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  1. Central league division 2

    The only reason I know is that he was standing where I was in 1st half & said that’s who he was. Ref had a stinker but don’t envy their job, especially with no assistants to help at that level. I’d say it’s easy for us standing watching but even in the wee melee I saw different things to the person standing beside me so god knows how the ref can clock everything going on!
  2. Central league division 2

    A referee supervisor was at Vale of Leven. His report would make interesting reading! 2nd sending off summed up the refs day. He forgot he’d already booked the player in the 1st half when he booked him for the handbags. Took him a fair bit of time to realise hence the confusion when he eventually showed the red.
  3. Club Academy 2015/16 Season

    Do you have a link for the CAS initiative level fixtures by any chance?