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  1. Is the bigger issue not that an utter buffoon like Scott Gardiner is drawing a wage when times are hard? Why the f**k a Championship club (and I include my own club in that) needs to pay a salaried CEO is way beyond my wit and wisdom.
  2. Can't really complain about the outcome. We were decent for the first ten minutes and might have nicked an equaliser during the scramble at the end, but QP were physically stronger and more robust at both ends of the park for most of the game. I suppose our record of not having lost a league game away to QP for over 40 years was going to end some time.
  3. Stenny on many occasions, Stirling Albion 92/93, Falkirk 03/04, East Stirlingshire 13/14, and QP today.
  4. First away game of the season for me, apart from the Kelty friendly. This'll be the fifth different opposition team I've seen Rovers play at Ochilview in the last thirty years.
  5. A lesser League than Scotland? That narrows things down somewhat.
  6. When we're back in the Premiership both ends will be home stands and we'll pap the away support in the railway stand.
  7. Dick played centre half yesterday. Ngwenya was left back.
  8. Rovers are playing a league game there in a couple of weeks.
  9. I'm pretty sure the only time Queens played Rovers in that period was a challenge cup game at Palmerston in 1994/95
  10. Fair enough. You see much more of East Fife than me, as I'm an outsider looking in. However, the three home defeats have all come against other sides in the upper echelon of the league, while your away form has been pretty solid.
  11. I think some of the comments relating to Crawford are a bit harsh. He inherited an absolute carcass of a squad last season, which no one would have kept up in the timescale given, and he's got East Fife realistically challenging for a play-off place this season, with what must be one of the youngest squads in the country.
  12. Someone was saying up until Saturday, Ayr were the only team in the championship to have won a game after going behind (QP and Dundee). Inverness did it at Dens last Saturday.
  13. Definitely Stanton's best game for us today and deserved Man of the Match. However, I think the much maligned Liam Dick deserves mention for his performance today. He won the lion's share of tackles, headers and made a couple of important blocks. The polar opposite of his last game at home to Ayr.
  14. No, but the words of GSTK are inside the front cover for the pre-match singalong .
  15. Tomorrow's programme carries an in-depth exclusive interview with our new 6 foot 8 international goalscoring machine and only costs £3. I don't want to give it all away, but he says that he models himself on Ally Graham and that him and Jamie Gullan will be the new Graham and Dalziel.
  16. I think they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they don't have a minute's silence and play the national anthem, all sorts of creatures within the mainstream and social media will be ready to take offence and castigate the club, and if they do play it, and some people boo, the very same creatures will be at the ready to condemn the club. Whether you agree with it or not, surely if the club ask the fans to observe a minute's silence, you do it out of respect for the club and to avoid bringing any bad publicity its way.
  17. Nah, unfortunately not. The mere initials of Vatted Demerara are enough to put the frighteners up me.
  18. A couple of very worrying statistics, without even thinking about the 22 years since we last beat Inverness - We've already lost four league games this season and we're only just into September. It took until Boxing Day for us to suffer our 4th league defeat of last season. The last league goal we scored in front of the South Stand was Matej Poplatník in the 3-3 draw against Queen of the South on the 1st of February.
  19. Have to agree with this. His tactics today were Gary Lockesque. If you're going to go three at the back then surely you sub Millen and retain the spine of the defence, and to go two at the back with ten minutes still to play was lunacy. You do that if you're a goal down heading into stoppage time and it will only work if you have any sort of physical presence up front, which we don't. If he was going to do that, he'd have been as well chucking one of the big centre backs up front to try to win headers so the smaller players might pick up the scraps.
  20. On sale tomorrow. Interviews with Dylan Easton and Gregory Tade among lots of other features.
  21. After what can be most politely described as 'teething problems', the Rovers programme should return to its full size 48 pages for the Inverness game. Plenty of reading about Rovers past, present and future and plenty of great photography from Tony Fimister, Eddie Doig and Jim Foy. Still costing considerably less than the price of a pint down the High Street.
  22. Was that not after Gordon Wallace MK1 returned to the Rovers (early '78) as I'm sure when he scored the four against QP we were in the First Division and they were in the Second. They beat us 4-2 in the return at Hampden and we scraped through on penalties. One of the QP players who gave us no end of bother in that game was one Ian Ballantyne.
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