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  1. Funnily enough I was looking at old Ayrshire Posts the other day and Hopkin was giving it big licks about getting a few of their players on loan. Think we were sold a dream, like quite a few things recently
  2. Well MSM fear mongering certainly worked. My mum previously said she wasnt going to take the booster as she'd had AZ before and this was Pfizer. Today she went and got it "because the new varient!!" , she had no reply when I told her BoJo said in the briefing that it can still be spread/caught by those triple dosed
  3. Aye and won by an Albion fan. I've been buying those tickets about 20 years and never won anything on it. Gutted
  4. Any Christmas nights planned for the shop Robbo? My cousins kid is nipping my head about wanting a calendar and meeting the players
  5. Thought that was one of the most mundane 1st halfs I've ever witnessed. Played better in the 2nd half and I'd say we deserved the win, just. Cant remember it being as cold on the NT for many a long time. Even had a purple toe by the time I got home Overall a pretty shit day but it's a win and hopefully that will lift confidence levels ahead of next week
  6. Didnt get to watch the game last night and havent seen highlights. We've been lucky with late goals (women and mens team) and that point may be vital by the end of the campaign. Do the top 2 in the group go through automatically?
  7. I only watched it because we were on it. A nice little feature made even better by a cameo appearance by moi
  8. We have been piss poor most of the season but I'm confident about this one. 3-0
  9. Sometimes if the away support is going to be low, they get put in the west stand rather than having to open up the railway end
  10. Fact or speculation? Either way the SG are "teasing" b*****ds. Threats of extensions and the will we/wont we constantly is wearing very thin
  11. When he's shoved out wide aye. He's looked a bit handier on the rare occasion Johnston plays him in position. He seems to be up top with Cameron this half so we'll see. He always caught my eye when he played for Stranraer. Didnt do much v us either at Somerset
  12. This is very sinister. Certainly not something I thought I'd see in the 21st century Europe. Disgusting and absolutely immoral. How anyone could be in favour of this is beyond me
  13. 2hrs from here to Dumfries and he was strolling along in no hurry for anything. Not even dressed for the occasion
  14. Is Tom Walsh injured? Just saw him walking around South Ayrshire
  15. As I've said previously the whole of the country could have covid but the only thing that really matters is death rates. Speaking of cases, I was reading a report on Andrew Marr from when he had covid in the summer. He was double vaccinated and got it and the reporter said that was a "22,000-1 chance". Changed days
  16. Shit. Poor boy. I didnt even see what happened but he looked shaken up going off. Hopefully he'll be back in no time
  17. SWPL site still advertising Glasgow City v Celtic and Rangers v Hamilton on the 28th. Surely these games will be postponed due to the international game on the Fri?
  18. A question for the Meadow fans - I went along to the development team game v Girvan last night. One of the Meadow lads seemed to get a bad injury. Just wondered how he was doing?
  19. I'd agree with that. Shes having a great season so far and I rate her as a better option than Howard. Dont know what Lizzie Arnot has to do to get back in the squad. Albeit shes in a less competitive league, but shes outscoring Evans and Thomas by far
  20. Cant decide which calendar I want. The unofficial one seems to just have pics of this season's squad and let be honest, come May half of them will be away. The cover looks smart as fck though
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