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  1. Div C Basedgodsa1nt beats Dandies1983 @Frank Grimes by checkmate. I scraped over the line here. I was going to offer a draw and was hoping you would've about 15-20moves in to which I would've bitten your hand off for. I really need to take more time before I play a move, I'm just looking at the board, taking 30 seconds and making my move with the thought of nothing is really happening here and I'll pay attention later on when it gets down to a few pieces each. Good good, well played and all the best for the rest of the season.
  2. Basedgodsa1nt loses to AlbinoRov by checkmate. I say this a lot but I really enjoyed that game. You were so far infront with how many moves you must think ahead and what plans you have and I was only capable of thinking 1 move at a time and reacting to whatever move you had just made, that's how much pressure you had me under with your bishops and queen. Gutted I threw my queen with a silly careless moment but looking at the review with 3 blunders I was never going to trouble you that game. Well played, all the best for the season and thank you for sparking my interest in chess again and striving to get better.
  3. Thanks for the game bud. I enjoyed our game, first season in the league and I don't know any of the lingo or the moves people are speaking about but I'm still enjoying the game. Good luck for the rest of the season
  4. Basedgodsa1nt defeats RBWatson by resignation. Even game, couldve went either way I felt and then unfortunately for RBWatson I stumpled on a move that trapped the queen. Good game, well plated and all the bestfpr the rest of the season.
  5. madwullie cup result Basedgodsa1nt defeats The_kid1433 by checkmate. What a mad gametype that is, that's the first of me giving it a go but I quite enjoyed it. Thank you for the game and apologies as I just seen your message in chat (chess.com). I'm still trying to learn the site.
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