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  1. Piss and a fag. Shave with electric razor. Stub fag out in sink. Damp flannel to vital areas, face, arse and groin in that order. Use a measuring jug to pour warm water over hair. Splash of eau d'toilet for the ladies.
  2. I've only a few amendments. Class: Kevin Nisbet, Ryan Dow. Decent: Aaron Comrie, Greg Kiltie, Josh Edwards, Kyle Turner Average: Gabby McGill, Paul Paton, Harry Cochrane Cant judge: Euan Murray, Anthony Macdonald, Tom Lang Josh Coley is his only dud, been very poor. Maybe he's better suited to the English game but I'd be happy to send him back to Norwich now.
  3. Maybe aye. Whoever comes in are inheriting a good side though. Particularly that midfield. Uninspiring list of candidates in the vote.
  4. I'm sure David Martindale is behind the Livingston successes rather than Hopkin or Holt. His past a likely blocker for a more high profile role. Also, just because guys are mostly associated with English football does not make them good managers, in most cases it's been proven that they don't tend to do well. I still think John Hughes is a good manager but has that cartoon persona that means he isn't taken seriously.
  5. Too close to christmas for me to spend money on a trip up to Dundee. Feeling fairly confident, I imagine any team in the division would be worried about a Dow, Kiltie and Nisbet attacking unit just now. Nisbet must be looking forward to a similar game as Saturday against another hopeless huddie in Jordon Forster. Realistically a draw is an acceptable result but it's a great opportunity.
  6. My two have been through a couple of these. Fantastic though. Use the big dafty cases. I don't like them to over use them but it seems to calm my youngest with autism right down if I need to get on with cooking, ironing or that. Crazy how quick they were experts of YouTube. My youngest decided he wanted his tablet washed along with the dishes and chucked it in the kitchen sink after I'd filled it to do the the dishes. Gubbed after that. Found I've had to replace them every year but usually there's a deal at £30 down from £50.
  7. The young number 7 for QotS looks a good player. I also thought Robby McCrorie was as good a goalkeeper I've seen this season. Confident collecting, few good stops and distribution. Turner is a right clever player. Feels like we've signed Alex Burke again but with legs. Starting Dow, Kiltie, Nisbet and Ryan chances are always going to be created. When SC first came in and defending a lead we'd see teams invited to attack and then trying to sit organised. I thought the way the game was seen out was much improved, but then the game could have lasted all night and QotS not score. Looks like the management have settled on a system and team, things looking up.
  8. Aye, I had a look around on Google there. Perfectly normal behaviour. Not my finest hour. F for fanny.
  9. Is that a normal thing to do? I thought it was only for pilots and the army.
  10. I can't think of a better polite insult than "filthy piece of toerag", will absolutely find it's way into daily use for me.
  11. Middle aged men wearing rock tour t-shirts, television or film t-shirts or other 'quirky' t-shirts. Of course the biggest offender; the full grown adult wearing a replica strip usually on holiday.
  12. I noticed that the full show has been put up on YouTube. Not sure if it's by official sources and not sure how long it will remain.
  13. Couple of nice events this week. My youngest has autism, we have never seen him acknowledge other kids (except his brother now and again) nevermind speak to another child. He was at the soft play and I overheard a little boy ask him his name and my son replied. It'll sound like a small thing but it's a huge success for him, I could feel myself welling up. Missed the first 10 mins of the Dunfermline game on Saturday when my eldest's wobbly front tooth fell out into his pie. Blood all over the pie and searching through the mince for the tooth. Away to clean him up and he makes me get him a replacement pie, had a mind to get a receipt and leave that out for the tooth fairy as well.
  14. I was watching a Who Do You Think You Are recently and this guy popped up...
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