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  1. Used to be North and South qualifying and not only would it make sense again during the early rounds it would certainly help this year especially if everyone was involved
  2. The Boxing Day timing of Round 1 is a very clever ploy to dissuade teams from risking the potential costly trip to the Highlands on Christmas Day itself and the unenviable task of possibly trying to find hotel rooms for 20-30 players / staff ! Clearly the SFA realise this is a big ask of any non league clubs to guarantee the availability of all their players over the holiday period and are hoping this will be a big factor in the decisions these teams make !
  3. One of their Reserves works for me and he says they’ve made really good signings and he fully expects them to compete at the right end of League 2 this Season ! I still believe there’ll be limited opportunities for these young lads although I might be wrong and time will tell
  4. Possibly Tam but if I’m honest I can’t see them taking too many chances with the youngsters because if they have another poor season they could potentially end up risking Lowland League football and that’s a scenario I personally doubt they might ever return from ! Just my opinion but I’d reckon they’ll spend some of the Rangers cash to acquire a few proven players for this level in an attempt to bounce back straight away. I think most people realise that there are several very decent teams in LL that are certainly better than the perennial strugglers in League 2 and once the WOSFL adds a few more strong outfits it’ll be nearly impossible for them to the SPFL any time soon. The real shame is that this Pyramid currently stifles these forward thinking sides and I for one would love to see 2 promotion places available for those looking to progress and help revitalise Scottish Football which is long verdure
  5. They’ll be strong alright I’d suggest and as for Saints , who knows !
  6. He’s there too ...... take it from me ! Johnny Baxter too apparently until he leaves for pastures new later in the year. Anyone thinks Threave , Saints , Abbey Vale or anyone else will keep pace with that potential line up is deluded at best .......
  7. Dolly apparently , Caldo returning from Threave , Dean Agnew coming back and other rumours that guys returning from the Juniors You’ve heard wrong Tam
  8. Stranraer will win the League ! Already strong and great additions undoubtedly
  9. I’d totally agree ! What will your money bring you ? Win the South possibly , run into big West and East winners in the play offs or worse still splash the cash and still end up a mid table , mediocre side or worse still scrape around the bottom half going nowhere’s fast
  10. You don’t mean anyone has EVER been paid over the years ? Do you really think so and pray tell whom ?
  11. Why would Threave have been declared Champions , on what basis ? PPG would have narrowly favoured Stranraer unless your suggesting being top when football was suspended was a sufficient factor ! I’d agree the decision was correct and the Lowland is still a big ask for any South side at the moment , more in terms of travelling for some although competing would be difficult over the course of a season as seen previously. I’d suggest winning any potential 3 way play off is now a far more difficult a prospect than actually trying to hold your own in the LL
  12. Shame for both Clubs after fantastic seasons
  13. If they can fit in Scottish Cup SFs and Final couldn’t they have managed closed door play off with Kelty and Brora then the Brechin match .......... just a thought
  14. When football resumes , whenever that may be , we’d be delighted to welcome you to Blairmount. If we can start the new season the way we were playing at the suspension of football we’ll be delighted
  15. It’s realise and you’re fooling no one ! Do you actually know there was any training session or are you just ‘jumping in foot first’ to coin your phrase ? im nit defending anyone if the guidelines have been broken but surely social media posts raising ‘concerns’ aren’t the way forward , why don’t you contact the Club directly ! Why bring politics into this , what’s your point exactly here other than your so called concern for a potential breach of guidelines ?
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