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  1. An unnecessary comment, it's a forum. You come across as a right belter btw
  2. BaSeDG0DSA1NT

    FIFA 19

    Anyone get any decent from Loyalty pack, Futties SBC or OTW SBC?
  3. BaSeDG0DSA1NT

    FIFA 19

    Futties on Wednesday
  4. I wondered who that was in hospital last night, I didn't recognise him
  5. Where are you playing/searching for Mons? I am on 120 and cant getbclose to anything new on the Pokèdex
  6. Hitmonlee nest at Bevridge Park (Kirkcaldy) Aerodactyl in my 10k egg that hatched today (cp 842)
  7. I'm possitive if you use a lure you will assign it to a pokèstop which will draw pokèmon to that stop, so it is best to stay around the lure. Lures and Incense both lasts 30mins and Incense you usually move about when active as they spawn pokèmon more frequent. As for lucky eggs I have found the best time to use them is when you have 10+ evolves ready to go as you get tons of douple xp, I usually equip them next to 2/3 pokèstops that are all close by and if I stand in the middle of the stops I can activate them all. I then lure all the stops so whilst evolving my pokèmon, there are also frequent pokèmon coming to you to capture which is giving you tons of xp.
  8. Just got a mobile holder for on my bike and had a cycle with Pokemon Go. I hatched 2 2k eggs and got a Weedle and Caterpee...I was going to keep going to evolve my 5k but after the luck of my 2ks will leave it till tomorrow now.
  9. If you mean in regards to Evolve? In Eevee's name, click and edit name and type the following for the below evolve's. Pyro - Flareon Sparky - Jolteon Rainer - Vaporeon. It has worked everytime for me and I always type lower case
  10. Can anyone recommend a good hand held gaming device (DS/GBoy) and Pokèmon game. I am having a look online for a few things but not sure whats what
  11. Anyone know where I can download Pokèmon epiosde(s) from the very beginning. I had a browse around but not finding it anywhere.
  12. Just started playing this and enjoying it a lot (when servers are working) What was the Pokemon games on gameboy everyone played? I thought about trying to buy them and a gameboy for when I am flying in the aeroplane next week. I never watched Pokemon either so considering buying the boxsets
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