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  1. Strange one indeed. Seems purely to help Dundee Utd get "match fitness" for their league resuming. Should have told them it was to be played at Somerset or nowt
  2. Has anyone had a swatch at the calendar yet? Saw it on the official page. Dont know if I could muster looking at McGinty for a whole month! This years was a good mix of artwork and legends
  3. Bangala looked like a deer stuck in headlights a lot of the time last night. Cant believe we waited and waited and hyped him up and hes been reduced to a few unconvincing appearances so far.
  4. The draw taking place in the disabled area. The glamour of it
  5. If we dont win by at least 3-0 tonight I'd be very suprised.
  6. Pretty sure we played a TV game v ICT on a Monday about 11 years ago
  7. Completly missed that news about a split. Long way to go yet then.
  8. Definitely on paper Rangers have the better squad out of the top 3. Pretty sure it's only 2 games v each team in the league but correct me if I'm wrong on that. Slightly worrying that Rangers have played each "big team" once now and yet to win. Cant see (m)any other teams taking points off City or Celtic. The remaining games between the top 3 will be interesting. Wouldnt suprise me if one or 2 points separated the top 3 come the end of the season
  9. Definitely Rangers were the better team in both games, but when you're insipid upfront a draw will always be the best you'll get. Arnot should be on the wing. She bossed that position last season. Danielsson is a very lazy player. I rated her earlier in the season but she seems so disinterested now. Howat in the league isnt the same player she was before the injury. Also why wait so long to introduce Nolf? Why have Cavanagh permanently on the bench and not getting on in big games? I'll go out on a limb here now and say Rangers arent winning the league this season. They have regressed after a big turnaround in personnel in the summer
  10. Big 2 points dropped for Rangers there. They seem to have reverted back to being shit v the other top 2 sides. Two draws this week. Good night for Glasgow City
  11. Yip, any time he gets the ball in a good area in the final 3rd I have no belief that he will score. Hopefully he gets one or two v Pollok and raise his confidence in that dept a bit!
  12. Fairly pish game for the top 2 Scottish womens sides. Hay should have scored early doors. Dannielson is a big lazy lump of a player. Thought the city pen was fairly inconclusive going by the TV angles. City and Rangers only 2 points ahead of Celtic. With the "old firm" playing on Saturday. Dunno why Malky doesnt seem to rate Cavanagh. The few games I've saw here in this season she has impressed.
  13. Youd certainly hope the SFA would be footing the bill, they will be but I dont trust the SFA to organise anything correctly! I went along yesterday and between floodlights and stewarding costs I'd hope we'd be pocketing quite a bit. As for our game yesterday, disappointed to draw. Seems weird saying that as ICT were our bogey team for so long. Thought with the amount of injuries they had theyd be there for the taking. Ashford is a waste of a jersey imo.
  14. I see we are having a calendar out this year again! A signing and shopping event on the 19th Dec. Really liked last years calendar (well the 2022 one) with some designs by the lad that posts on here who's username escapes me!
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