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  1. Arguably it could be 4 bad appointments in a row, if you include Kerr (sorry wuffster)
  2. I saw that as well. I feel sorry for the stewards, my mate does it and they get no end of grief on the radio telling them to move fans or speak to them etc. No doubts they're are some arseholes amongst them, but quite a few are just Ayr fans doing a job they enjoy for the club they love. They also get a hard time. One got spat on by a QOS fan earlier this season, then McCall's son lamping one of them on Saturday. They're not paid to take shit like that
  3. I've very rarely mentioned Kerr so that part cant be tedious. Yes we know who the manager was. It was all downhill from there imo
  4. I can honestly say the last 20 or so months following Ayr has been the worst of my life, and I went to games when Scott Chaplain et all were playing. Dont know if it's not having my old man there, or the whole covid situation but im beginning to find it a chore going to games. Seems as well there is a drama every game off field be it fans being morons or some social media spat. Utterly scunnering and that's without taking into account the dross that we're being served up on the pitch
  5. Remember we scudded Partick in McCalls first game back at Somerset (iirc)? Hard to believe that was only 2 years ago. Kerr should never have been appointed and we've went from one clusterfck to another.
  6. I'm not one of the ones saying boycott Tesco, but under no circumstances should things like covid passes be normalised. They are far away from being normal. Using them in a Christmas advert, or any advert for that matter doesnt sit right with me.
  7. Watching the games on YouTube and holy fck, that camera work certainly makes you feel dizzy Hibs Hibsing it as usual. Looking like a Glasgow City v celtic final
  8. Same. Fcking cant be arsed with it being on a Sunday as well. Transport will be a ballache, that's even before we start on on field matters
  9. I saw that wanky mob from AVFTT at the game filming today. Just a warning to those that watch it to maybe avoid next weeks show
  10. Ah, for some of us that was the most excitement we saw during the game. It definitely was all down hill from there. We offered nothing
  11. He did try to make a run for it toward the SEGGY fence trying to blend in with the crowd. Doesn't really work with an attendance as dire as ours. I suppose they were lucky that it was 0-0 at the time. Had partick scored and they celebrated theyd probably be lynched. Ironically a guy near me was telling the stewards to leave them be
  12. I'm not saying that, but it made MSM. Surely McCalls son punching a steward and being ejected would be a "scoop" for them. This season alone we've had some guy shout bunch of monkeys, hoping willie Gibson would die, smashing the Killie bus and all made the likes of the Sun. If they're going to report every single bit of bad behaviour then surely they should report this as well
  13. Yeah the one with the blue jacket. The other was a skinny little runt. He wasn't for knocking anyone down. Aye he got carted away fairly easily, compared to the bold one
  14. I mean sticking with masks for the "pure theatre" of it, and introducing the abhorrent vaccine passports wasnt enough for you to already chuck it?
  15. There is nothing alleged about it. I was a few feet away and saw it, and my mate was one of the stewards
  16. Fucking hell I was a few feet from them. His son is a mouthy little pissant then , thought he was just your garden variety ned. Steward took a sore one the way he crumbled to the ground. Entitled little shit. Yeah I was a few feet away from them. By the end of the scuffle his son was just wearing a tshirt...a partick one Neither was the neds who shouted about willie Gibson, or smashed the killie team bus charged, but it made the papers Edison or something iirc
  17. Wait, seriously? Or am I being whooshed. 100% legit. Police were called but the steward that was assaulted didnt want to press charges Wonder if that will make the papers or is it just when Ayr fans do wrong that the media are interested
  18. As for the football side of things. We were utter shit. Partick GK wont have an easier game. Adeloye needs a spell on the bench imo
  19. Two exuberant underage youths were objecting to being punted and punched a steward Aye it was McCalls son. My mate is a steward and said theyd been denied entry to the Partick end for being pissed. Managed to get tickets for the Ayr end and were caught by a steward who recognised them, then it all kicked off with him and the pal both being ejected
  20. Diverting a bit from the Hughes talk. Could the club maybe arrange a Christmas shopping night at the store? Players could be there signing calendars etc. Obviously covid is still a thing but maybe limit the number in the shop at one time, have people wear masks etc?
  21. I wasnt one on the Hughes hype train. I dont think hes ever managed on the west coast? I didnt see him uprooting from the East to manage us. He'll be a good appointment for Dunfermline but we move on
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