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  1. I don't even have a recollection of a Manchester United game after Nipper's testimonial. I can't suffer a pre-season friendly I think the last friendly I attended that wasn't a testimonial was against Everton in the early 2000s. I went because of people suggesting there was a 15 year old who was a potential £15million transfer in the Everton team and I wanted to watch him. Rooney came on and was poor. Gravesen and Kevin Campbell stood out if I remember rightly.
  2. I'm not sure I could defend £15 to attend a non-competitive football match, particularly two teams at this level.
  3. It was when I was researching about ASD when we suspected my son had it and a few things I read just ran true. It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to know or not. I got diagnosed last September. It's been okay, understanding why I think differently from most people is there now but nothing has really changed. I'm hoping it makes raising my son easier. Hopefully an autistic child being raised by an autistic parent is easier on the child than two neurotypical parents.
  4. Driving on Saturday, my wife had to pop into a shop while me and my two boys stayed in the car. I put on some kids songs from youtube on my phone to appease the youngest one. As I was doing that I opened my window as it was stifling. My eldest (6) said to me "Why are you opening the window Daddy, is that to let the internet in?"
  5. Luckily, I get my kicks from this type of scenario.
  6. I currently remain intact but only until next Wednesday.
  7. I wouldn't say my mother in law's a cow but....
  8. I like the home strip. The away I really don't like. I'm not against a twist on the traditional, I think that's being a bit fussy. May need a 3rd strip like last season, could have couple of issues playing Dundee Utd and Alloa considering socks and shorts black on home strip.
  9. Aye, quite likely legit. There's a evolutionary phenomena called Island Gigantism and Island Dwarfism. Happens when species are endemic to an island, often the large species get smaller and smaller species get larger. It's dependent on their natural predators in the area they are in. Creepy phenomena when you start getting 4ft long rats and a 5ft tall swan.
  10. Fair play, Gregor Buchanan and Mark Durnan would be a useful centre half pairing in the Championship, so will be a good pairing in League One. Both prone to a clanger now and again but that's Scottish lower division football.
  11. This species of human and stork was endemic to Flores, an Indonesian island. The stork would have been twice the height of the homo floresiensis. A nicer sounding thing endemic to the island was a dwarf stegodon which was basically an elephant that stood at no more than a metre and a half. All the remains of these species were found in one cave in the north of the island. Bizarre cave. Flores is also has an endemic rat species which can be around 2 metres long including tail and 8 times the weight of a common black rat, this species currently exist and give me the fear. The Catman of Greenock would love Flores.
  12. Crawford's red card in the 2-2 game at Dens after he punched the ball out of Speroni's hands and he hit the deck holding his face the season before was still fresh. Gave that game a little extra, felt like vengeance.
  13. I remember that game well, I remember not being sure if it was a Crawford hattrick as I'm sure his 3rd came off the post and into the back of Speroni and going in. Hard to believe those days were 17 years ago.
  14. Assuming it's no a telly game opener then it's two bumper crowds and a couple decent performances would give the chance of keeping the numbers up. That's the bright side. You couldn't really have been handed a much harder start.
  15. I do enjoy watching a young enthusiastic team, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they get on. It's getting to the stage now I just want rid of these empty Saturdays though. It'll be the usual optimistic August into September, thinking we're not too far adrift of play offs in November, worrying about relegation January and February, token half charge at play offs in March, before finally securing 6th or 7th anyway.
  16. That's a good move for James Vincent, he can spend the season slowing every bit of play down and still do no wrong with ICT support (and rightly so).
  17. Abney and Teale has genuine funny moments, I could sit and watch it with my kids. Same with Hey Duggee. Blaze and the Monster Machines and Bing are torturous watches.
  18. I do that. Infuriates my wife but I always feel compelled to. Recently my two favourites are Hugo in Killing Eve is also Maeve's brother in Sex Education and that Raymond in Killing Eve is the narrator and voice of Abney in Abney and Teale.
  19. The away strip is something special. Both home and away are crackers though.
  20. Youngest son (4) diagnosed with ASD today, as am I. Been a long process and a relief to be able to look into further support for him in preparation for school.
  21. It's excellent, which could only be expected.
  22. I think it's fantastic. I prefer to give Thistle the benefit of doubt, it's a strong symbol of inclusiveness. Found the response on twitter staggering.
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