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  1. I'm sure he's taken a consultancy job somewhere, football related but not directly in the game.
  2. Some sources have this. Guess it's some sort of out of date system they use with the number change. I'm sure BBC even did the other week. Quite disappointed the team isn't pretty much unchanged.
  3. I'm android and you can when you unselect rated.
  4. The fixtures posted are using chess.com usernames.
  5. Just by chance I sent you an invite for a friendly last night. I'd put random white/black. If it's set up with you as white then great if not just reject it and set one up one with you as white. @GordonS
  6. A couple of months ago YouTube had me going from learning the way the horse moves to videos along the lines of "the trap that catches out all GMs" and "win in 8 moves". After a month of getting nowhere I stopped YouTube and got a couple of books aimed at beginners. I reckon OTB with people that know what they're doing would be best.
  7. That'll be you facing 1. d4 every league game now.
  8. Murder at this. Only took the game up in the post Christmas lockdown, seems to be a time when the chess world is obsessed with cheap bait and opening traps aimed at bullet and blitz. Always tempted into these before finishing a proper development.
  9. Low on daily games if anyone is looking for one? cols407
  10. It's me that's sent you a daily invite. Anyone else wanting a wee game it's cols407
  11. I'll give you a friendly. My first wee shot at daily format?
  12. What do you need from me to get involved? Chess.com username: cols407 and never played daily so unrated for daily.
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