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  1. Lol. The boy has no chance of impressing home fans if this is the standard you’ve set. He had no chance!
  2. What team do you support out of interest? Probably better asking Berwick fans about him. We saw very little of him! Few eye catching touches and keepy-uppy tricks in the warm up from his futsal days is about as far as it goes.
  3. Haha , ehm ... Injured last weekend and looks to be pretty long-term. So much so that Jamie MacDonald from Killie has come in on loan. Straight into squad for tomorrow.
  4. Bitter sweet. Very good replacement but gutted for Neilly.
  5. Shameless plug. Apologies. If you’re not Dundee bound, I’m hosting a charity match at the recs for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. Here’s a bit about it: http://www.justgiving.com/Heartofthegame?utm_id=124 Sorry for intrusion! Back to the Waspies.
  6. More to it than meets the eye I would assume. Would have liked to see this one work out as always a player I’d liked despite was QoS fans said. Hopefully manager has someone lined up to replace that gap, although didn’t play much. Kellior-Dunn would be pretty smashing, however, think he’d get FT.
  7. As good as Taggs is at centre back, I think we do miss him at right back. Harsh on Robbo though I agree. If Taggart wants to play right back and is more comfortable there then it seems like an obvious choice to move him out with Deas coming in.
  8. Deas will sign this week, assuming he comes through the tie against QP tonight ok injury wise.
  9. I didn’t understand why Scott Fox, last seasons goalkeeper in the TOTY and champion of the league, is sitting on the bench. Does he have a knock? The keeper in goal looked nervy every time he got the ball.
  10. First time I’ve seen Peter Grant’s Alloa side yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how well everything seemed to click on the middle of the park. What a difference having the pitch extended makes. Stevie Hetherington was phenomenal once again, as was Flanny. Neil Parry being back made the world of difference too. A couple of really, really good saves. The attacking options up front was also really encouraging. Buchanan linked up well with the likes of Trouten and O’Hara, who never stopped running and pestering all game long - impressed. The way we were able to change the whole attacking set up with Thomson and Stirling too was great. Everything stuck with Thommo and he gave us something totally different. Disappointed not to start with three points but we’re in a much better place than when we were first game last season. A few more signings into that team and a wee bit of cutting edge, we’ll be there. Good to see that Deas deal is almost through. Highly rated and think he’ll slot in well beside Andy. Another few options to that and we’re a go! Not getting carried away but encouraging signs already there.
  11. Seeing as we’re here, may as well ask the same question about Robbie Deas? Seems like Peter Grant spent plenty time at Central Park last season haha.
  12. Looking like Robbie Deas from Celtic will join on loan as well.
  13. Blair Malcolm. Any good? Just signed him, seems a big jump to Championship.
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