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  1. Can see Calvin Miller pitching up here again in Jan. pretty sure he’s still rotting in the reserves at celtic.
  2. Yeah, I didn’t see him just saw a pic of him queuing outside. Last home game James Fowler, Gary Dicker and Rory mcKenzie were there. Killie love Ayr really 🤣
  3. I’d only use him from the bench from now on. Surely Doolan would offer more and at least maybe score
  4. I wasn’t impressed when the Kerr managerial appointment was announced, and I’ve saw nothing from performances since to prove me otherwise. Players who started the season on fire like Kelly and McCowan now look piss poor. It’s certainly not been attractive since the Partick game
  5. As soon as he got the ball I knew he’d f**k it up. Predictable. I think he’s been shite for months
  6. Randomly saw Grant Holt in the toilet at HT. Maybe he’s up getting scouted for a move in Jan, we need a new striker as we’ll 🙄
  7. Also don’t know why they’ve went from having 2 or 3 turnstiles open for the main stand to now having just one
  8. Seriously getting pissed off with Moffat and his inability when one v one with the keeper. That’s 3 or 4 he’s ballsed up in the last few months
  9. Also McGowan is such a wee ned. Always has been always will be. Clearly he’s got an inferiority complex because he’s a balding midget
  10. Going for a clean sheet? Bold choice. Surely this is the week we get one!
  11. I’m certainly not expecting a goal feast. 1-0
  12. Would be surprised by any result other than a Killie win. You’ll see the players playing free flowing attacking football now Angelo’s shackles have been lifted 🙄🙄 2-1
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