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  1. The weather for Sat is not looking good
  2. Thought the funniest part of yesterdays game was the Roses well rehearsed free kick in the 1st half. What a shambles that was.
  3. Any news on when Mckenzie is due back. We were down to the bare bones today.
  4. An excelent evenings viewing. Not bad for £7. Good review of the game CJ.. Thought the atmosphere in the ground was great. Bring on more floodlight games.
  5. What about the strike from Dev for the first goal. Better than the one at the nitten?
  6. What a team spirit. Great atmosphere in the ground tonight. Especially when the 4th one went in!
  7. Am sure we have still to see the best of Tom Grant in a Bo'ness team.
  8. You can have a good drink tonight on your hols Jambo.
  9. Almost pissed myself laughing at a their miss at the end.
  10. Has to be the worst thing I've seen served up as food at a match. It looked disgusting.
  11. Good wee turn out tonight at the Park cleaning the terracing.
  12. Have the highlights of the game been posted?
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