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  1. That would have been way too sensible for them to consider. That's the SFA for you. Surely it's up to the 2 clubs to force the SFA into a climb down. Yip, sadly the SFA and SPFL have done nothing to try and get fans back. Apart from token excersies of 300 fans in 20,000 Pittodrie and the same number at Ross County. They've definitely lagged behind their English counterparts in that regard
  2. Seeing things like this would make me absolutely beeling if I was a St Johnstone or Hibs fan. Absolutely no reason why they couldnt have it played anywhere outwith Hampden and have fans in attendance
  3. Things should be back to normal now. The elderly and vulnerable are double dosed, absolutely no need for these restrictions to continue even a day longer, let alone weeks/months. Just wait for a "varient" to conveniently appear so the likes of Devi and JL can preach to us for that bit longer
  4. Ive never been tested. I had a cough last week but I put it down to hay fever. I worked at the test centre for a few months and I’d see the same faces in every week, yes some were carers etc who needed tested for work, but there was a lot of old hypochondriac types. Can’t be done with adding to the madness by getting tested for no reason
  5. BBC with a video on how to hug safely. Is their any melts out there still listening to this nonsense from experts/advisors. Seriously they're well beyond parody now
  6. I was reading an article from the bold JL about fans being back next season. Obviously there was the tripe about making sure the car parks are "safe" and one way systems. He also said he hope clubs can have 2000 fans seated. Why the need to have them seated? Most lower league grounds only have one or two stands with seating. Thinking of Somerset the North terracing is vast and could easily fit a few hundred fans 2 metres apart (which in itself will be pointless come late July. Surely standing sections would be easier for folk needing to go for a piss etc
  7. I've a 06 that's did almost 97k, I only changed the timing belt in Aug 2020 after about 93k. Dont know how the fck I managed to get that long out of it tbh
  8. Amazing how much project fear has turned (probably) previously normal people into utter melts. A ziplock bag under the age of 60? Fcking hell
  9. He was a bit before my time, but a great player by all accounts. Terrible news for his family and 58 (iirc) is no age at all 😞
  10. It is. I haven’t read the article so don’t know if there’s caveats (negative test, proof of vaccine etc). But 500 fans is a great start. With it being outdoors there’s no reason we can’t have our normal amount of home fans next season
  11. Lucky bassa getting that coshy job! Aye I was at Girvan to vote, in my old school canteen. Think I saw one guy so I’ll guess it was you! When I was there I saw quite a few folk with Ayr U face masks but I didn’t have mine on. Girvan has always had loads of Ayr fans. Obviously way outnumbered by OF fans but there is a healthy number. In my street alone there is about 4 of us who regularly go to games
  12. Of course they tested negative. Everybody was tested before hand (all negative) so why they thought it would be a situation where two negatives make a positive is beyond me. The most pointless exercise (testing 7 days after it)
  13. It won’t make any difference at all. SNP will win by a landslide and possibly win even more seats than they have already. People can complain all they want about restrictions but so many people I know think NS has done a great job throught all of this of “keeping us safe”. The SNP candidates could cough in folks faces and still get voted in, that’s how much the other parties are hated/indifference in Scotland
  14. Still waiting patiently to see the punted list! Really hope there will be news soon about fans being back at Somerset next season, just hope it isn’t an overly sanitising experience (pun not intended) . Also is the hub going to open all week or just on matchdays?
  15. My 06 car will soon have done 97k miles. Hopefully it’s got a few more years left in it but I was looking on the buy and sell sites. Saw a 64 plate Audi (iirc) that had done 44k and was a good price but the catch was it needed a new engine. How the fck can a car that’s done 44k need a new engine 🤔
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