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  1. I think Sam and Andy are a good defensive partnership. I know Zak is probably off so could do with another body back there for cover but Sam is doing well.
  2. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I was under the impression all the loans bar one was a deal till January. Is it Roscoe who has a guaranteed full-year or am I making things up?
  3. Dundee United v Alloa 20/11/2018

    Best place to park?
  4. Looking forward to this one. Let’s hope the Goodwin express rolls on.
  5. Ayr v Alloa

    I know he hasn’t, it definitely would weaken us. However, it was more the point if people are saying Liam Burt deserves a start then why can’t you throw Greig’s name in the mix. Burt hasn’t done anything either to merit a start. I personally would only bring in Hastie and Stevie. They are the only changes that wouldn’t drastically weaken us.
  6. Ayr v Alloa

    I haven’t seen much of him to say he’s any good. Haven’t been that impressed but to be fair only seen him in a few games for the final 20. Hastie will definitely come in and so he should. Wouldn’t mind seeing Spency come in and ruffle defenders up, if he’s got Hastie and co. running off him Greig could do a job holding it up. However, Dario has been leading the line well and offering a lot more than Greig did earlier on so would be weakened.
  7. Ayr v Alloa

    Wouldn’t rotate the midfield drastically. Appreciate they may need a rest, however the combo of Flannigan and Robbo works so well. No doubt see one of them drop out for Stevie. Would imagine Jake will come in as well. Those are two changes that don’t weaken us. Anymore changes and I think we field a slightly weakened team when we don’t necessarily need to!
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Aye. A win and a draw at home compared to the three draws on the road! What poor home form?! [emoji6]
  9. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Brechin at home it is for the Scottish cup, meh. Who’s caring though after today?! [emoji16]
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Take anyone but Ross county, however, we do deserve a bit of excitement after the past two draws!
  11. Alloa vs Ayr

    That was some tough viewing. Our worst outing of the season I think. Zanatta and Trouten don’t work I believe, something needs shaken up attacking wise and I think it involves bringing on Connor Sheilds from the start. The pitch argument was flying in the stands, I don’t think we’ve benefited from it greatly but it’s not the sole cause as other teams score etc. Take nothing away from Ayr, best team I’ve seen Alloa play this season. Be doing well if they can keep hold of Shankland for the full season but Ayr fans will be aware of that more than anyone.
  12. Dunfermline Athletic vs Alloa Athletic

    Robinson pulled off a save from close range, right at him but decent save. Should’ve scored.
  13. Alloa vs Ayr

    This is very bitter lol. Zanatta took a few unnecessary tumbles in the first half but apart from that, think it was pretty warranted. Stuff like that works both ways as it did yesterday with you lot too [emoji106]
  14. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    This! Andy & Taggs always get plaudits and rightly so as they’ve yet to put a foot wrong all season pretty much. Sam Roscoe has come in unfazed as well for a youngster. However, Liam Dick just gets on with his job, wherever he is on the park, with no fuss and of good quality. He got a few pelters when he signed and even more so since his one mistake against Morton but he’s done well! There was still a few questionable shouts at him yesterday from certain fans but he can’t please them all unfortunately. Not quite as good as Calum Crane but Goody has done a smashing job replacing him - the back four in recent weeks have been superb. Just need to get a system that works up too now!