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  1. This might be the best call ever for the funniest thing.
  2. Yeah, I'm sure Ciampa at a PROGRESS show announced he'd been signed and Gargano's name is propped for the Crusierweight Division on RAW so, aye.
  3. Yet both have announced Ciampa's final Indy date is PROGRESS on the Sunday 25 September, Gargano's Friday 23rd September at AIW and then they'll be full time WWE, I'm sure the both of them signing was announced yonks ago.
  4. Really enjoyed Revolution Pro Wrestling Uprising. Jay White (NJPW) vs Josh Bodom is one of the best openers I've seen ever, great workrate from two young and up and coming talents. Sha vs Big Damo was okay, Both guys put in some shift, Sha won after some pesky heel shenanigans, seems like this was Damo's farewell but alas no speech. Surprise Tag Match was okay, two guys whose names I didn't hear versus PJ Black and Ryan Smile. The two guys who turn out to be Jake McCluskey and the Bruce pick up the surprise win but I didn't really care about this too much. Chris Hero vs Marty Scurll is very much an amazing series of matches between this two and this one was amazing, still not a big fan of too many false finishes but everything just fitted with this, definitely a much watch when the On Demand opens up. They then revealed Hero would be part of the line up for the Rev Pro/NJPW shows which will be quite a hit, going to attend the first one and then maybe try and get to the second one, the England-Scotland game is on the same week as is RAW and SD in Glasgow. Short break where I panicked along with my pal that the show was going to overrun on time and we'd not make the Caledonian Sleeper. Also bought a Jay White shirt. Ricochet beat Pete Dunne, all the flips, all the flips. Had an inkling that Ricochet would definitely get involved in the future events on the show, Dunne shakes Ricochet's hand and then attacks him as he's leaving, Dunne's a great heel, loving the Bruiserweight Gimmick. Zack Sabre Jr vs Jeff Cobb for the Rev Pro Heavyweight Title. Jeff Cobb is a fucking machine, the boy can go and then some, ragdolls Sabre Jr about, Sabre fires back up, starts using the penalty kick but Cobb gets back up, this keeps happening till the crowd starts to turn on ZSJ, booing heavily, one more penalty kick puts Cobb away, Scurll comes out and celebrates with ZSJ and they walk away. Heel turn for ZSJ? Could be interesting. Last but not least, a wrestling match that will live forever in my memory. Big Van Vader against Will Ospreay, bloody hell the immense heel heat that Vader got was brilliant, he won himself a match even making that twitter comment, Ospreay came out to a fairly positive reaction, some boos, starts off with a staredown then Vader starts to ragdoll, he does not look in good shape, Vader throws Ospreay into the announce table, Ospreay does some dives, looks to hit his finish... PETE DUNNE appears to distract, then out comes Ricochet, Vader refuses to do any flips or even a Vader Bomb, after all this shenanigans, Vader wins, VADER WINS, Welcome to Wrestling in 2016. Ospreay cut a promo but I was too busy heading out the exit. Would recommend the VOD.
  5. actually dunno who I'd rather keep out of the two I too was willing to give them both a chance, now I'm torn and keep changing my mind, one day I want Durnan to stay, the next I want Donaldson to stay..
  6. Quelle surprise! Who will be our #EstonianJesus replacement?!
  7. Some people believing it's down to a Facebook Q&A live where we was very critical of McMahon and his love for Roman.
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