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  1. WW Midfielder Callum Connolly available for transfer and offers from interested parties invited ... very decent young player surprised he is on the transfer list !
  2. Welfare v Vale Newcy same story again giving goals away ?
  3. Rab B Nesbit glad your happy with the points and displays hope it continues as for Spartans they better sort it soon as EK and the shire will be well gone in front soon
  4. Newcy think you would get a game in front of them mate
  5. Neither Brydon or Keane will be there on Saturday ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Fair points Newcy by now you should be seeing signs of a settled team ? but 1 of the best left backs in the league left on the bench and 1 of the best centre forwards in the league at under 20s last season gets 10 mins ?
  7. Excellent coverage EK wish more teams did it ps Gretna pitch looks rotten
  8. no chance of finishing any better than 3rd leith play in the scottish this Saturday so no surprise they were not bothered about a trivial poxy wee meaningless qualifying cup match
  9. where is the highlights of the Welfare summer slam
  10. Did not have the pleasure today but if the accounts of the lineup and subs are true then no wonder WW were chronic Keane and Brydon wont find it hard to get a club that wants them
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