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  1. How’s the live stream quality been so far this season? £10 seems a good price.
  2. Thought bringing on those two guys really brought the most out of O’Donnell too. Can see he has real potential to be a big player for us. Obviously really hard to get these guys in and give them chances being in such a hard league. Hard to judge Evans feeding off scraps. Williamson grew into the game. Had it on my notes to mention of commentary but totally forgot. Greig Spence was great during the game with Williamson when the play wasn’t too near - giving him tips, encouraging him to be brave on the ball. Was really good to see. Jamieson had a really shaky start. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a poor opening 45 but hopefully he’ll come good in time. Buchs confidence will be sky high after that but just feel this squad is still really light. Not confident of new faces, however. Good to see Scougall get more game time. Can see glimpses of real class.
  3. This had come into my thinking! Change up the co-comms. From opposing fans, podcasters to hopefully some ex-players or current. Shall put a tweet out to harvest some interest! Any suggestions always welcome.
  4. Starting XI changes - Scougall for Connolly. Murray for Hetherington. New striker for Thomson ... [emoji120]
  5. Thought again we played good football in the first half. Totally lost it in the second until McPake got sent off, he had caused us problems all day. Stevie’s red card for us is silly too, slightly harsh but warranted to yellows. Speaks volumes of the fitness and desire of the team that TonTV are saying Morton are tired countless times as we press near the end. We’re the part-timers! Scougall is a must start if fully fit next week. He looked very dangerous when he came on. Taggart was probably our best player though. Everything started with him and he looked at ease at the back. Lynch alongside him looked fine too despite a few wayward passes. Keeper untested but assured! Goals a freak big punt up goal and like mentioned above, Robbo should just bring him down. We were lucky to keep it 1-0 at points but think we merited a draw as a whole. Really, really need another striking option. Thomson struggled yesterday and although Buchanan made a difference, still missed a glorious opportunity. Disappointed with nothing on the board but plenty positives! We play football the right way, don’t get caught up in changing it or going long and hopefully with another striker, we’ll start burying chances.
  6. Where have you seen he’s left Alloa? Picked up a hamstring injury in first friendly and has been out. Haven’t heard of any departure.
  7. Is it just mine that’s floating in and out of interviews / highlights to this black screen with badge on it?
  8. If the media and the public don’t know, then Morton don’t know. That’s fine by me. All will be revealed at 3pm tomorrow.
  9. Already purchased the book of cliches to whip out.
  10. That midfield is going to cause any team problems. Ray Grant and Stevie Hetherington really combative and like taking the game to teams. Cawley, Scougall and Connolly though are such classy players. Creating all sorts of chances. That was the best I’ve seen of Cawley in a long time tonight. Buchs won’t be happy with the chances he missed tonight but so did many of them. Need to get that killer instinct! Preferably another option up top to bring in too. However, to be fair to him Thomson has really taken his chance these games. Tonight’s goal in particular was something special. Big, big worry seeing Neil Parry in that state. Really hope it’s not as bad as it looks as definitely would need to go back into the market after the performance that followed. On the flip sides of injuries though, how good was it to see Andy Graham back?! What a man. All in all, that’s been a positive outing for in the group so far. Have been pleasantly surprised.
  11. He pulled up with an injury against Kilmarnock and went off. Hopefully not too much longer. Think Lynch has impressed though and good to see Andy out warming up today too.
  12. https://t.co/oAdhyKdTPN?amp=1 Some ramblings in this link.
  13. Correct. Not sure if it’s the same player mentioned above but only one I know pretty much done. Would still like a more natural, bigger presence striker on top of that! Good signing none the less.
  14. Looks like a certain website has leaked that one early too! Haha.
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