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  1. Stats speak volumes.... pumped every week.. on a massive losing streak... and would’ve been pumped last week tae without the star boys
  2. Facts... Nithsdale are a 2 man team.. as soon as those boys got suspended they lost the plot... second fact... Nithsdale beat themselves, they lose a goal and start fighting with each other then lose the Tattie.
  3. All very quite... surely someone from either team will tell us? Or maybe a league meeting about it?
  4. Rumour mill... nithsdale fans ran on and attacked upper Annandale players yesterday. Any truth?
  5. A few bites there lads. Am just curious that’s all, as far as am aware you sign one contract! One! That lets you play football! So if this player signed and everything was above board, why were they thrown out all the cups but nothing in the league? Just confuses me I guess
  6. Would like to say a massive well done to bonnyton, great season finishing second on the league ( without cheating ) and also getting to 3 cup finals winning 2 of them. Great season and looks a threat for next year already. Well done!!
  7. Just a quick question, why are edusport in a final of one of our cups? Haven’t they got their own cups?
  8. Gilfillan destroys every team he is involved in ... that’s facts !!
  9. Kinda degrades the south imo, teams are playing for second place, and can get promoted for that. Just seems a bit pointless having them competing in the league when they can’t go anywhere. For example the the team they have just now are quality.. teams in the south can’t compete against them, imagine if they go on to win it next year and the year after that etc.... Not to mention the drive and travel there for the Dumfriesshire teams, For example Upper Annandale travelling there last night. Boys must’ve got home early hours of the morning. Anyway, they are a top quality team and deserve where they are just don’t understand the point in them being in the league.
  10. Am I correct in saying they cannot get promoted even if they win? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a league if this will be the case every year?
  11. It’s a good fight for third, uppers,lochar,vale,mids and Nithsdale. Would be a cracker of a league without the big two. i reckon, Nithsdale to snatch it, they are flying the now. uppers still to play lochar which may end a draw... vale hot and cold, mids for me have hard games to play.
  12. I think... all of the saints team. Quality!
  13. Celebrating a win, but stating the manager had to play, obviously upper Annandale were struggling for a team, so let’s say you got away lucky. Also hear an uppers player suffered a broken leg in the game but no mention of it in your comments!!! Terrible sportsmanship from a club!
  14. Uppers for dramatic fall down the table after edu beat them this weekend
  15. Close game at Moffat I see. Good predictions gents
  16. What a terrible post. Just let the boy play fitba and enjoy it! Not as if creetown are title contenders Christ! Take your defeat with grace and forgot all this nonesense!
  17. Now we are through the first half of the season is there any teams out there that has surprised you with their quality? I think for me nithsdale have impressed me, knocking up a good few results and seem to be flying at present.
  18. South fan!!! He is one of the worst imo, doesn’t come for crosses at all and can’t kick it. Still a young boy but you need to talk to have the full package and the games I have seen the boy, aswell as the whole uppers team is quiet.
  19. I will change mine 1-Stranraer 2-Bonnington 3-Vale 4-lochar 5-uppers 6-nithsdale seen the uppers Threave game and uppers blew them away, if they perform like that on other games they won’t make the frame... imo
  20. Uppers are seemingly hard to beat now... pains me to say this
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