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  1. Having no strikers and playing fcking Scott Wright will make for a Frankfurt win. Yous done well to get there but party is over
  2. Frankfurt will win fairly easily. Rangers will bottle the final. It's their way
  3. They wont win. I'd probably go as far as to say I dont think I'll see a Scottish club win a European cup again
  4. I've saw nothing from Dempsey to justify a 3 year deal. Suprised Aero went to Partick as they're a club who is never done telling us they should be in the Prem. Aero is not the standard of player they need for that
  5. All Liverpool so far. Should have scored there
  6. Dick Campbell really is a fud. How the hell is this guy revered as a character of Scottish football? I've seen better patter from old drunks on street corners
  7. Girfuy you Dick Campbell. w**k of a guy. Couldnt be arsed with Arbroath after they bottled it v Killie. Harsh on Bobby Linn being a club legend, but time and all the work on the bins has caught up with the wee man
  8. Arbroath to win on pens imo, but if there is any justice in the world ICT will win. Collom ruined what was already a piss poor two legged affair
  9. Never thought I'd hear Good Charlotte when celebrating a goal, but there we are
  10. This game is tripe. Cant see any of these two teams doing anything great in the championship
  11. Cant say I'm overly fussed about Oconnor and Ashford staying. Definitely need at least 6 new faces in and a new defence or it will be "same shit, different season"
  12. No doubting Dortmund and RB are better teams than Frankfurt. Same in 2008 they beat better teams then never showed up for the final. Mark my words, Rangers wont win on Wed
  13. Hopefully at Somerset! A slight upgrade from last seasons friendly v Burnely under 23's ...then the following days of folk saying which of their players we should sign on loan
  14. For Scottish football's reputation I'd like them to win it. We're regarded as a tin pot league/country by most of European football hierarchy, would be nice to prove them wrong. Saying that, they wont win it. Frankfurt will win fairly easily
  15. When he tried to lamp his own fans at HT. I was right at the seggy line and made up for a lot of the dross I've witnessed this season. There was a video kicking around somewhere
  16. I see Thistle have offloaded a few players (Bell included). Foster also one of them. Gave me one of my highlights at Somerset this season with his meltdown in the last game
  17. Spot on with the assessment of the game. Think the introduction of Kayla McCoy at HT made a difference for Rangers. I think City will always be challengers. Theyve worked too hard for 15 years to let that slide. It would be good to see a more competitive league as right now its "the top 3" giving the other teams a hiding. Even Hibs have fell away and are a shadow of the team they were. Either way I look forward to the new season already and wish Rangers and City all the best for Europe. Hope they both go far
  18. I went along to the game today. A decent 0-0. Thought City were the better team 1st half but Rangers were the better team in the 2nd. As a neutral it's great to see the dominance of Glasgow City come to an end, makes for a far more entertaining league
  19. I'm not Lee Bullens biggest fan, but mind the wailing after the last few managerial departures that folk wanted Yogi. Fck that
  20. How long do we have to see this thread in the "Championship" sub forum?
  21. Mind folk said Dunfermline would give Killie a fight for the title, mind Ayr fans wanted Yogi, mind signing sleepy Joe when we told you he was shite, mind thinking Efe Ambrose was a good signing. A few months is a long time in football
  22. Whenever over seen Dom Thomas hes impressed me. Seem to remember he wasnt getting much game time under Grant and now punted to the bench. Is it a case of him having a bad attitude or 2 clown managers not rating him?
  23. I want QP to visit the new Lesser Hampden. After months of no work on it they have fair cracked on with it recently. That would be a good day out actually. Suprised to hear it's quite well on as I was last up there in maybe Sept and I thought no way in hell it would be ready for 22/23
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