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  1. As has been stated many times during this topic you yet again assume that because the Juniors have finally and belatedly ( in some cases possibly reluctantly ) jumped on the bandwagon and have decided to join the Pyramid set up you somehow feel they can simply supersede and jump the queue in front of admittedly smaller Clubs who struggled for years to gain and keep meeting the License criteria against the odds in many cases ! These licensed teams in the South don’t have the financial muscle of your aforementioned Clubs and many , many others in the East and the new West but that doesn’t give anyone the right to overlook the incredible efforts from the respective teams trying to survive on average crowds and limited sponsorship in comparison and I for one as someone involved with such a Club feel they thoroughly deserve their opportunity to remain at Tier 6. What’s your real issue anyway because as you’re aware the chances of the SOSFL winners overcoming either the East or West in a play off are minimal at best if not borderline impossible but presumably you’d rather have multiple teams from the Central belt regions being given the opportunity to succeed at the expense of those that’s entire history lies in Senior football ?
  2. Believe it’s the oldest in the South ( I could be wrong )
  3. Add the Haig Gordon for the South and they are all played again now , started this season
  4. In the South there is the Potts / Tweedie / Haig Gordon and Cree Lodge ( all local Cups ) then the League Cup , Alba Cup ( for non SFA members ) , Challenge Cup and South Region Challenge Cup ( open to LL / East and South ) then obviously the Licensed Clubs enter the Scottish Cup. The 4 local Cups had been played on a biannual basis ( 2 each Season ) in recent years but all were reinstated to the calendar this year as fewer games had been cancelled and reducing fixture back logs then Annan and now YMCA have dropped out creating some extra space for theses additional Cup fixtures !
  5. The SOSFL would always be an option to still join the Pyramid in the highly unlikely scenario there’s few enough applicants to create a new WOSFL in the Summer ! They’d immediately all be at Tier 6 with a realistic chance of League success and a play off against the East to secure a spot in the LL for 21/22
  6. And a totally misinformed idiot at that Hossy87 😂😂😂😂
  7. Ground share isn't necessarily an issue see Edinburgh City sharing with Spartans, BSC with Alloa, Stirling Uni with Stirling Albion & East Stirling with Falkirk (previously Stenhousmuir). The rules are the club higher up the system get first priority so some Friday night games will be played with a Sunday game now & again for the club lower down the system. True although can’t see either looking at the potential step up or certainly no rumours to that effect in the South
  8. The SOSFL is already Tier 6 so it can’t ‘slot in’ below any potential new WOSFL , it’ll be on a par as will the EOSFL and as AsimButtHitsASix states all three will look to feed into the LL
  9. Lochar Thistle and Heston Rovers are currently the only two Dumfries based teams and whilst the latter has been mentioned ( not by the Club ) they ground share Palmerston with Queen of the South and therefore don’t have first option on fixtures ! It’ll be interesting to see if any of the South sides are genuinely interested !
  10. What Dumfries Teams ? What do you know that others might not ICR ?
  11. There’ll only ever be one winner in this situation and it won’t be the latter
  12. I meant the combined LL / EOSFL dominated a lot of the PWG meetings and consensus seemed to be a problem in terms of matching rules etc etc ......
  13. As I said I think their biggest fear was being the odd one out in the 3 and the other two being the clearly dominant force ! I was never in any doubt they’d back the proposal ultimately which I’m glad they have
  14. They’ve backed the WOSFL proposal from the off ! It just may not have been common knowledge as they feared the dominance of a LL / EOSFL set up running the show therefore their commitment to the plan will hopefully see a more even balance in terms of working together and not appearing to be the lesser ‘voice’
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