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  1. Ourdoors along Princess St and the Mound areas and it needs a vaccine passport. Deary me It makes it pointless when hundreds of staff, be it players, stewards, pie stall workers etc at football/rugby dont need a vaccine passport. Nice of covid to be able to distinguish between who's there as a worker and who's there as punter
  2. Whilst I dont want trouble, I do want the game to have an atmosphere. Watching the fife derby last month was so sanitised. I've saw more passion in (ex) junior games. Nowt wrong with some flares/smoke bombs as long as they arent thrown onto the pitch or used as missiles imo
  3. Killie people, how are your mob getting home with no public transport (buses, trains) running? Genuinely intrigued
  4. Ugh. Kinda regretting my NT ticket if its gales and pissing it down
  5. I havent seen the highlights yet, but a point away from home against a team performing well this season isnt a terrible result. Hopefully we are leaving the deluge of goals and 3 points for us for Tuesday!
  6. Not yet. I'd actually forgot until you reminded me
  7. I'd lie about my mum getting AZ? Why the fck would someone lie about their 64 year old parent getting AZ. Jeez
  8. My mum was hesitant and when she went for her appointment she was told it was AZ or nowt so she got it. Now she doesnt want a booster because shes not comfortable having had two AZ and now something else. They should have allowed people with AZ concerns to have one of the other ones. Absolutely bizarre when they were harking on about vaccine hesitancy yet didnt give people an alternative other than "nowt"
  9. As far as I'm aware staggered entrances havent been a thing since the return of "capacity" crowds. Rangers and Celtic both had 45-50k at their grounds this week, and no staggered entrances. Can I assume that SAC are just being dicks as usual and want to swing their rules and regulations?
  10. Seeing the ariel pics it's a suprise that anyone in that house survived. Sadly in these types of cases where houses are blown to smithereens there is usually fatalities. The fact all 4 survived is a miracle
  11. Is it just 1st that qualify automatically?
  12. Harsh on the Hungary GK but we'll take it
  13. Lisa Evans is a positive change . Her name sake was a waste of a jersey tonight
  14. I'd bring on Arthur and Thomas. Ross and Cuthbert have been pretty non existent through no fault of their own * * one of them is bound to score now
  15. Harsh that on Docherty. Shes been one of the better players tonight
  16. I'm guessing all turnstiles will open at 6.15pm? Cant imagine everyone queuing up Somerset Road waiting on the turnstiles at NT to get in at 7.15-7.30
  17. 15 mins to get into the NT? No fcking chance will we all get through in that time. They usually only have 2 turnstiles open
  18. Hungarian Gk is certainly earning her "wage" tonight. Great save that at any level
  19. Scotland dominating here. Just need a goal and the floodgates will open
  20. Why has Lizzie Arnot fell off the radar internationally? Shes having a great season for Rangers and from what I've seen she'd be a better option from the bench than zoe ness
  21. Thankfully I only watch it for the womens fitba
  22. They dont do pay on the gate but you can buy online according to their Twitter
  23. Alba disappeared from my TV about a year ago and despite retunning it's never came back, I need to watch it on the iplayer and the red button commentary doesnt work A fairly poor 20 mins so far, but I expect us to win at least 2-0
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