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  1. At least with Davo gone, other teams will have less time on the power play and we won't have to worry so much about our penalty kill.
  2. The Fife Free Press has become embarrassingly bad over recent times. Last week's had a picture of Iain Ballantyne supposedly scoring the winner against Hibs at Easter Road, only it wasn't against Hibs and the pic was taken at Stark's Park. If I could be bothered, I would cite dozens of other examples. I stopped buying it ages ago.
  3. Me too. Jamie MacDonald is quite a decent net minder though.
  4. Don't know why, but I've a feeling we'll end up with Ross County, Peterhead, Elgin and Brora. The mess of regionalising the draw is epitomised by Hearts and Hibs being in different halves and the fact the Pars can't get a Fife derby in the group stage.
  5. Maybe, but it seems strange giving a fourth choice centre half a two year deal.
  6. I'm obviously a bit biased because of Ellis' connection with the Rovers, but I think this is a great appointment. He's a bright, intelligent, hard working and thoroughly decent guy who knows your squad, but just as importantly, knows league one and what it takes to win it. One of football's real good guys. All the best for next season.
  7. Or a wee bit of gold at a push, like the 1950s, but I agree about there being too much sky blue recently.
  8. Is this MS gadgie not the same wee baw sack that used to pretend to be a Rovers fan on here by the name of Messi Scott? His patter is identical.
  9. Sludden was a great forward and although he played for a few clubs, he'll always be synonymous with Ayr United. That was a great era in Scottish football - long before all this bollocks of one up front and false nines. Virtually every club seemed to have a twenty plus goals a season centre forward - Sludden at Ayr, Dalziel at the Rovers, Colin McGlashan at Clyde, Rowan Alexander at Morton, Ken Eadie at Clydebank, Kenny MacDonald at Forfar, Owen Coyle at Airdrie.... the list goes on. Absolutely terrible news about John Sludden. Condolences to his family.
  10. Hopefully he might be fit for the final if we get there, although McGlynn is sometimes a bit coy when speaking about injuries in interviews, so he might just make Dundee. He's certainly been a positive for the Rovers since his arrival. Definitely one of the good loanees we've had from Rangers, along with Ryan Hardie and Kieran Wright, as opposed to wasters like Jordan Thompson, Scott Roberts and Jamie Barjonas.
  11. In his last three games against the Pars at Stark's Park, Lewis Vaughan has gone from a hat-trick to a double to a single. Am I the only one spotting a worrying trend here? The boy needs to get his act together quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. The last time Alloa were relegated Jack Ross was the manager. Luckily for him Sunderland and Hibs didn't let it affect their judgement of him.
  13. You can double up with a Cowdenbeath / Fife Flyers away day!
  14. Correct. Castle Greyskull was where the good guys lived.
  15. My admiration for Stephen Dobbie will turn into unconditional love if he bangs in a hat-trick tomorrow night.
  16. I thought it was only three years ago the astro was laid.
  17. Some boy, that programme editor. He was indeed. I wonder where he does most of his writing / posting now? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. Craig Whyte has 'wealth, off the radar' if the Daily Record is to be believed.
  19. I'd imagine those dates are subject to change. I'm pretty sure the first leg of the final has generally been held on a Thursday in recent seasons, although admittedly that was when BT Sport were the broadcasters. They're no longer involved in Scottish football so I take it Sky will cover the semi and final.
  20. That's bound to give the BBC ammunition to berate their sackings tonight. Not only are they just a point off top place, but had a 50% plus win rate.
  21. Even if Allardice's straight red was downgraded to a yellow, he'll still get banned as he was already on a booking.
  22. He might get a chance to visit next season. Airdrie seem to be hitting form at the right time. Only six points off top spot and will likely have a bit of momentum going into the promotion playoffs.
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