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  1. I wonder if this is the currency they intend to pay for Tait with?
  2. I never saw that, but imagine it was tame in comparison to his remonstration on the pitch at Ayr in the Scottish Cup a few years back. Although, to be fair, he had every right to lose the plot at the referee that day.
  3. The stand behind the goals is closed as that's where the away team are changing. Not sure if they'll allocate us part of the main stand if we sell out our initial allocation, otherwise there's the danger of Rovers fans in the home end.
  4. The frightening thing is that he's probably not even close to the worst.
  5. Just read the online report from the Fife Free Press where, apparently, Rovers controlled the first half,but Arbroath improved markedly in the second. Did anyone else see this game? You wonder if they actually bother sending anyone to the game or whether they just look at the goal times and piece together a report on that basis.
  6. The fact McGoon has had involvement at Airdrie, and now Accies, since leaving the Rovers just shows what a sick joke the SFA's Fit and Proper Person criteria is.
  7. Aye, but at least you can stand at the side when your team is kicking towards the far away goal. Just out of curiosity, and not that it's a problem, but was there any specific reason for putting the away fans to the harbour end and the home fans to the amusements end?
  8. Aye, I suppose realistically we're going to have to consolidate for a season before pushing into the top six and European spots.
  9. I think we paid East Fife for Paul McManus the first time we signed him.
  10. Probably not, but there's a wee booth to buy tickets from a few steps from the turnstiles.
  11. We (Rovers) were one of the few who never had the pleasure,but I remember him having a meltdown at Stark's Park during a reserve game in the late 80s (possibly a reserve cup game v Partick, as the leagues were regionalised) and almost coming to blows with a punter behind the dugouts. Sorry to hear that he passed away recently.
  12. Apologies if these have been posted already. Stickers from the Panini Football '81 album.
  13. Came off the bench with 20 minutes left at Bayview a couple of weeks ago, and within six minutes Clyde were 2-0 up and won comfortably.
  14. Panini Football '81 sticker album. Taken at East End before we beat them 2-0 in August 1980.
  15. I'm heading out for a walk through Ravenscraig Park this afternoon. I'll maybe pop into the Strathearn for a pint and see if there's anything to share on here later.
  16. Aye,but there would be no reason to throw stones at Big Ally.
  17. As I said, there's no doubting the quality of the strike, but the way the wall was set up gave him a big target to aim at. It took me back to a few seasons ago when opposition free kicks against the Rovers were pretty much as good as a penalty.
  18. No doubt about the quality of Connolly's strike, but the East Fife wall was beyond belief.
  19. It seems the official attendance was 26,714. Celtic wouldn't have been in a position to withhold that figure as it's a split gate. At a very conservative tenner a skull,less VAT, 26714 times £8.33 times 40% is just shy of 90 grand, with TV money and prize money on top. A nice little earner, as the legendary Arfur used to say.
  20. Nah, not really pal. We didn't win the cup - it was done by a vote. Just like the scandalous vote to give us the league title, when everyone knew Falkirk and East Fife would overtake us. You just have to look at how well Falkirk and East Fife have done since, in relation to the Rovers, to see what a travesty that vote was.
  21. I'd give Robbie a game on Saturday as well. He's more than capable of playing. He isn't as good as macdonald obviously but I don't think there's many championship teams with as good a backup option. Macdonald could do with a rest to keep him fresh as well. Given that Dean Lyness is St Mirren's back up goalkeeper, there is obviously at least one Premier club with a lesser back up than us.
  22. Novar in Nicol Street or O'Connell's on the High Street are probably your best bets. Both a ten minute walk from the ground. The Duchess serves meals but I don't think they show football.
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