortunately. Should be tasty on Saturday. Remember some epic games with Airdrie in both the recent and distant past.
  15. Maybe a wee bit harsh - he certainly didn't cover himself in glory during his reign, but he inherited an absolute car crash, whereas Locke inherited a team which had finished fourth the previous season and had Lewis Vaughan back fit again.
  16. Yip, at the start of November we had four league games against what were, then, the bottom four teams in the league. I said on the other channel we should be aiming for twelve points and anything less than nine would be a disappointment. To achieve 7 out of 12, we have to win this Saturday at a ground we picked up 1 point out of 6 last season.
  17. Best hope is that Livingston get dragged right into a relegation scrap and are quite happy to sacrifice the cup in order to concentrate on survival. Worst, and more realistic, scenario is a pumping and a half share (less VAT) of a 1100 gate.
  18. After that result today you've got to think the Pars might be reconsidering appointing Darren Young when they sack Crawford next week.
  19. We're using our 'pie for a player' fund to sign Barcelona's numbers ten in January. He's no Vaughan, but he should be OK for the seaside league.
  20. I was speaking to one of the players through the week and he said the Rovers were unhappy about Scott Lambie being in charge. Today, like the Montrose game where we were denied a stone wall penalty, it's almost like he's afraid to give Rovers a decision for fear of accusations of bias. Tidser's tackle was a straight red all day long (thought so at the game and the highlights confirm it) although there was no foul, as claimed by many, in the build up to Falkirk's second goal.
  21. Not really, stuck in the same league as East Fife, Clyde, Dumbarton and Forfar.
  22. Nah, better than that, he scored the opener and set up the injury time winner in the new year derby at the old Bayview the following season. Oh, and set up about five of Rovers' seven goals against East Fife at Starks Park in the November.
  23. Harris signed in September and Wright left in December. I reckon that's the old Hampden Park terracing in the background, so having looked up Always Next Season, I'm going to say it was taken on Saturday 29th November 1986 when we were away to Queens Park, which might have been Keith Wright's last game for the Rovers (first spell).
  24. Is the guy next to Colin Harris called Bobby Wilson? He arrived from the juniors at the same time as Bingo Simpson, but never made anything like as big an impact. I'm guessing.
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