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  1. Watching that appallingly bad BBC documentary on Hearts last year, the Foundation of Hearts guys looked like some sort of bowling club or golf club committee. They're talking the talk, but would be absolutely goosed were it not for James Anderson being a benefactor. I'd imagine it's a bit of wishful thinking on their part, hoping that clubs who voted to call the league in 2020, resulting in their deserved relegation, are in some sort of financial difficulty.
  2. Cheers for the info. It'll be like the good old days under that she'd, but without the cage in the middle. I'd imagine if Rovers sell out we'll possibly get the end of the main stand as well.
  3. There are apparently severe roadworks on the M8 close to the turn offs for Glasgow City Centre. Might be worth considering turning down the M73 then back into Glasgow on the M74 to miss it.
  4. Pretty much a mirror image of the game at Palmerston last April. Away team started brighter and took a deserved lead,then kept good shape and discipline to manage the game despite the home team having the bulk of the possession.
  5. Stuart Romaines. King of the double shuffle. There were unconfirmed rumours that he lasted a long time at the Rovers as he worked in an upmarket knitwear factory in the Borders and was in a position to 'supply' his team mates, management and directors with jerseys at a somewhat discounted rate. In one of his last appearances for the Rovers he landed one of the best uppercuts I've ever seen on a Falkirk player at Brockville.
  6. Harkins definitely started. Highlights are up on YouTube and the Rovers website.
  7. Fattest guy I've seen on Stark's Park since Gerry Creaney.
  8. Much better goalkeeper than most of what I saw in the championship last season.
  9. We should be pumped up for this one. After all, we've got half a trophy to defend.
  10. East Fife will get a cut of that by way of a development fee after having him on loan.
  11. And our CEO rejected John McGlynn's application before the interview stage.
  12. Obviously hoping the game goes ahead on Saturday, but more importantly that none of those who have tested positive have any serious or lasting symptoms.
  13. Grant was down injured with cramp and Scott Thomson kicked the ball out so as to allow the trainer come on to give him treatment. Celtic didn't return the ball to Thomson and subsequently scored the winning goal (possibly through Simon Donnelly).
  14. Funnily enough, he does. Something about getting cemented by an Aberdeen player then the game being abandoned due to fog a minute later.
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