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  1. Nice, but you're going to need a third strip for away games at Rovers and Dundee.
  2. You're lucky. You were spared ever seeing it in the flesh.
  3. That rings a bell. I remember one of the replays where Paul Hegarty getting sent off and Jim McLean having a meltdown that was wild even by his own standards. I seem to recall there was anger from both United and Aberdeen that the first semi was at Tynecastle, but sensibly moved to Dens for the replays.
  4. I reckon it was early to mid 90s. Rovers' last second replay I can remember was 86/87 v Peterhead at Gayfield (about 6000 crowd). I can remember a Dundee United v Aberdeen semi going to three games in the very late 80s. The first final to finish a draw and not go to a replay was Aberdeen v Celtic in 1990.
  5. Not a bad effort, but needs a bit of 'fabric of the club' and 'understands the DNA' to make it more convincing.
  6. An ultimately disappointing 5th place league finish, although spent virtually the whole season challenging for the playoffs at the right end of the table, a win over Aberdeen on our way to the last eight of the League Cup, and winning the Challenge Cup. Safe to say I've endured far worse seasons as a Rovers fan.
  7. (Spoiler alert) Harry Potter isn't real. Some of McGurn's saves were unreal.
  8. If he gives it plenty about 'sportsscience'n'yoofdevelopment' the gig is his.
  9. Come on Cowden. Big ask, but just do this.
  10. I half thought about it. Would have gone along to support Cowdenbeath if they had any realistic chance of pulling it round, but really don't want to be there to see them drop out of the league. I'd be delighted if they turn it around and for the second Saturday in a row I'm cursing myself for not attending a game in West Fife.
  11. Choose Hughes. Worthy of a treble greenie were such a thing possible.
  12. Given the closing date for applications is this coming Friday, I'd be surprised if we're too far down the road of making an appointment. The BBC website has Brown being linked with a coaching role at Leicester, which would blow any offer we could make, out of the water. However, I'm not convinced Brendan Rodgers will be at Leicester next season.
  13. It would be a big risk, but probably a much better than employing some failed jobber. If Broony comes, a Scottish Cup tie at Ibrox would be written in the stars for next season.
  14. Even though Arbroath is the best away day in the country and I'd miss going there next season, I really hope they do the business here. They've been an example to everyone and a credit to themselves, the way they've gone about things this season. As a Rovers fan, am I jealous of what they've achieved this season? Absolutely, but not in a bitter way.
  15. I think there's a frighteningly similar comparison between McPake and Barry Smith. Both got Dundee promoted in very fortuitous circumstances (Smith as a result of Rangers' demise and McPake as the result of an utterly obscene offside decision in the playoff semi), then both found to be hopelessly out of their depth in the Premier. Smith gradually dropped down the levels and achieved nothing anywhere he went, and I see McPake being exactly the same.
  16. There's a brilliant chippy in Annan - I'm sure it's called the Café Royal. Well worth a visit when you're down there next season.
  17. I remember standing at Volunteers Green on New Year's Day 1986 waiting on the supporters bus to Stirling Albion, blissfully unaware the game had been called off.
  18. I'm pretty sure it was cancelled due to lack of uptake. It was some crazy amount of money for some purvey and a Q&A with Locke and Skacel. The sad thing is, it probably didn't even make the top ten catastrophic decisions made by those in charge that season.
  19. Hopefully they'll start to do considerably better over the next few days.
  20. I honestly believe there's more potential for a conflict of interest while husband and wife remain at the same club.
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