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  1. 7.15 start would’ve given the Officials 165 minutes in which to play 2 hours of football then any potential penalties ! Surely having three quarters of an hour in hand and even allowing for stoppages , HT and FT breaks they could easily have played the match to a conclusion. All these facilities are 10pm for floodlights so surely this needed to be taken into account , therefore the Officials should’ve started the match on time , then again for the second half with perhaps a ten minutes stoppage at the interval ! The host Club has take all the flak here for something that was completely our with their control - they didn’t set the kick off time , they didn’t delay the start times , they couldn’t alter the floodlight timings but still all and sundry pointed the finger firmly in their direction when factors decided by other parties effectively caused this scenario. A lesson can be learned here to avoid any future repeat of the disappointing conclusion to a great match so hopefully the Executive will take these things into account when making their decision tonight
  2. I’m not an electrical technician but I believe there’s a USB port in the box that requires a laptop to be connected to alter the timer ! I may well be wrong but I’ve heard this explanation being mentioned previously therefore not permitting manual over ride but as I say I’m really not sure if that’s the case. You have to believe if it was possible to alter the timer someone surely would’ve done so to avoid the unfortunate end to the match.
  3. Absolutely nothing to do with Insurance or H&S ! Lights in Council 3Gs are preset to go out at 10pm as stated but the Club thought they could manually override this which they couldn’t ! The game started at least five minutes late and the second half was 7 minutes behind schedule which wasn’t ideal but surely had the Officials kept the game on time they could’ve managed 2 hours of football in a 150 minute window ? Shame really as it was a decent game , harsh on both teams and the fans - lessons need to be learned , should’ve started at 7.15 to be safe and time keeping needed to be adhered to !
  4. You do that a remember to let us know which new superstar you are so we can all share the laugh hahaha TTFN
  5. You started the pish patter my friend but enjoy your Season as I’m sure we will ! It’s been 🤔 ............... fun
  6. You expect us to believe you just happened to be passing Stranraer on a miserable Tuesday evening , aye right hahaha !!! I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed your less the witty repartee but I’d be lying but in the spirit of the game let us know next time your at Blairmount and we’ll make sure you get a good vantage point and a warm welcome and I’m being serious 👍🏻
  7. Don’t raise that bar too high hahahahaha
  8. Surely there’ll be some other tedious reality nonsense for you to watch or if you’re really bored why not go and watch your team as a last resort. Aim away as the first two results suggest you’re going nowhere hahaha. I’ll refrain from any juvenile name calling
  9. Ooooooh very defensive my clayhole friend hahaha. The Club at least provides a report unlike your mob who rely on one of your Special Soldiers daddies very one sided and very bias version of events lol. Does your Mummy know you’ve nearly used all of our data for n this convo hahaha
  10. Don’t worry about our lowly wee team Billy we have no lofty aspirations and at his early stage might be best to lower yours ! Strange to say I keep it going when you constantly reply , enjoyed the blether 👍🏻
  11. Sounds like you must’ve actually been playing to have had such a fantastic view of these incidents on a miserable evening ! Which of their defenders are you my anonymous friend hahahaha
  12. Where in Stranraer do you live my man hahaha ! Both incidents arms were raised away from the body therefore under the new rules they are penalties but we’ve grown used to mobs like yours getting the benefit of the doubt. Oh and in terms of spelling mistakes what’s a ‘Goal game?’ hahaha , those in glass houses my illiterate friend hahahaha
  13. A 16 year old kid and two goalies on the bench one of whom had to play as a makeshift midfielder against the Champions isn't an excuse but a plain and simple fact ! We knew this beforehand and haven’t the luxury of an U20 squad as you know - you guys are the ones that started this back n forth remember ! Safe journey home
  14. A deleted squad !!!!! What gives with that lame excuse
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