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  1. Thought there might have been some posters to advertise the open day around the place today. Any word on a new date?
  2. Watching it on Alba now and by f**k is it awful. A better point for Killie I’d say. Take it Taylor is away to Celtic then when he wasn’t playing today rather than “injured”. With the money you get from him, a striker or two wouldn’t go a miss is that 2 goal score in the last 4 games? heard on the radio McInnes complaining about the watering of the pitch. Does it really need that massive watering it gets before the game and at half time?
  3. Two good home league wins so far. The real acid test will be the visit of Dundee U but I’d have taken 6 points from the opening 9 before the season began
  4. Felt a draw would have been a fair result but delighted with the win of course! Great goal by Kelly, does he only score screamers?😂 Dobbie was very quiet, and El Bak was the bigger threat, albeit he wasted his chances Doohan deservedly Motm but up until he went off big Jamie was running him close. Hope he isn’t injured
  5. Didn’t think Murphy would have been able to play for the reserves with him being on loan at Stranraer. Could Kelly play for Rangers reserves (for a comparison )?
  6. I enjoy the Friday night games. Obviously it’s a pain for travelling supporters especially ones from the likes of Inverness coming down to Ayr for a 7.05pm kick off but I like them. We only have one home one scheduled. Oct and against Dundee iirc
  7. That could have been the worst thing to happen from your perspective. Shows how poor they can be defensively and will have forced them to look at that issue. Wouldn’t be suprised if they get the lad Taylor from Killie in. Will be interesting to see what happens in the Old Firm game in a few weeks
  8. I know, but I don’t think Brophy and Lafferty would work. I think Brophy would flourish more with help from an attacking midfielder
  9. You're enjoying this, arent you? Believe it or not I’m not a bitter Ayr fan. Personally I like to see the two Ayrshire sides doing well in their respective leagues
  10. Think we're all hoping that's the case, all sounds a bit of a clusterfuck behind the scenes at the moment. The rumours doing the rounds are not of a positive nature so we are certainly needing some news to cheer us up. Don’t know why you don’t go for Dorrans. He’d be a better option than Lafferty would have been IMO my pals said fans were having a go at Angelo from about 5 mins in on Sat. Really think all hell will break lose if you sell Taylor to celtic before the window closes
  11. The “foreign” teams being in it is very annoying. Especially when one of the Welsh sides is actually representing an English league. What a shambles
  12. As much as I’d like to see a more competitive league and cups this season, I think Celtic will still win the treble. Rangers have more strength in depth this time around but it still won’t be enough
  13. A few Killie supporting mates said at the weekend you would definitely have at least one new player in on Monday, as in today. Hasn’t happened? Really think Killie are trolling the fans right now but will pull off an amazing signing or two before the deadline, rather than signing folk the fans have never heard of e.g El Makrini
  14. Just watched the McGlynn interview after the Stranraer game as I’d read about it being banter viewing. Is he normally such a c**t to the interviewer?
  15. Seeing as we’re not postponing the Wrexham game due to the Under 21 calls up, did we only do it last season because we were in the title hunt at that time?
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