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  1. I still see the odd loon wearing them. Absolutely oblivious to the fact there is a massive space up the sides and at the front for cOvId to attack them. They'd be better off wearing nowt than that piece of crap
  2. Say what you like about England and the Tories, but that's their plan B ended. They've basically had normality since June outwith their month of plan b. Yet NS carried on with varying degrees of nonsense rules. The SG emergency powers need scrapped and pronto
  3. I went to Culzean earlier. A big massive outdoor space for walking and a stupid "keep a distance" logo laminate has been put beside the swan pond path. No idea if it was an NTS thing or some lone weirdo. Get shite like that in the bin. You're outdoors and may pass someone on a path for 1 second. No need to be paranoid. Folk like that will never go back to pre March 2020 ways of life.
  4. Watching the NI league game on the Iplayer. Up pops the bold Roscoe. Had no idea he went to Linfield
  5. Suprised so many people still had it! I never downloaded it, although I reckon I was in the minority
  6. No idea it was you until you posted pics of the lad Nice to hear he was excited for his first game. Just a shame we couldnt get the win for him
  7. I'm sure I passed you guys on the outside of Somerset Road before the game. Think your lad was impatient and at the turnstiles before they had opened nice to see an eager young fan join our ranks. Glad he had a great day!
  8. I'd personally like a Saturday game as it seems like forever ago when we last played them on a Sat! I get your points though and I think it will remain midweek. As an aside just wish we'd played it on the 2nd when they were looking ropey and we were good! Dreading the thought of Lafferty up against McGinty already
  9. Another piss poor performance although we did look slightly better in the 2nd half. The usual suspects letting us down and I thought McAdams was shaky as hell today as well. Dunfermline picking up another point today makes our next home game even more important. Getting the scunnered feeling back with going to games, need to get a few signings in and a few more wins under our belt and pronto
  10. I dont know what's the most surprising news from today - A , Ireland ditching restrictions including vaccine passports before we do, or B a new varient being investigated
  11. My mate is a Killie fan and hes been sat a few seats along from Craig the last few games, honestly thought he was going to end up with that mob
  12. Nice one. Going to the clan game last week with 200 in attendance was soul destroying. Plus my mum has been phoning most days wondering what's happening with Strictly Just need to bin vaccine passports and masks and jobs a good un
  13. Gave up listening to her speeches a long time ago, are full crowds allowed at the likes of ice hockey/basketball and indoor gigs?
  14. Echoing the above post about your chairman. Bought a few programmes off the Ebay store and it was always Shaun that sent them. Knew the fella to see so was shocked to see the announcement. Thoughts are with all at Stranraer FC at this time
  15. I went down the Twitter rabbit hole earlier. Saw a few Tory MSPs tweeted about ending restrictions in a few weeks. The replies were as depressing as they were predictable- "reckless" big bad Tories/Westminster etc. Imagine being so ingrained by party politics that youd go along with anything NS said about the covid rules aka pantomime, rather than admit that in this case the Tories have a point.
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