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  1. My guess is if they end up having to comply you will see an end to the offers as they stand. The bookies won't leave themselves open to it anyway. They may instigate a need to give permission for your data to be stored indefinitely (no idea if this is allowable) before you can avail of any future offers. But I am guessing about that. As are most when it comes to GDPR to be fair.
  2. It's a really interesting topic this. The 'right to be forgotten' has been campaigned for by a punters campaign for a few years now. GDPR states that all users have the right to have their data removed from all systems by those who gather and process users data. This does of course include bookmakers. But they appear to be ignoring it. This will probably be one of their main excuses alongside self-protection of problem gambling. However I think that could be challenged on the basis of the user would need to be suspected of a crime of exhibit tendencies of problem gambling/has already self excluded. But it won't be seen until a user tests it in the open. "Customers have the right to have their data ‘erased’ in certain specified situations. This is in essence where the processing fails to satisfy the requirements of the GDPR. Where customers seek to exercise these rights, data controllers must respond without undue delay (and in any event within one month). This period can be extended in difficult cases, but data controllers would need to demonstrate their justification for relying on the extension provision.” The key here is in how the new regulations will be enforced. It is up to a user to challenge the data processor and only after an organisation fails to comply with the users request will the regulators become involved. My guess is the bookmakers will brass neck it for as long as possible, in the same way they do with disputes. But again, it won't be seen until someone tests the water. The gambling commission have already said they are not releasing specific GDPR advice for gambling operators.
  3. Goncalves had the chance right at the start.
  4. I like the look of it. Marathon Bet have DNB at 1.7 (7/10) which is also tempting. However I have actually plumped for Goncalves FGS @ 9.5 with (17/2) bet365. That's a pretty big price considering how he has started. Looks the part, can certainly finish, gets in the right areas and perhaps may even lead the line on Sunday in place of Johnsen (perhaps not). Worth a wee pop imo, there is value there
  5. BTW Goncalves is 9.5 (17/2) to score first on Sunday. Big price for him. With bet365
  6. I might be made to eat these words but he looks, pardon my words, shite.
  7. Are Djoum and Rherras definitely back for this one? Djoum must have been on the tear for a few days.
  8. Purely because of the price, no other reason. I certainly don't think Clyde are going to win the league. But they shouldn't be 425/1 Also considering The Binos at 500/1 which to be honest given current form and recent signings might even be a better bet
  9. As ridic as this may seem and as unlikely as it is to even come close to winning I couldn't resist a price of 425/1. Seems way above what they should be although best case scenario is that they go an amazing run and the price drops enough for a half decent lay. Maybe I will double my money With PP should anyone fancy it.
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