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  1. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Jim hoping to add one more before Saturday and also says David Galt still fighting his virus in his most recent interview.
  2. League Cup 18/19 Group A

    Not trying to bias but what were the horrendous refereeing decisions for 3 out of 4 of our goals last night that the Campbell brothers are moaning about?
  3. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Not been seen at all. I think I saw on his social media the other day that he was away doing Futsal stuff down south. Been having headaches too as mentioned above! Seems like we might need to plan without him - can’t have that with such a small squad!
  4. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Going forward we were good tonight. Trouts and Spence looking sharp! That boy Hastie looks a player, can certainly run with it. A few howlers at the back but strikers made up for it. Zak didn’t look out of place at all though, neither did Dick. Still a few short squad wise as the bench did look a bit bare but a very promising start!
  5. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I always thought first cup game they were and that wasn’t going to change tonight?
  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Tena signed for Stenny. Most likely a bullet dodged.
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Just don’t think he was at the session when the photos were taken! Been having migraines as someone said earlier.
  8. Edinburgh City

    Karadachki any good? Been on trial with us.
  9. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Your keeper is an absolute barrel of laughs. Shouting at his dugout twenty minutes in saying that certain players should be hooked. Madness!
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Foreigner like number four, expect it’ll be agent touting like a Mikk Reintam type.
  11. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    New league ... new bites [emoji16]
  12. Stirling Albion Thread

    Caught your game tonight as it was local to me and can only echo what is above. Not giving Jason a contract would be madness, as much as it pains me to see him in a Bino kit. Your no.10 - Nathan Fell looked the pick of the bunch. Stewart and Peaso didn’t do much at all which I was surprised about.
  13. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Cheers! Mixed bag then, as many of this summers signings seem to be. When Calum Waters left I thought there was no way we’d replicate a signing like that. Calum Crane was a very pleasant surprise, but again, destined for better things. It would be very impressive and surprising if we could get a third left back in a row of that calibre.
  14. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Wasn’t he one of the ones who left Stranraer in the mass exodus in January? Seem to remember the Stranraer fans thinking he’d kick on and do quite well.
  15. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Nope, we haven’t. I remember Dick playing for Stranraer now - thought I recognised him. Any good?