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  1. Yeah, I mentioned this at the time. Particularly the Hail Hail... then whatever it is after that in a monotone voice. I can imagine them all wide eyed repeating it. Perverse club and support.
  2. Peter Pawlett is the best midfielder in the division.
  3. I felt the style of play last season didn't suit him, he's still got quality in there. It was if AJ tried to use him as a target man last season. I still think if you get him in form then you'll have one of the best players in the division.
  4. I think Stephen Dobbie is the best player in the division and by a decent amount as well. I only really have any knowledge on a few; Dobbie, Shankland, Nisbet, Nicky Clark, Kris Doolan, Michael Moffat. All decent enough strikers. Hemmings I only really remember him at Cowdenbeath when he and Greg Stewart kept them in the Championship. As far as I can tell he's never really kicked on since apart from a decent season at Dundee in the top division, be interesting to see how he does this year.
  5. This was my take on things. They had a lot of the ball in the second half but I never thought they really threatened too much or looked that dangerous from open play. Took until Dunfermline were tiring to do anything.
  6. Goodfellow and Steven supplies Haymarket. Excellent.
  7. I like the co-op meal deal. I'm fond of the chicken skewer things with sweet chilli sauce that comes under the bracket of snack. Spicy chicken pasta box with coleslaw in it that I can't remember the name of, those chicken skewers with sweet chilli dip and bottle of Pepsi Max for £3.50.
  8. You're talking about a club with a worldwide fan base and in particular has a strong tradition of Scottish players. I was at the game and have no leaning to any English club, I took my son along for the spectacle. Just because Liverpool can sell out Murrayfield is not a reflection on our game but a reflection on how big and far reaching Liverpool is.
  9. Yes. I will favour any Scottish club against any other club in Europe and want to see all the Scottish clubs go as far as possible. I still feel this but to a lesser extent with Rangers and Celtic. I don't overly care about co-efficients and am sceptical as to how much of an impact these actual make or the amount of money coming into the Scottish game from teams in Europe, it is purely a case of national pride on my part.
  10. 1. Dundee United 2. ICT 3. Dundee 4. Dunfermline 5. Partick Thistle 6. Ayr 7. Morton 8. QotS 9. Arbroath 10. Alloa Arguing with myself whether I think Alloa or Arbroath will finish bottom. Decided on Alloa as I expect the usual good start from Arbroath still on that wave of positivity and Alloa still finding their feet with Peter Grant. Hopefully it's an open race right with 3 or 4 in it going into April, I don't think any team is stand out at this stage. Might come down to who identifies what they need and recruits the best in January.
  11. It's absolutely true what you're saying, however Autism is not a mental illness. Though mental illness is more common in people with ASD. As an autistic adult myself, I reckon some you're likely right with some of the stories but I reckon kids, mainly boys, can be right weird without any help. My son is also autistic and schools are much better equipped than they were for autism nowadays. I was likely a bit odd at school, I would talk to people but never had any close friends and seek more time on my own than with others. I played football and that pretty much was my whole interaction with others at the time. I think that's more typical of autism than some of the frankly chilling tales on here.
  12. I'd be quite happy to leave ourselves exposed and watch us compete 4-3, 5-4 wins and losses with £20 on a BTTS single every week.
  13. True, lack of communication and midfield not tracking their runners.
  14. Rudi Skacel wearing number 51 at Dundee Utd really bothered me. What a cock move that was.
  15. Edgar Davids wearing number 1 in midfield at Barnet is probably the closest I can think of.
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