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  1. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm for this one. However, hopefully our win yesterday will swell the travelling support sufficiently to give East Fife their second four figure home league gate this season.
  2. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Bobby Barr's lay off to Gillespie for the 4th goal was sheer class. If only he'd managed to find a navy blue jersey with passes like that more often when he was here, he might have got a new deal last summer.
  3. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    There. Fixed it for you.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I'd imagine the club have the powers to give them a longer ban from Starks Park, which I hope they will use, and they will also have the power to revoke the ned's season ticket, rather than him selling it on.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I wish the teuchtars had held their committee meeting to pick their fixtures last week when Forfar were second.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Arbroath remind me of Rovers in the Calderon league winning season - league pretty much wrapped up by the turn of the year then as we stuttered and spluttered through the 2nd half of the season, so did everyone else below us. If we drew, the team below lost and if we lost, the teams below generally failed to win. Next Saturday is a biggie - a win would put us in a fairly strong 2nd place, whereas a defeat could see us being dragged back towards 4th. I've no idea why Station Park has been such a graveyard for us in recent seasons, but it's high time we rectified it.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    There's no 'allegedly' about it. He was convicted and did a stretch for it.
  8. Sons vs Rovers

    Nah, like Lee Ashcroft.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It's not just a case of potentially generating revenue - it's as much a case of reducing expenditure as the first team train on it (not that you would have thought so yesterday) so we're not shelling out for training facilities and pitches for youth and ladies teams to play on elsewhere. We're also supposedly receiving a decent rental income from Fife Elite Academy.
  10. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    The game today highlighted the two leagues gulf between the teams. Even with 5 in the middle, we were weak and lightweight. I'm not Ross Matthews' biggest fan, but I think he would have provided a bit more dig and bite in the middle. No one in the midfield seemed certain of what they were supposed to be doing and if we won one 50/50 ball all game then I missed it. I felt McGlynn left it far too late to change anything and the first sub was pretty much like for like. Surely he couldn't have been standing thinking 'leave well alone'. I'd have been surprised if we'd beaten Hibs today, but disappointed they didn't have to work overly hard for their goals due to us being so slow, weak and disjointed. Hopefully Kilmarnock or St Johnstone next for Hibs in the quarters.
  11. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Do you mean excited? No more so than playing Brechin, Forfar or Montrose.
  12. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Of course we're excited about playing a big team. Apart from the Pars in the last round and arguably the two games thus far against Arbroath, there hasn't been any opposition of any significance for us to get excited about this season.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    United were relegated on the Monday night and sacked Mixu the following morning. The McKinnon rumours started gathering pace there and then. He said if Rovers were promoted he would definitely be at Starks Park the next season, but didn't elaborate any further. Our CEO being seated with the Dundee United directors at Dens Park added fuel to the fire and within half an hour of the full time whistle blowing at Easter Road the following Saturday, Dundee United had a statement on their website saying they had asked Raith Rovers for permission to speak to McKinnon.
  14. RRFC vs. Forfar

    I don't agree that Nisbet is off the boil. More likely that he's not 100% fit. I'm sure if it hadn't been for Vaughan's injury, he'd have started yesterday 's game on the bench and been given a few minutes late on. Yesterday was only 4 weeks since he was injured against Stenhousemuir and at that point I think most would have been surprised to see him near the first team at Brechin and yesterday.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I agree 100%. But unfortunately while you have CEOs whose main agenda is a league structure that fulfills the wishes of TV companies (i. e. 4 meetings of the Bigot Brothers) rather than one which allows ambitious clubs to at least try to prosper, then we're all pissing into the wind.