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  1. That'll cost us a few quid in PPV streams. From our own fans obviously, as we were always going to be denied the maroon pound.
  2. There's always an exception to the rule. Indeed. And it's nice that the exception to this particular rule are Hearts.
  3. Hertz have blown your theory out of the water somewhat.
  4. Hopefully this isn't true. He's slower than a week in Barlinnie and can't mark a man without fouling and giving away penalties. Apparently he's played in every Hearts defeat bar one this season. He was torn a new one when we played at Tynecastle.
  5. Tremendous. Fair play to East Fife for that.
  6. Would love to have seen him score another hat-trick on Tuesday, but 100% the correct decision to sub him. He was on a booking and the challenges from the Pars players were becoming evermore robust as they became frustrated. I'd leave him out of the Livi game given we've got three gargantuan games starting the following Saturday.
  7. Was there any explanation from the club? Development? Your predicament has strong parallels with our Gary Fucking Locke version; good player inexplicably sent away, some debatable recruitment, too many short term deals for players with no attachment or commitment, a manager who didn't know what to do with the mess he made and an accelerating downhill slide . Your good start will see you safe but like Locke, Crawford's reputations as a player and as a manager are two very different things. To be fair to the Pars, at least they had the sense not to loan Turner out to a team in the same division. And from what I can recall, Gary Locke was only marginally less shite as a player than he's been as a manager.
  8. We're anticipating a visit from him next season.
  9. I was thinking the same last night, although in fairness, they've had a good while to do some mid season repairs.
  10. Before he's been investigated? I shudder to think how many people in the gang hut at the bottom of the royal mile would have had their jotters on this basis these last few months.
  11. I just hope all these electrishitricians made it to work this morning.
  12. You'll still get a decent wedge from the BBC. It's only league games where the TV money is pooled and divided out in prize money at the end of the season.
  13. Got away with a couple in the first half, but relatively comfortable thereafter. Still lacking penetration. Stirling look quite a tidy side and would be an asset to league one next season. TV coverage very good.
  14. The third of which will be a penalty from a Zanatta dive.
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