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  1. Obviously he was at the wrong end of the age scale and Covid curtailed the season, but Steven MacLean was a decent loan signing. Weighed in with a couple of crucial goals and was good at talking Bowie through games. I thought Hardie was good in his second spell with us as well, the difference being he had Barr and Johnston supplying the service rather than Connolly and Craigen.
  2. I'm not quite sure how pumping the ball into a crowded area equates to trying to walk the ball into the net.
  3. Pretty much sums it up, both in terms of the actual match itself and the knicker wetting from to folk who didn't even watch the game.
  4. Absolutely. McLeish report part two. What a pile of shite that was. Years to compile and came to the conclusion that Scotland should have a ten team top flight, despite every other league in Europe of any significance, having a 16 or 18 team top division.
  5. Some people are saying Schiavone was listed as a trialist for Rovers last week, but others seem a tad doubtful as to whether it was him. I think he's from the Lochgelly area.
  6. I wonder if we'll be travelling there on the Glen Sannox rather than the Highland Loch? Most probably not.
  7. Pretty much my thoughts. My laddie is now classed as a young adult, despite still being at school, and therefore would be charged a tenner as well. I would have had to go straight from work, therefore would probably have bought some food, a couple of soft drinks in the 200 club and some 50/50s, meaning I'd probably spend somewhere between 10 and 15 quid. The reality is that the £20 admission money would be better kept for a cup tie / important away game later in the season, therefore I'll be giving tomorrow a bodyswerve.
  8. It's been the case, as far back as I can remember, that season tickets were valid for all home friendlies, except testimonials.
  9. Pretty much this. It's one thing saying Thomson isn't up to it, but quite another trying to find a replacement of better quality and a goalkeeper coach within our budget. Look around at the quality of back up goalies in the Championship last season - Antell at Arbroath, Mehmet at the Pars, McAdam at Ayr etc - in fact look at St Mirren in the Premier (Dean Lyness). Would you swap Thomson for any of them?
  10. Boat from Dysart harbour to Dunbar. Quicker than the Edinburgh bypass and the A1.
  11. When Ibrox was re-seated in the mid 1990s, some of the old blue and yellow seats ended up in Kirkcaldy Ice Rink.
  12. He's big, he's rash, he's got a fine moustache, Alex Brash, Alex Brash. Stevie, oh Stevie Simpson, oh Stevie Simpson on the wi-ing.
  13. I remember that Meadowbank strip being sponsored by the Raj. The heady days of McQueen, Lawrence and McGachie.
  14. League positions at youth level are of no relevance whatsoever. For several seasons running, Celtic won the reserves / under 20 league then would free almost the entire squad immediately after. At the time Crawford himself, along with Colin Cameron, Jason Dair and others came through the ranks at the Rovers, I don't recall our reserve team being particularly prolific in terms of winning leagues and cups (except the Fife Cup at the old Bayview at the start of 92/93 when it was held over a weekend).
  15. My laddie is heading through with his free bus pass. He's going Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh, a short wait, then directly to Dunbar.
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