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  1. Heartha,stop being an arse on every thread lol mon the side
  2. A hear ladeside won 4-2 against beith in a friendly last night
  3. Ladeside beat by Ross vale in a friendly last night I hear,
  4. Hospitality was great yesterday sancho,a cheers from me and brenny mate,just let us know when it’s on again
  5. If your willing to travel then kilbirnie Loch in Ayrshire bud
  6. A will take 2 tkts for the Friday all nighter lol
  7. What’s the price of hospitality package mate,and can it start on the Friday night till Ayer the game lol
  8. That’s only 2 lol has the Scottish cup tie been switched to the vale?
  9. A can’t watch the video,can anybody else see it,if not who says it is actually the police
  10. Am sure the date was agreed at one of the meetings before the season kicked off
  11. So I’ve red most this thread as I did last year and the way I see it or read it lol when Darvel played st rochs, the guy who plays the tunes played 3-4 tunes which seem harmless ok but each are sung by the brigade with different words,so why wouldn’t opposition fans think they were rebel tunes? Maybe the dj knew what he was playing and he knew the words can be changed lol
  12. Not as much as Davie Anderson from the other side of the Loch lol
  13. Am sure head to heads was suppose to be stamped down on and automatic reds
  14. McGuinness Anderson longworth Erskine,also John Todd to name a few but that could be biased lol
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