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  1. You're right in that there was a lot of dross in Smith's squad, but Barjonas and McGuffie were McGlynn signings.
  2. I'd be amazed if they charge for a £20 walk up punter. There's a lot of goodwill towards the club from the fans at the moment, but a 25% price hike for games against Alloa, Arbroath, Morton, QOS et al will see it evaporate fairly quickly. I'd be inclined to pitch it at £18 per game with the exception of Hearts, which should be £35, as they're an absolutely massive club and don't deserve to be in our league whatsoever.
  3. Especially if his empire biscuit had a green jelly tot.
  4. According to Hearts' own forum the boycotting of the two games at Stark's Park is going to cost us £300,000 and bankrupt us. That's 7500 of them each game at £20 a pop excluding VAT. Is it any wonder the fuckers went bust if that's their level of arithmetic?
  5. I'd imagine if Hearts and Partick have 'lost their case', they wouldn't be due anything in compensation. Hopefully they're ordered to pay all legal costs and they are then hammered by the SFA for breaching the rules.
  6. Probably something to do with the fact he was rumoured to be signing for us on more than one occasion, but his dream move never quite materialised.
  7. I've never met Simmons, but he always struck me as someone who never totally loved being a footballer. He often gave the impression that if he could have earned a pound a week more stacking shelves or working down the pit, he'd have been happy to do so.
  8. Nah, you're all right. Michael Doyle was a bit of a p***k in Grange Hill. Can't imagine he's changed for the better 40 years on.
  9. Terrible news. Although he played for a few clubs,even as a Rovers fan, I always associated him with Falkirk more than any other. One of your own. RIP.
  10. That means he's been out of football for two years less than Rudi Skacel when we signed him.
  11. Miller apparently due to sign for a French 2nd division team. I'm sure it was one of the clubs involved in the relegation stooshie in France.
  12. Should we be getting remotely worked up about signing / not signing a guy who scored 6 goals in 29 appearances in league one last season?
  13. If you think this is bad, you should have a gander at the reconstruction thread on Fantalk.
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