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  1. Na, the ref is bound to the rules. Bit of stupidity from McManus. I think the rule is to protect sponsorship and stop players hiding the sponsor at the moments when they are l most likely to be filmed and photographed rather than anything crowd related.
  2. Still winning games and scoring goals while the two strikers are struggling to form any sort of partnership, if they somehow click then we could be looking at a really decent side. Imagine getting booked for an over exuberant celebration in an empty stadium 😂
  3. McCracken's post match interview was worrying. Sounds like if Falkirk go behind and a team tries to make things difficult for them then McCracken hasn't got much up his sleeve to try and find a way back into the game.
  4. While O'Hara was a little off it. He's was still able to get into situations where he could score goals, still good signs there for him. Managed the game well and the substitutes all did well coming on. Just keep giving Dom Thomas the ball and there's going to be chance after chance created.
  5. I was looking at Shamrock Rovers recently with them playing AC Milan and thought their manager's name, Stephen Bradley, was ringing a bell for me. He was on loan at Dunfermline during a season I would have been at certainly every home game and most away games but can't for the life of me remember him. Paul Fenwick was another when he was playing regularly for Hibs that I didn't put it together that he was the same guy that was at Dunfermline in the 90s.
  6. I didn't think he looked interested in doing too much running off the ball and chasing things down. On the ball I thought he looked good. We've likely been spoiled watching the work rate of Kevin Nisbet every week. That's a side of Nisbet's game that McManus will replace, hopefully his goals can be replaced between McManus and O'Hara.
  7. Ross McArthur was practically giddy in that interview. Even though he said there's not to be dramatic changes to player wages or anything like that he did confirm that this investment did allow the flurry of 2 year deals and O'Hara's 3 year deal early in the summer. I'm not sure I agree that the club hit the ceiling for the fan owned model on the pitch, possibly in the background developing and maintaining revenue streams that we're not privy to.
  8. Not overly familiar with the name, but if you're able to stay as a first team player and have managed to make 50+ appearances in Kilmarnock's midfield in recent years then that's a credit to him. Sounds like a physical foil for Kyle Turner.
  9. Good goalkeepers hard to come by. I'd probably just prefer Jamie MacDonald to Owain Fon Williams, but OFW isn't a bad signing either.
  10. Piss and a fag. Shave with electric razor. Stub fag out in sink. Damp flannel to vital areas, face, arse and groin in that order. Use a measuring jug to pour warm water over hair. Splash of eau d'toilet for the ladies.
  11. I've only a few amendments. Class: Kevin Nisbet, Ryan Dow. Decent: Aaron Comrie, Greg Kiltie, Josh Edwards, Kyle Turner Average: Gabby McGill, Paul Paton, Harry Cochrane Cant judge: Euan Murray, Anthony Macdonald, Tom Lang Josh Coley is his only dud, been very poor. Maybe he's better suited to the English game but I'd be happy to send him back to Norwich now.
  12. Maybe aye. Whoever comes in are inheriting a good side though. Particularly that midfield. Uninspiring list of candidates in the vote.
  13. I'm sure David Martindale is behind the Livingston successes rather than Hopkin or Holt. His past a likely blocker for a more high profile role. Also, just because guys are mostly associated with English football does not make them good managers, in most cases it's been proven that they don't tend to do well. I still think John Hughes is a good manager but has that cartoon persona that means he isn't taken seriously.
  14. Too close to christmas for me to spend money on a trip up to Dundee. Feeling fairly confident, I imagine any team in the division would be worried about a Dow, Kiltie and Nisbet attacking unit just now. Nisbet must be looking forward to a similar game as Saturday against another hopeless huddie in Jordon Forster. Realistically a draw is an acceptable result but it's a great opportunity.
  15. My two have been through a couple of these. Fantastic though. Use the big dafty cases. I don't like them to over use them but it seems to calm my youngest with autism right down if I need to get on with cooking, ironing or that. Crazy how quick they were experts of YouTube. My youngest decided he wanted his tablet washed along with the dishes and chucked it in the kitchen sink after I'd filled it to do the the dishes. Gubbed after that. Found I've had to replace them every year but usually there's a deal at £30 down from £50.
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