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  1. I never thought I'd see the SG being so authoritarian and bringing in needless rules to show they "care more" (masks and not allowing a negative LFT for events). The last few months have made me border on despising the SG and goons like Humza and Swinney (and Godley...)
  2. Just catching up on the last 24 hrs of this thread. A complete heads gone by Bob. I dont even think the LoNg CoViD!!! brigade that go on news channels would protest its case as much! Who knew a glorified PVF/ME would gain such a fan club
  3. Yeah it's a diddy cup, but fielding 2 ineligible players is a shocker. Who the hell made such a fck up. No excuses after us laughing at our Ayrshire neighbours for having a tin pot admin set up then we do the same. Seems from top to bottom we lack professionalism at times
  4. Ehm did you not read the last line of what I said. There is a box office and phone line for tickets. Or there was pre covid
  5. Its not just gigs at the Hydro though. My mum and her cousin go to Strictly Come Dancing there. Plenty of things for the older generation at the Hydro where you can roll up to the box office at the SEC or phone them to book tickets
  6. Some sick fckers around who'd start rumours like that. Dont know where folk get off in doing things like that
  7. Put his name into Twitter and see. Dont want to repeat it incase its incorrect
  8. The Dickson story about to take an even more tragic turn if rumours are true
  9. My mum heard that from 30th Sept you'll not be able to get a paper copy of your vaccine staus. Shes now having kittens as she doenst have a mobile phone. Anyone got a link so I can try and get one posted out to her?
  10. Disappointed hearing all these stories about Gordon D. He was manager when I became a fan and I had some great times supporting the team and thought he was a great manager. Sadly now with hindsight I see we squandered a big chance with Barr's money, and GD being a kunt to fans
  11. Yeah it must have been. My mum is 64 and was never offered the flu vaccine until this year. She had the AZ vaccine but wont take the booster if its Pfizer. Guess shes old school and still believes "medicines" shouldn't be mixed
  12. Cheers lads. For what it's worth, I think you're one result away from a decent season. Far too good a team (on paper) to be in the relegation places
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