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  1. Neil McCann - Celtic have been bullied a bit...by Livingston tonight Even wee Neil is ripping the pish out of them
  2. Everything about that game - mega lolz credit to Livi for proving me wrong
  3. An offside goal and a win tonight could be the catalyst to kick on and win the league
  4. Hes had a hard paper round. Jeez to think he’d have only been about 35 when he burst onto the scene. Hope I don’t look as bad as that at 42
  5. The SFA seemingly checking to see he’s “fit and proper” to be in charge of a club. Clearly being assistant is alright but not manager. Scottish fitba at it seems farcical best
  6. Declan Gallagher will go to Celtic IMO. He’s a Celtic supporter so a no brainer for him. Stuart Findlay is Killie level, why the hell youre wanting to sign him and Scott Wright. Both are very average Prem players
  7. As much as I can’t take Martindale seriously because of his squeaky voice, it’s an absolute discharge the SFA are scrutinising him. If they had reservations then why allow him to be assistant manager for years? They also didn’t mind Graham Rix being Hearts manager even though he’d been done for underage sex charges, which is a worse crime than drug trafficking imo
  8. McCrorie in nets is a goal advantage to Celtic already. Guys an absolute bomb scare at top flight level
  9. Folk only need to look at the English Premiership to see how quickly a team can fall from the top. Chelsea siting in 1st place early Dec and now look where they are. They've lost and drawn about 8 games in that time. If any team can fck up a 12 point lead at the top its Rangers
  10. I just think if you couldn’t beat their second string, you’ve got no chance of beating their full team who are fired up after all the bad press there’s been. I hope I’m wrong, I always like to see the OF get a beating
  11. It’s a no brainer that we should have closed the borders in March at least. It was fcking madness that we couldn’t travel more than 5 miles yet flights were still allowed in and out untested. I also wonder if him mentioning January makes him think that there was covid deaths in the UK long before the first “official” one
  12. I’d agree with bennett on this one. It’s 12 points. I honestly can see a fired up Celtic winning tonight (provided the game is on) and continuing in that vein for the rest of the season. With Rangers dropping points v the team that was bottom of the league it just shows there’s a long way to go yet. Hibs away is always a tough game, 2 Old Firm games still to play. It’s not over until it’s over, and I can see another twist in the tale yet.
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