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  1. We beat them 3-0 in the semifinal of the Ramsden's Cup, the first time we won it, albeit at Stark's Park rather than Galabank.
  2. Fingers crossed. However, there seems to be a perception that because we appear to be doing our business early, in contrast to last season, that we're splashing the cash. It's worth remembering we rarely, if ever, came close to filling a bench last season, as you'll know from our most recent visit to Cappielow, therefore we were always likely to require more squad depth.
  3. You're maybe right, because someone was saying it's 29 years since a team from outwith the top flight won it. Can anyone confirm? It's only really been an important cup from the 60s to the late 90s when it brought European qualification for the winners.
  4. I hate to disappoint you, but you do realise Edinburgh City, or whatever they're called these days, play at Meadowbank?
  5. Unfortunately the top seeds are always at home to the second seeds. I'll take Motherwell away (not been for a while), Montrose, Forfar and Brechin.
  6. Although to be fair, Locke and Skacel were highly rated by Hearts fans.
  7. I wonder why Ayr got 3 grand more than us from the Scottish Cup when we were both knocked out at the same stage?
  8. Team who had one outfield sub on several occasions last season signs three players, after releasing six, shocker.
  9. Washout Wednesday or Wabbit Wednesday sounds better.
  10. Tears for us is relegation to league one. Valhalla for East Fife is promotion to league one. Spot the difference.
  11. I can see us being a bit like Man City next season, where we use the fringe players in the early rounds of cups and only bring in the big guns at the semi-final stage, therefore 45 goals for Hamilton is unlikely to be too wide of the mark.
  12. You can all come along and pay homage to Jack Hamilton
  13. I was thinking it's probably an announcement that Spencer has agreed an extension.
  14. I know there's a dearth of proper, old school centre halves just now, but I wasn't a great fan of Murray at all.
  15. And Lang's goalscoring record against the Pars is poor by comparison.
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