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  1. Not only that, but the person who drew up the shortlist of candidates to be interviewed rejected McGlynn in favour of Locke. And we wonder why we've been bleeding through our arses financially over the last few seasons.
  2. I've got it now, but the blood pressure was starting to rise. No idea what end of Longman Road this commentator hails from.
  3. Inverness can rightly feel aggrieved at not being awarded another penalty right at the end, but that can be countered by the referee bottling a red card in the first half when there was no covering defender.
  4. Saw that too. Classic. Did we win 1-0 with a goal from Ian Thomson? It was a late header from Daz at their end. Jock McStay crossed it. I'm sure that was Paul Sweeney's last competitive game for the Rovers and he was simply awesome that day.
  5. I'm sure they were hit with a barrage of snowballs from the bottom end terrace. I think smacking Watson in the pus with the snowball is up there in folklore with breaking the Wembley goals in 1977 - everyone knows someone who did it.
  6. I'll leave that one up to you. No fkn way I'm growing my hair long and asking to be called John Watson. That would be a step too far.
  7. 🎵The next we knew, it had gone half two, And outside was stormy weather. 🎶
  8. Our home match with Dundee has been moved to Tuesday 12th January to avoid a clash with the Scottish Cup.
  9. Aye, the Hilltoon v the Gallatoon. Be there or be square.
  10. Easy to be magnanimous when you've just won 5-2, but thought the footage and the commentary was top notch. The guys doing the commentary had obviously done their homework on the Rovers and I'm willing to wager none of the mainstream media commentators would have given as much insight. Strange game - I feared for us a bit when we conceded so soon after going in front, but regaining the lead was crucial. Thought our midfield were superb in the first half, but were posted missing in the first fifteen minutes of the second half. Glad to see we had the sense to have men on the posts at set pieces - I can't understand why teams at a higher level than us don't do it. Obviously the injuries take a bit of the shine of the result, but got to be happy with how clinical we were.
  11. Given the amount of pant wetting from both sets of fans this season about the state of our respective defences, I'm thoroughly looking forward to a turgid 0-0 on Saturday.
  12. He's an East Fife fan. Small mercy's n all that. I'm surprised Tazz hasn't been on yet to tell us that East Fife are really a much bigger club than the Rovers as they're getting as big gates in league one against Cove and Peterhead as we're getting in the championship against Hearts and Dundee.
  13. I think what Neilson was saying to his player is that if Armstrong cuts onto his left foot, stick your hand down by your knee to stop the ball and it'll be fine - the referee will think it hit your midriff.
  14. My money says Tazz's Faither / uncle / brother / brother-in-law (one of the same).
  15. Correct, and conversely pre season results and performances under Mckinnon were poor. I'm sure we got horsed by East Fife at Methil and David Bates was torn a new one.
  16. You can also wear it when you go abroad on holid..... Maybe not.
  17. I think he was initially talking about Falkirk under Paul Hartley when they ditched their youth academy and followed what they called the 'Brentford model' by signing young guys who had been released by bigger clubs down south. McKinnon succeeded Hartley but couldn't do anything to halt the decline.
  18. You're right in that there was a lot of dross in Smith's squad, but Barjonas and McGuffie were McGlynn signings.
  19. I'd be amazed if they charge for a £20 walk up punter. There's a lot of goodwill towards the club from the fans at the moment, but a 25% price hike for games against Alloa, Arbroath, Morton, QOS et al will see it evaporate fairly quickly. I'd be inclined to pitch it at £18 per game with the exception of Hearts, which should be £35, as they're an absolutely massive club and don't deserve to be in our league whatsoever.
  20. Especially if his empire biscuit had a green jelly tot.
  21. According to Hearts' own forum the boycotting of the two games at Stark's Park is going to cost us £300,000 and bankrupt us. That's 7500 of them each game at £20 a pop excluding VAT. Is it any wonder the fuckers went bust if that's their level of arithmetic?
  22. I'd imagine if Hearts and Partick have 'lost their case', they wouldn't be due anything in compensation. Hopefully they're ordered to pay all legal costs and they are then hammered by the SFA for breaching the rules.
  23. Probably something to do with the fact he was rumoured to be signing for us on more than one occasion, but his dream move never quite materialised.
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