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  1. Can you not put it on the wall? A week after my daughter took her first steps my tele got put up, out of reach. Too late for this one. Next one though that's definitely the plan.
  2. Reality is that everyone is just winging it and hoping for the best. Absolutely the best thing you'll ever do though.
  3. Finding this particularly now. My 4 year old has difficulties that make him extremely impulsive and unable to comprehend instruction, it's like living with a german shepherd constantly having their mad hour. We have a TV with really long and really deep score marks in it, I'm hoping it survives another couple of maturing for the youngest to be worthwhile getting a new one.
  4. Average sized club in Italy, usually attracting 15k - 20k in the lower divisions as they are now, but likely the biggest club down there. In another world somewhere there is a wee Italian guy telling the internet how he follows a wee team from Scotland called Motherwell.
  5. I have a 6 year old who is absolutely football daft. He plays football how you would remember it being played 20+ years ago, everywhere and anywhere. If he's walking past you without a ball he stills drops a shoulder to get round you, even when we are walking round Asda I've to put an imaginary pass into him and he'll give me some stick if he deems I've misplaced it. When I was 6 I went to Dunfermline games with my dad I would stand and play with my toy cars on the red barriers in the terracing that is now the Norrie, my son works out the formations that they are playing, who is playing where and what he'd do instead while speaking in FIFA language calling Paul Paton a CDM and trying to work out with if Josh Edwards is a LB or LWB. At the minute the cost for him to play football I would call substantial. He's around £300 for the year at a mini academy at Livingston paid in 3 installments. That covers two hourly sessions a week. there's a couple of other benefits that we don't use. My wife drops him off and I pick him work as it coincides to when I finish work so I don't have an opinion on the quality but it is his highlight of the week. He does use any space he can, grass, concrete, wherever, to kick a ball around whenever he can. I definitely don't need to pay that money for him to play football. Looking to get him into one of the local 2013 teams, I don't know the cost of these nowadays. £2 or £3 a week subs when it was me 20/25 years ago.
  6. Pretty much back to normal. Slight tenderness at the back of the left one, but that's all that's remaining. The NHS don't really tell you what's normal and what is abnormal which leaves, what I'd say, is a week long period of looking at them and thinking 'there's no way that's normal'. That week has been the worst of it though.
  7. As I've got older (I'm 44), the hangover has been lessened. I don't think I get any less drunk than I used to. Twenty years ago, a Saturday session like I do now would have floored me for days. If I do get a hangover now, it's mostly tiredness rather than headaches and my stomach on the fast spin with the occasional spew. Do you find you drink differently than you used to though? On a night out when I was in my early 20s we'd neck a few shots of whisky as it was cheap and would do the trick early, a couple of pints, maybe some daft alcopops and a few shots in there too. Where as now it's largely just pints and the odd gin or something for me. Even after a heavy night a hangover now is more of a slight inconvenience in the morning than multicoloured spew and unable to eat for the day.
  8. The harshness heaped on Devine is going way over the top, no-one is enthused by him being playing but he's an average defender who is of Championship level. No more, no less. A useful squad player but the sooner Murray is back the better. I'm assuming that with Gill not playing in the reserves in the week that he will be in against Alloa and hopefully he does enough to edge out Scully. Be a tough game, definitely one of the better sides. I always find Donaldson impressive while Keatings and White are very dangerous. Getting a win is very important, but I'm not overly confident.
  9. I remember the game and remember McGregor running into a daft challenge in a way that made the second booking look inevitable. If I recall correctly he didn't play many minutes at all after that game. I don't remember bringing 2 players on and one coming off though.
  10. Him and Cochrane don't strike me as typical players put out on loan. I don't pay all that much attention to the Premiership but I am familiar with both. I'd imagine the development outlook is attractive for clubs putting their younger players through for a season or so. I have noticed only good things said Greg Kiltie, always nice to see the parent club's fans a bit annoyed at a player being loaned out. His name makes me think of kilted sausages too, good start for the lad.
  11. I'm no sure information on how the recovery process is overly accessible or detailed enough by the NHS. I'm back at work today (day 5), been taking it easyish. Didn't go out for two days and mostly spent them on the couch. Done the big shop on Saturday and a bit more again yesterday. Still slight swelling, bruised and tender. Mild pain if I'm walking too much. The worst bit is the growing back of my pubes though and the uncomfortable Y fronts for support giving me some chafing. Braw.
  12. Aye that's a fair point. My dad was talking about his that he got around 30 year ago and he was sedated. You don't get offered sedation these days, must be easier now and considered unnecessary. This week has been horrible, the recovery is definitely worse than the procedure.
  13. Aye, but then a lifetime of leaving it in.
  14. I had my procedure just last night, taken in at about 6.55 and I was back in the house by 7.35. I'll be honest, I was up to near panic levels waiting to go in. But it really is all over nothing, the local anaesthetics sting a wee bit aye and then the rest of the procedure with a dull ache in your tummy, like you've had a sore one in the balls but it's calmed down a little. Lying in bed in my tighty whiteys for the next couple of days. It really is nothing at all. EDIT: was told to overlap paracetamol and ibuprofen afterwards as it will hurt, but I've had a completely pain free night. So even that's fine.
  15. I'm unsure if Callum is on a wind up or not, but Devine is definitely not as bad as is made out on this forum. He's not the most solid we've seen no, but over the past 10 years there is has been an awful lot of poor centre halves that were miles behind Danny Devine.
  16. Doesn't seem to be how Crawford works. Very much has specific tactics, particularly up the field for the opposition rather than the guys currently in staying in until someone pushed them out. I'd imagine the back four will remain, big opportunity for Stuart Morrison with Murray out for nearly two months. The set up out in midfield and how many upfront will depend on the coaching staff's analysis of United. I watched the Friday night game last week and wasn't overly impressed with United. Shankland can pop up and nick a goal from nowhere though. There's that guy Butcher who is just a there to break up play and kick folk, he'll likely target Turner and break things up. Peter Pawlett is the best footballer in the league IMO, he came on last Friday and won them the game I thought.
  17. True. Has played a lot of games and even captained Kilmarnock in the top tier, into his fourth season here and pretty much ever present the whole time. Very experienced for a 25 year old.
  18. Didn't sound right to me so had a wee look, was surprised Lewis Martin was still only 23.
  19. McGill has been impressive. I've been surprised at how physical he is and is scoring plenty of goals regularly in the reserves. Nisbet, Ryan, McCann and McGill all looking really good and competition for places seems rife. Seems Callum Smith is doing very well at Airdrie so far as well. I'd have expected to have seen more of Tom Lang by this stage, other than that every player has surpassed all expectations I had.
  20. Yeah, I mentioned this at the time. Particularly the Hail Hail... then whatever it is after that in a monotone voice. I can imagine them all wide eyed repeating it. Perverse club and support.
  21. I felt the style of play last season didn't suit him, he's still got quality in there. It was if AJ tried to use him as a target man last season. I still think if you get him in form then you'll have one of the best players in the division.
  22. This was my take on things. They had a lot of the ball in the second half but I never thought they really threatened too much or looked that dangerous from open play. Took until Dunfermline were tiring to do anything.
  23. Goodfellow and Steven supplies Haymarket. Excellent.
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