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  1. 3 hours ago, Trogdor said:

    You were pretty flawless in that win, I had to give a rook for a piece when you were already a piece up. Thus ending up a whole rook down just for the pleasure of playing on.

    Openings are overrated as long as you stick to the broad principles of:

    Contest the centre (ie. with your pawns)

    Develop your pieces (don't move the same piece twice if it's avoidable in the opening)

    Castle your king

    Centralise a rook(s)

    Do the above and chances are you will have a very playable game. The middlegame is where the fun is at.


    Murder at this. Only took the game up in the post Christmas lockdown, seems to be a time when the chess world is obsessed with cheap bait and opening traps aimed at bullet and blitz. Always tempted into these before finishing a proper development.

  2. I thought Raith Rovers were excellent.

    Dunfermline all over the place, manager clutching at straws, but it was the best performance we've seen in opposition this season.

    Loanees have long been an irritation of mine. Over reliant to the extreme this season. 5 out of 11 (6 really but I'll discount Wighton). They can help plug gaps throughout the season but if a team is starting games with a midfield completely compiled of loanees I reckon that's a strong indicator of poor management.

  3. I was looking at Shamrock Rovers recently with them playing AC Milan and thought their manager's name, Stephen Bradley, was ringing a bell for me. He was on loan at Dunfermline during a season I would have been at certainly every home game and most away games but can't for the life of me remember him.

    Paul Fenwick was another when he was playing regularly for Hibs that I didn't put it together that he was the same guy that was at Dunfermline in the 90s.

  4. Ross McArthur was practically giddy in that interview. Even though he said there's not to be dramatic changes to player wages or anything like that he did confirm that this investment did allow the flurry of 2 year deals and O'Hara's 3 year deal early in the summer.

    I'm not sure I agree that the club hit the ceiling for the fan owned model on the pitch, possibly in the background developing and maintaining revenue streams that we're not privy to.

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