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  1. That's fitba. Fans moan. The end. Davie boy needs a thicker skin if hes getting upset about fans rightly being annoyed at inept performances for months (bar a few exceptions to that, ICT away for one)
  2. The amount of folk on the SRE saying well done to him for doing it and shit like that takes sycophancy and blind faith to new levels.
  3. How long do we need to wait for "Ayr United thanks x,y,z for their endeavours" type message getting put out? Cant wait to see the back of some of them
  4. I cant believe that video. Lauding Bullen like he has led us to promotion. The guy lost any goodwill I had for him after the Falkirk debacle. Genuinely never thought I'd see the day I'd be pissed off after a season we finished 2nd, but I havent enjoyed this season. Home games were varying shades of shit 80% of the time, these 2 play off games have been embarrassing. We will accept mediocrity and we'll like it
  5. Bang average imo. Will be glad to see the back of him if it gets rid of the zambian spammers on all the FB pages
  6. Pitiful earlier but expected. Just didnt expect it to be THAT bad . I'd gladly not see half that squad next season. What exactly was the point of bumming up Kirk being back for the play off games when he didn't even play?! Woeful all round and glad to see the back of this season. Home games were mostly pish.
  7. Absolute woeful shit from us in both games. Thistle deserve to go up after having to play 6 games and I hope they pump Killie to get there. Unfortunately it will be Ross County though
  8. Why did I come along to this shambles rather than just watch it ay home? Scandalous decision by me
  9. Just caught that on the Alba viewing there guy needs to be made into a meme
  10. Probably and chain vaping as well. The fella likes a puff...and fooling "big" teams into thinking hes a good manager
  11. As things stand Kilmarnock are completly safe. Mindblowing considering the outrage their fans had over that line up tonight
  12. Surely only a win tonight for Doondee Utd is the only way theyll avoid relegation if Ross County pick up at least a point? *or a draw to take it to Sunday if my admittedly dodgy match skills are correct
  13. Suprised (but pleased) that active players like Shankland and Crawford are allowed to play in this. Imagine a fan mistiming a tackle of Sir Lawrence and put him out of Hearts games for a few months
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