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  1. Pretty sure he has got an injury. One of the reasons his loan was cut.
  2. Another one hopefully in this week according to the programme notes.
  3. Glad to hear Barry came out after things had settled a bit. Seems a progressive chat. Hope the fans who had left before that, and were disgruntled, get a chance to read that post, Liam. Does at times feel like everyone is against him from the get-go, doesn’t help himself at times. We are far from being totally on point though. It’s not even the second quarter yet.
  4. Aye, totally agree that it was a bizarre reaction. Nobody would’ve batted an eyelid if he went off and we walked away with a point. Would take that. There was very little negativity today at the game or abuse/boos as players went off. Just felt it was all a bit unnecessary from both parties. Happens all the time though with managers up and down the pyramid, it’ll just be escalated and steal headlines. Not that the game had many!
  5. ‘Square go’ being branded about a bit much, no? ‘I just want to talk to the fans’ and ‘support the team’ were the calls I heard. Didn’t hear anyone ask anyone for a fight. Bizarre scenes. Like said above, not much abuse or negativity from fans today. Unless I’ve missed something. Maybe being brewing for a few games, however.
  6. Too passive tonight. Plenty of the ball but no real penetration or intent. Just all a bit meh. Wasn’t really surprised, nor disappointed, with the starting 11 on paper but when Henderson started on the wing, that baffled me. Feel he’s wasted there. For me, it didn’t work up top. Boyd, Henderson, Cawley and Scougall all great players but far too similar. We looked so much better with something different in Sammon up top. Took his goal well too. Stick on to start on Saturday. Thought Mark Durnan was again very commanding. His centre back partner on the other hand in Mendy, not quite. Think I said on Twitter to start Graham next game but is Howie is fit, I wouldn’t mind seeing that partnership. Really disappointing after Saturday. Midfield looked a shadow of what they were on Sat and Taggs wasn’t his usual self on the right. Another away game without a win is a worry. A tricky place to go on Saturday to rectify that too.
  7. One of the most comfortable victories I’ve seen at the Recs in a long time. Too many stand-outs to go through everyone but Mark Durnan had a massive afternoon. Skipper, up against his former side and he absolutely strolled it. Won everything. Thought Stevie Hetherington was extremely ineffective today, mostly down to Sena who I thought had his best game in Alloa shirt. Really up for it today. Tiring towards the end but he’s getting better and better. Euan Henderson up top looked lively and will only get better. Was great to see Cawley so involved again too. Just a shame we lost Boyd and Trouten. Hope that won’t be for too long. Falkirk so flat, which really surprised me. If Alloa can pull together some consistency and points on the road, no reason why we can’t be up and about it. It’s not as doom and gloom as people made out.
  8. I think there is obviously other factors to the discontent here. Don’t think you’ll find anyone who agrees with the goalkeeper situation, that’s fair enough. Some big changes elsewhere too. Think we just have to accept he's going to make footballing decisions we don’t like. Totally agree that the way he dealt with Neilly was bang out. He has a mountain to climb to win back fans, I don’t think it should be as big as the thread makes out. I wonder how many times this will be referenced over the coming weeks but the start we had under Goodwin when we were promoted was a lot worse. Players like Malcolm, Renton leading the line as we get whacked for five from Albion Rovers, who were to be relegated. As mentioned above, if we look at the home performances, they’ve actually been ok. We have Cawley and Trouten to come back into a forward line consisting of Scougall and now Henderson. That’s fairly strong. We are weaker than last season in midfield. Defensively I think we have more options and look ok there. Goalkeeper obviously not. We need to sort the away form out and get some consistency. I’m not Barry’s biggest fan but what is the point moaning about everything he does, even the good things! Sign Henderson, a signing that has gone down well, however, there is always a ‘bit’ and ugh, yeah. A convincing win today would hopefully get the away hoodoo gone.
  9. Agree with what is said above. Dignfied and classy, but still fairly damning. Reckon this won't be the last one either ... Hopeful of some positive news soon though! We really could do with it. Still plenty to play for this season. A team with the likes of Trouten, Scougall and Cawley won't be down and out for too long.
  10. Glad Neilly has come out and given his side of the story. Wasn’t sure if he would. Top man, sure he’ll be a success at Clyde.
  11. Even Paddy Connolly is getting tatters, eek. This thread has descended into chaos.
  12. I like this signing. However, already preparing for getting far too attached and Patrick Thistle taking him back to Firhill early in January.
  13. He played no part in pre-season and then ten minutes at Peterhead on opening day. He’s way off fitness with some injury he had when joining so doubt we’ll see him Saturday unless it’s desperate. Nearly got on at the weekend before we got the second goal and decided to just play the ninety with no substitutes. Craig Howie on the other hand has played pretty much all the games in various positions. Centre half in a two and three, right back and against East Fife in centre mid where he looked really comfortable. I’ll ask the same question about Mark Docherty? Love Sparky but definitely caught my eye when I saw he got another gig at this level.
  14. Haven’t heard anything of being punted but can you see him being happy to sit on the bench all season? Like you say, if he even gets that. McD has been preferred to him but he’s clearly not good enough in Barry’s eyes either. Reckon Hutt’s has been brought in as No.1 and that’s a scary prospect. Really have no idea about Mendy. Not too fussed but a welcome body, with Jamieson leaving it was inevitable. Although I was hoping he’d get a chance this season. Plenty options at the back again which is always good. However, agree that it is the last two positions we needed signings for …
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