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  1. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    A lad that plays for Stranraer told me possibly around 100 for the Bonnyton game and he estimated 50-60 for the match against Abbey Vale
  2. Stranraer

    The point of them being in the League is clearly to give their boys experience at this level and a couple have already progressed to first team involvement this Season which is truly commendable on the part of the coaching staff and shows the real progression the team and the lads themselves have made since they joined the previous year. As for everybody else battling for second surely then it’s up to the rest to aspire to reach their level in order to challenge and that can only be a good thing for the league. You also mentioned the promotion aspect if they continue to be successful however I’m sure you must be aware that only 4 of the member Clubs meet the current criteria for promotion to the Lowland ( 3 if Wigtown dont get floodlights in the foreseeable future ) so their possible repeated success renders that point irrelevant as that suggests all the other dozen teams that can’t get promoted are playing for nothing in terms of League participation ! Of those than could go up do you realistically see any on them or any of the remainder of the South teams in fairness capable of winning playoffs against the overall East Champions and the East and West Super League winners ? I’d suggest the possibility of that happening is remote at best for the foreseeable future even if those that do meet the requirements actually would really want to look forward to having midweek trips to Stirling or Hawick wouldn’t you say ? On your final point about the distance for the poor wee Dumfrieshire Teams , who make up two thirds of the League I should point out , having to travel midweek don’t you realise that most of the sides in the West of the region have had rearranged games likewise scheduled for Annan , Sanquhar and Moffat again making your point fairly irrelevant ! Ask any of these teams which sides have the most travelling to do in a Season and I think you’ll find everyone knows the answer to that already ! PS I do agree with you that Stranraer have been quality team this Season
  3. Title Round Robin 'hood

    There’s no possibility of a home and away play off against the South Champions being required as the highest placed licensed Club ( St Cuthbert Wanderers ) are in sixth , 21 points behind leaders Stranraer ! The top 5 in the SOSFL are all currently unlicensed therefore guaranteeing no East v South play off would be needed
  4. Annan Athletic vs Newton Stewart

    I was at this game and not sure what you were watching but the visitors could have won by a barrowload on the night had it not been for the heroics of the young Annan keeper who put in an inspired performance in my opinion. To their great credit we as a Club felt Annan put in a good shift and were unlucky with several really good chances towards the end to reduce the deficit and as for the visitors well as I mentioned , with shooting boots on could have been out of sight. Granted these teams are at the lower end of the table but we can’t all be competing for titles much as we’d like to but that was a good contest played in the right spirit with a creditable performance from the Referee into the bargain. You need to realise Stranraer have several real quality lads in their ranks and as a team are super fit and well drilled and this is the level everyone has to aspire to at the moment ! Perhaps Annan don’t want to fill their team with non locals despite their proximity to Carlisle etc , not suggesting Stranraer do , and are simply glad to give youths in that area a chance at SOSFL level. I’ve seen the guys at Stranraer who can light up any game at this level but realistically the full team in SPL1 are night and day compared to South football and perhaps financial constraints give these very good young players a chance at League football however that’s a very difficult bridge to gap in terms of quality and consistency wouldn’t you say ? I’m glad you at least finished by saying there were a few good players on show which is realistically what local football is all about and I for one are more than happy to support
  5. Predictions 12/01/19

    Fair play to Uppers , deserved to win ! NS were poor on the day and the lads from Moffat were the better side end of story
  6. Transfers

    Are the Club aware of this well known fact
  7. Transfers

    In light of recent events can I suggest you simply ask the Club or me ! I’d be happy to help
  8. Poor Referee

    Must’ve been the Reserves were at Tram
  9. Best striker

    Iain Anderson was excellent when I attended a recent Lochar game - great player and likewise Johnny Baxter a first class forward ! Both these boys will be in the mix at the end in the goal scoring charts
  10. Cup final

    You do realise Craig has stepped down or has the internet only flickered back into gear in your igloo ? Why the fascination with this guy from everyone - he seems a decent and enthusiastic bloke
  11. Goalkeepers

    Its hard enough to get players to commit without derogatory comments so totally agree with you Eck , well said Come on Beardy you don’t seriously believe that wasn’t a piss take do you ? On your other point Dale is a good goalie and certainly an asset to Wigtown this season
  12. Goalkeepers

    You actually made up an account to take the piss out of a 17 year old school kid who at least had the balls to put himself in the firing line in the South when Newton barely had a team to speak of ! What a pathetic individual you must be hiding behind a nameless account - hope you’re proud of yourself you fud and the sad thing is you probably are
  13. 27/10/18

    Stranraer have only conceded 6 goals all Season in the League so my guess would be that you might flatter Bonnyton with that prediction Saintman
  14. Newton Stewart

    Sources from within the camp confirm Mr Cooksley was not one of several people interviewed for the position ! Announcement surely not far away then you’d expect
  15. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    A friend at the match estimated around 60ish at the Saints game