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  1. I'm not sure it'll necessarily be the smaller clubs who'll be hardest hit. A lot, although not all, of the smaller clubs are generally quite prudently run. It could be the supposedly 'ambitious' clubs that are hit hardest as many of them have players on high wages and long term contracts.
  2. I'd imagine it might be the Jim Clark who's the stadium announcer. He was a great friend of Ronnie Coyle. That's a wonderful gesture.
  3. I agree, but I think they had to do it because they had to create an access walkway to the railway stand. Back then you paid to get into the ground then paid a bit extra at the railway stand to get into it. I think the issue was that if the ground needed to be evacuated, everyone on the railway side had to walk (or run) round behind the respective goals as the ground could only be accessed from Pratt Street.
  4. That's definitely the railway stand as it has the concrete terracing beside it rather than the stoory railway sleepers. Although it was, in all honesty, a bit of a dump, there was something magical about walking up the steps once you were through the turnstiles and through the tunnel under the main stand, then after a win , walking through the tunnel in the dark.
  5. Some p***k has stolen the goal stanchions and nets. No one in the Links End brave enough to go within ten yards of the bogs at that end either.
  6. The New Year game at Bayview that season will do instead then.
  7. As a thank you to the fans the match programme for the Forfar game is available to download for free from the Rovers website and what was to be the East Fife programme will be available to download in due course.
  8. If anyone wants something to read this weekend, the Rovers are going to have what was to be Saturday's match programme available as a free download. Not sure exactly when it'll be available, but details will be on the Rovers club website.
  9. If everyone simply donates their fare for the Rotor, the ladybirds and the bingo to the Rovers, we'll be in the land of milk and honey.
  10. Okay kits don't really sell as people are unlikely to part with 40 odd quid for something they're indifferent to. Kits which split opinion will sell better as folk who really like it will more likely to be tempted.
  11. When trying to sell advertising boards surely East Fife (and the Rovers for that matter) should be making a big play on the fact that with the astroturf the ground is used virtually every day, not just once a fortnight as before, therefore exposure of the advertising boards is several times greater.
  12. It's been on a Saturday the last three seasons. Last year it kicked off at some stupid time like 4.30 when the league games were still being played.
  13. The game at Starks Park was even better. Same again please.
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