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  1. I heard they played well at times. The young keeper been told he is a prospect
  2. Back to basics?? Leonard had the basics and he got rid of Raymond and the keeper Fraser. Hearing from games that keeper errors have cost them. reading on here now that Ogston has left. How many of last years squad is now left?
  3. Big decisions to be made from the committee after seeing todays result.
  4. Any word on Irvine Vics? Kilsyth?
  5. How is Arthurlie looking
  6. I fear for the Ayrshire teams. Ardeer and Muirkirk to go down probably
  7. Good move. Would rot if he stayed at Muirkirk
  8. Would struggle to get into the team imo
  9. Muirkirk is the level he should remain anyway. Simply a matter of opinion.
  10. He applied for the wishaw job whilst at muirkirk. Looking for a move I believe
  11. Lovely finish vale 3rd goal. As predicted muirkirk have bottled it
  12. Congratulations to Lanark. Commiserations Muirkirk..
  13. Don’t be so bitter. I am allowed to have an opinion. Enjoy league 2 next season.
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