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  1. Didn't realise it was as early as that. I had it in my head that he'd play in their first team for some reason.
  2. Although it's a common cliche for new signings, Murray and Nesbitt really emphasised that 5 minutes with Crawford and they knew he was someone they wanted to play for. I think I can imagine that he would be very good at selling the club.
  3. I thought the extent at which he slows games down to be an absolute detriment and made it very difficult to create decent chances.
  4. Attributing Stephen Dobbie to Hibs is tenuous and breaks the rules having been at Rangers until he was 20.
  5. Crawford helping out in the sponsoring a jobber search.
  6. I hear what you're saying. Different clubs suit different players. If he's a loan then I'm not arsed one bit, would probably discourage it if anything. Think players can take on a different mindset if it's a permanent transfer though. I agree, a lot of the time it'll appear to be a different between a loanee and permanent player. Certainly wouldn't chuck a 20 year old on the scrap heap after a supposed poor spell in a division he likely does not want to be near. Feels like to easy a rumour to make after being linked with a couple of Rovers' players anyway.
  7. He's a proper good player. It's a big blow. Unless it's 6 figures we've been done.
  8. I don't think we seen enough of him to make to decent a judgement. He was neither horrific nor a game changer. I could see him being more effective the league below.
  9. A good proportion of the horrific goals came from right back position. Either Williamson in the worst season he's ever had or Craigen not really knowing the position. It's hard to argue with only 40 conceded playing with a makeshift full back for majority of the season that needs cover from CBs constantly. That number would normally see clubs in the playoffs if they score a reasonable amount.
  10. I disagree totally with this. We conceded 40 goals all season. Only 6 more than the champions and the same as 2nd and 3rd place. The issues are scoring goals, not keeping them out.
  11. I wouldn't grumble too much with Ashcroft and Devine continuing as starting centre back pairing. I thought Danny Devine had several games where he looked very decent. Seems to be the generic target at the minute when really he's not that bad. Having a couple of young promising centre halves as back up to Ashcroft and Devine wouldn't be too bad, I don't think there is an immediate need to replace either.
  12. Ian McCall was excellent at periods in his career, places higher than Crawford and Neilson for me. Allan Johnston tops that in my opinion with Caldwell second, can't really separate Robertson and Hopkin in 3rd/4th. McCall, Neilson, Crawford, McPake then Dick Campbell.
  13. Bad recruitment at Falkirk aye, but they were probably unfortunate that they all turned out to be duds. Bold signings and with a bit of luck Crawford, Shields and McNamara have uncovered a few gems. Highly rated youngsters certainly more enthusing than Willo Flood and James Vincent last summer.
  14. He was very classy with the ball, different story without it. It wouldn't be unfair to call him very promising at the time he was released.
  15. The most disappointing departure from the club since Shaun Byrne for me.
  16. He spent nearly every game getting the ball pinged at him from 50 yards and trying to knock it on. I'd assume if he is re-signed then this wouldn't be what is planned for him and on that assumption he would definitely be worthy of a contract.
  17. Obviously that's not all he's done in football.
  18. Knocking Hearts out the League Cup and putting the final nail in Cathro's coffin.
  19. A lot of top tier football experience between Dundee Utd and Ross County. I assume this will be one that Jackie McNamara and his agency links has had a hand in.
  20. I have just priced my ST renewal. Myself and my two boys (6 and 4) in a family package. £311. I'm pretty sure the early bird offer last year had adult price as £240 and u12 as free. Which would make this as an increase of £71 on last season. I may be slightly out as I missed the early bird offer but I paid £250 last season. McArthur's statement has left a bad taste. The whole bit around the Lifeline memberships came across as 'become a member or have no club to support'. The lifeline is a charitable donation. Guilt tripping and pressure should not be put on supporters. I'll be paying over £300 on STs and buying 2 extortionately priced kid's strips so being asked to then donate an additional £20 a month is at the very least cheeky if not insulting. I think the u12 tickets no longer being free is a serious own goal by the club. I only have two u12s to pay for, but I see a lot of supporters have 3 and 4 kids with them at times. For them that's potentially an extra £72 before they've even renewed their own ticket. And for what? Because they cannot monitor chancers. I moan but I will just pay it of course. The emotional ties of a football club can't half rip the piss right out of you.
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