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  1. I’m not a drinker so the alcohol aspect doesn’t bother me, I do think turnstiles should open from 1.30 at the latest next season and hopefully that would prevent any large queues forming. You’ll still get the bams sitting in the boozer until 2.50pm then rushing up to the ground I’m sure
  2. Good news. I know I’m in the minority but I like the Friday night games, albeit I know they’re a pain in the arse for away fans
  3. Im unsure, but all these manky kunts eating a whole host of weird animals/rodents makes me glad to be vegetarian! If only being veggie was a barrier to getting covid/Ebola/bubonic plague I’d be laughing
  4. I saw bubonic plague (aka “Black Death”) trending on Twitter. It seems cases have been discovered in China and folk are proclaiming half the world is going to be wiped out. Probably the usual scaremongering by social media sites but if it does become a thing, I hope China would have the sense to lockdown and stop people flying to other countries before it started to get out of hand. If only they’d done that in Dec/Jan
  5. Sorry to hear all that. It sounds a really rough time for you. Try and be strong for your Mum. You’ve got your wife and kids so stay strong for them to, they’re your reason to go on! I lost my Dad in Feb. I have no siblings and my relationship ended last year. Fcking covid meant I lost my job too. It’s been a shit few months and every day is a struggle. Folk on here are always willing to listen and help so please keep venting on here about how you’re feeling. I know it’s not a great, but sometimes just letting all your problems out can help, even temporarily. Wishing you all the best mate 👍
  6. My mates wife owns a salon and what they’re doing is having the client wear a mask and the hairdresser is wearing a visor. When it’s time to wash hair the dresser will wear a mask and visor. No idea the reasoning behind it but it was to follow guidelines issued by the NHBF
  7. Most of the market holders are from various parts of Europe. They might not want to take the risk of coming over to the sick man of the world (well aside from USA and Brazil)
  8. Up Helly Aa has been cancelled until 2022. I thought it would have been safe seeing as it isn’t until January 😏
  9. How could he hate the Ayr? Thought Harkins was the only ex played who hates us 😏
  10. A few weeks back folk were saying they wanted Cadden to rejoin us. I see he’s away to Forest Green so that’s another one to chalk off the “potential” list. I thought he was mediocre for us anyway
  11. I’ve been once (2018) and I enjoyed it. Maybe because Thora Birch stood beside for me about 30 seconds 😂 I saw that onion thing last year, fcking crazy 😂 the ex and I used to enjoy the markets in Glasgow and Edinburgh. As much as they are overpriced it was always a decent atmosphere. I’ll miss it but my bank account won’t!
  12. It definitely is. I’m sure most places will follow and cancel fireworks/Christmas light switch ons and markets. Fcking Kilmarnock cancelled the light show that happens there in late Oct/Nov about 2 months ago which makes the Dundee decision seem more “reasonable” 😞
  13. I was quoting the figure listed on the post. I think until there can be an antibody test we’ll never know for sure what the survival rate is. I’ve spoke to quite a few people who firmly believe they’ve had it but have never been tested
  14. Following on from the mention of Bill Gates, would we all be taking the vaccine or would you “risk” going without it?
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