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  1. A sackless season. Nish if anyone.
  2. We're looking good. I have no idea how Ayr Utd are looking. Seems to me by reading through other teams threads it is expected to be between Pars and Ayr. Realistically being full time and probably having the biggest budget we will be favourites. AJ's job to make those advantages count on the park and be reflected at the end of the season.
  3. Aye, see him now and again down Rosyth. Turned out for Newcastle Utd tae.
  4. Do you remember big Craig McFarlane who was part of the swap deal?
  5. Finally, a Cowden fan not trying to points score. I concur with this post.
  6. Reading the BBC Sport match report this morning, noticed in the line ups that Arbroath's trialists were named correctly as "Trialists", but Ryan Finnie was named in Dunfermline subs. I know to take any BBC coverage of Scottish football with a pinch of salt, but is that Finnie signed?
  7. No, I wouldn't say used to it. I've heard drunk folk slaver pish many a time though and know just to let it go. I certainly don't harbour it, take it personally and pour my outrage hours later.
  8. He's right though, any right minded person will criticise these individuals and it's of course deplorable and shouldn't happen. A few guys of a football crowd get pished and make a c*nt of themselves by making deplorable shouts is hardly a revelation. This is point scoring and fake outrage.
  9. A few drunk morons and a whole support is scum. It shouldn't happen and is despicable but I'm sure you are more bothered than Lewis Coult is
  10. I would have thought you couldn't play trialists also before but two years ago the SPFL confirmed that trialists could play in round one of the Challenge Cup but not in any further rounds. I'm not sure if that rule still stands though. That was when Rangers were playing trialists though, so maybe that's in the rule book that Rangers play to and not in the other rule book for everyone else.
  11. Trialists can be used in these games. So any potential trialists and new signings between now and the weekend may feature. Finnie played tonight against Kelty but came off after taking a knock apparently, don't know how bad.
  12. I think of that cup as SPFL organised friendlies but I reckon it will be close to best XI
  13. Ayr Utd's strip for this season is looking great. Stenny and Forfar are horrendous as per!
  14. I agree that attending friendlies is a waste of time. Nipper testimonial with Man Utd was last I went to, even found that dull. Should have left after Giggs skipped past a couple defenders and chipped the keeper. Sorry, I realise I'm new. I'm a regular reader, but infrequent contributor over on DAFC.net. Popped over here with everything going tits up over there. Wish I had done so sooner this seems like more of my type of place.
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