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  1. @Neilly_4 Think so mate, tyldsley is a melt like a canny stand him commentating haha!

  2. @RyanMcGowann99 Leah mon give McGoo his phone back!

  3. @bigain84 UEFA dance to the tune of their sponsors mate, totally corrupt like!

  4. @CouserFiona She’s our ultra leader!

  5. @thejackthomson_ Couldn’t lace robbo’s boots!

  6. @Bam75Barry Any other nationality he would be slated in the English press, he’s murder like haha!

  7. Everybody loves Kevin Nesbit????

  8. @BlairStenhouse after 10 stella’s in the belgium square shelling baws about⚽️ https://t.co/etFfDkyLYn

  9. RT @jmcginn7: ???????????? https://t.co/4kVmJRjeeQ

  10. RT @dannygarvie: TATU TA on tour ????☀️[email protected] https://t.co/gkQCLEPyTi

  11. @_KieranSmith Wish I took Leeds instead of them now haha, some price on Leeds!

  12. Tadic just sent casemiro back to Brazil???? #seeya

  13. Much better the day, that’s what we should be doing to teams in this league every week! Fair play to the young ladd… https://t.co/EklJbi1lV9

  14. @Bam75Barry Cheers mate! Last time I was only there for the night for the football so see abit more of the city and… https://t.co/5YBg4TpwN1

  15. @gillies_89 @x_daynaaa ????????????

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