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  1. Even taking off the C&A tinted glasses it doesn’t quite add up why anyone would choose to play for Barrow over us. One good season here and he’s pretty instantly going to the English championship. Players like himself probably excellent technically could struggle at L2 compared to up here. Anyways chuffed with the Roberts signing slight disappointment that it’s only a 6 month loan but hey ho. Still feel as though we are lacking another player in midfield like a Gotts. Hopefully last minute deal pops up.
  2. If it’s not here at 7 we are saving it for another deadline day special Motherwell style. 7 signings incoming just like baraclough day.
  3. Obviously not glandular fever either then must’ve been one of they drunk chats last night
  4. Apparently SOD is out with “glandular fever” so he could potentially be out for a while and there was also talk of him going to Sunderland, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we seen a right back arrive. For me the perfect signing would be Robbie Gotts he can play right back and in the middle and the wing so brings some versatility and being brought through the Leeds style of Bielsa’s play he’ll have no trouble with the intensity up here. Big handsome Norwegian dude, Robbie Gotts and Jordan Roberts back or similar type would be enough for me I think. On or close to deadline day in these last few days players are being offered left right and centre so I’d expect us to maybe make even 3 or 4 signings with a couple outgoings to hopefully.
  5. Just me or is the player to lasleys left shoulder very wee... could be Shields but think he might be a bit bigger, or a youth player.
  6. Right hopefully get a wee signing the day or the morra then.
  7. It’s one I’ll certainly wait before I make any comment as it’s probably the wildest rumour I’ve seen for us but the power of this forum can’t be underestimated...
  8. Don’t see the big issue of Lawless going to rangers games maybe in this circumstance he shouldn’t have as the football bubbles etc. As long as he’s not posting it all over social media or telling the press that’s what I don’t like, keep it private if he wants to go no issues.
  9. Watching the full 90 minutes of the game on the TV says different, weatherspoon had him on toast all the time, granted he was doubled up on regularly, however was far too easily beaten at times. Never tight enough to his man, doesn’t have that nastiness or aggression that Carroll does which I like when used the correct way. SoD is a decent player for this level but sundays performance and a good few from last season have been too regular and very poor performances, the goal isn’t his fault really but his overall performance was miles off it.
  10. It’s been like that ever since I’ve been going to Fir Park, Stevie Hammell infuriated me with it. Think it’s just a lot more visible now as folk have been watching on screens the last year or so.
  11. We were OK and played some good football in parts today, clear signs of where we CAN and most likely WILL. Looking forward to the season ahead.
  12. Prime Tait was an excellent player for us, he wasn’t particularly displaced by Grimmy it was just anytime Grimmy played we were winning and we had a real good solid team that year and a consistent team selection, IIRC Tait had to actually cover for Carroll at the start of the season after he got sent off and ultimately Grimmy was playing well, wasn’t that he wasn’t good enough. Would Tait and SOD do much difference of a job currently I don’t think not, he seemed to be an above average player for Steve Clarke but he’s slowly regressing and making many mistakes that are costing us games, he is a decent player for this level and it seems to be a curse for some players of being a captain, I’d be inclined to give it to Kelly and let players like SoD talk on the park without the extra responsibility.
  13. If we managed to sign Gotts that’s another top quality signing and real statement of intent from us this year. Without the biased Motherwell glasses on he’d be getting a lot more down at Salford etc and keeps him in the English game. However all he has to do is look at the likes of players that have came to us and went on to much bigger things and as sad as it is the possibility of the ugly 2 and a crack at European football.
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