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  1. I'm pretty certain I saw a big cat eating out the bin at Tesco in Duloch, Dunfermline in the middle of the night. It caught my eye because it had the back two legs on the ground and managed to get it's head in the bin. Would have been 10 years ago so plenty woodland round the back at that time but the location doesn't make all that sense. Heard a few similar sightings in that area around the same time.
  2. Can't have that excuse against me. I've been checking Twitter every 10 mins looking for a "club statement" the last couple of weeks too.
  3. @Karpaty Lviv I can't create our game because of rating rules. Can you create it? There's no rush, just whenever you're ready. You're to play as white.
  4. cols407 beats paakman01 by resignation. Good game. Pleased with that one. Took a while to break through, but once I did I thought I was pretty relentless.
  5. hammysgetinpumped Copy and paste that for the username.
  6. cols407 beats DieHardDoonhammer by checkmate. Good game.
  7. That a late change? Guide showing the Celtic game and then Inside the Zoo. EDIT: Seen it confirmed just there. Excellent news. Cheers.
  8. Looking at the TV guide this morning and shocked not to see it anywhere. Easiest way to watch tonight's game? Does putting a bet on bet365 get you coverage from them or anything? Enjoy your night, you're the envy of the rest of us.
  9. Realistically been the most difficult away fixture over the last few seasons. Hope for Morton spectators that MacPherson wants to play a better looking style than before. Pleased to get this first of this fixture out of the way early.
  10. The squad now looks at the very least competitive with Kilmarnock, maybe even slightly better. Out wide and up front I think the squad is looking comfortably ahead of our rivals. A squad in place to challenge at the top now, down to the management and a bit of luck avoiding injuries. I chucked £20 the 8/1 price last night. The 4/5 and evens I've seen on Kilmarnock look as crazy as 8/1 on Dunfermline.
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