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  1. It looks smart but cramped and that would do nothing for my anxiety whens it opening anyway?
  2. Talk about a retrospective punishment, it happend over a month ago ffs . As usual another story making us out to be the bad guy. If fans can dish it out they should be able to take it back. More negative headlines for us, yet sweet fck all was mentioned in the press about McCalls son being a dobber and assaulting stewards a few weeks back.
  3. Personally I'm not getting a 3rd. The continual shifting of the goalposts has went on long enough. If I'm excluded from society or lose my job then so be it, but the thought of 3 or 4 vaccines in the space of a year for someone fit and healthy really is beyond the pale imo
  4. The news coming from Germanh should be a worry for all. Absolutely disgusting they're even voting on something as insidious and evil as this. When are people going to wake up and say enough is enough?
  5. Pedro talks a good game and has a good CV but his problem is chopping and changing the starting eleven too much. It was almost a completely different defence from Fridays game to last nights. Robertson and Boyle are not up to standards required and I’d include Howard and a few others in that. Scotland were piss poor last night, some of the defending was hilariously bad. That goal where the Spanish lassie glided past 3 or 4 Scottish players leaving a few on their arse was so bad. As was Sophie Howard dithering with the ball about 4 years from goal. Not even the most ardent Scotland fan could call that anything but poor
  6. It was all going so well for the first 18 mins... The defence had a shocker tonight. Even steady heads like Corsie and Docherty were all at sea. We missed Beattie at the back. Midfield was non existent leading to the likes of Cuthbert and Evans getting no spark to be creative. A blessing really that it was "only" 8-0 Spain dominated and could easily have won 13-0. Not a single Spain player looked knackered at the end and I dont believe they were playing to their full pelt. We dodged a bullet and that's embarrassing to say after an 8-0 defeat
  7. The defence and GK were honking but tbf Lee Alexander prevented that being about 12-0. Spain never broke a sweat
  8. That was the catalyst imo, we should never have been close to drawing that game. Then Shelley Kerr had her meltdown, knocked players confidence then we waited about a year for a permanent manager. All that and crap squad members have resulted in us going backwards.
  9. I think the whole Shelley Kerr fallout had a big part of it, then the long wait for a new manager. Players like Boyle, Howard, Robertson should be nowhere near the starting eleven That blows my mind. Shes never impressed me at all. Westrup from rangers looks a better option
  10. Thankfully we wont see it but imagine this Scottish rabble up against England women. Certainly wouldnt be the close game it was at WC 2019
  11. Sophie Howard is a complete liability. That Spain goal was great. How many more Scottish lassies did she want to put on their arse. Gliding past them at ease
  12. Actually forgot the England game was on, switched over for the last 10 mins and saw quite a few goals lol. England look incredible, Lativa look worse than the likes of Aberdeen or Hearts women.
  13. Barcelona won the womens champions league earlier this season. I was suprised they swatted aside Chelsea so easy as they were nothing spectacular when I saw them play Glasgow city a few years back
  14. Lee Alexander is often the weakest link. Didnt even attempt to move there
  15. We're defending really well here. It might be early but I can see us getting at least a point from this
  16. England seem to have been having cricket scorelines for ages now
  17. Wouldnt have had Robertson or Boyle in the starting line up As an aside anyone know how to get English commentary? I'm watching on the iplayer and the red button doesnt work
  18. Not for me. I'm done. We were told freedom after being double vaccinated. I'm not playing this game anymore. If that makes me an antivax moron then so be it
  19. Having a look on the likes of Glasgow Live is always “top banter” when it comes to covid. People calling for a lockdown, do these people not know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Same with the face mask brigade, do they not know that most of the masks people wear say on the packaging that they’re basically ineffective in preventing the spread of covid we all know they’ll be a booster/jab in a couple of months for the moronic variant, where does the madness stop?
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