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  1. John Martis was arguably post 70's too, (69-75), it's a toss up as both have been the best I've seen in an EF jersey .
  2. I would dispute that and maybe Leven Royals would too :-)
  3. Why not re-schedule till after the New Year? The semi's are not scheduled till 17/18th February and the the Irish league starts up again around this time, I assume BoH will need to have a squad and play pre season, so why not organize it around this for the end of Jan or beginning of Feb? probably still have to postpone a fixture although 9/02/19 is SC 5th round - will we still be in it?
  4. ^^^^ This. and what happens if BoH win, will they then want the semi brought forward too! Shambles - no way should this be a midweek tie. Absolutely no way!!
  5. Doesn't always have to be a known name that comes in, King Kenny was an unknown. The squad is looking promising so far, I'm sure the manager knows who he wants if he can get them to sign.
  6. What is the point of posting pish like this - grow th f*** up man.
  7. Got to remember Smith signed Willis for us before he decided to bail out. Wilkie was not the same player last season, has never looked the same since his injury. Duggan would be an asset.
  8. Thanks for the replies, good to hear Kyle will be on the park on Saturday.
  9. Did the club appeal, ifso what was the outcome?
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