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  1. cols407 beats paakman01 by checkmate. I thought I played well but on review I notice I blocked my queen which could have easily been trapped. Fortunate for that to have gone unnoticed.
  2. Should always avoid lining your king and queen up on same diagonal. That pin was eventually what decided the game.
  3. Division C cols407 beats hammysgetinpumped by checkmate. Good game.
  4. Not at all. We'd only just got out the opening. I'll send you a new invite shortly.
  5. Yeah, on both app and web. It's hammysgetinpumped though. One T.
  6. Our game timed out. Send me another invite when you get back up and running.
  7. Division C, Round 12. cols407 beats RBWatson by resignation. I think I went a little off in the opening before managing to set up a discovered attack to win the queen, opponent then chucked a rook. Fairly plain sailing from then.
  8. Cup tie. cols407 beats el_scorgio by resignation. Was well behind, managed to claw a bit back. Though I should have been finished off. Could tell my king was going to chased about the board so prepared an attack on my opponent's king hoping a break in the king chase which eventually came. Every line I looked at there after in analysis looked fatal for my opponent, I assume they agreed by resigning.
  9. the_kid1433 beats cols407 by resignation. Well played. Strong game from my opponent, their low position is a mystery to me. Pretty poor from me, more blunders and mistakes than the previous games all together I think, all were duly punished.
  10. Having trouble getting a game started with the_kid1433. If you see this here, you'll either have a game request sitting or you can set one up. Me (cols407) to play as white.
  11. Division C - Round 10 cols407 beats PnBMathematics by resignation.
  12. You'll be better for it. I got absolutely horsed in the first 10 games of the season last season. If you want to get better, look back at the games to see where you're going wrong. I occasionally pester some Div A guys, knowing I'll get a battering but it's good games to look back at.
  13. I'm pretty certain I saw a big cat eating out the bin at Tesco in Duloch, Dunfermline in the middle of the night. It caught my eye because it had the back two legs on the ground and managed to get it's head in the bin. Would have been 10 years ago so plenty woodland round the back at that time but the location doesn't make all that sense. Heard a few similar sightings in that area around the same time.
  14. Can't have that excuse against me. I've been checking Twitter every 10 mins looking for a "club statement" the last couple of weeks too.
  15. @Karpaty Lviv I can't create our game because of rating rules. Can you create it? There's no rush, just whenever you're ready. You're to play as white.
  16. cols407 beats paakman01 by resignation. Good game. Pleased with that one. Took a while to break through, but once I did I thought I was pretty relentless.
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