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  1. Apologies, of course there should be a Central League Cup.
  2. In my humble opinion we should move to 4 leagues of 16 teams with 2 up 2 down and some sort of play off system similar to the SFL. I think the Sectional League Cup at the start of the season should be scrapped and we should start the league season earlier and try and run parallel to the senior game. I also think the Evening Times Champions Cup at the end of the season should be scrapped leaving us with the league, Scottish Cup, West of Scotland Cup and Ayrshire Cup to play for. The West of Scotland Cup Final should be played about the end of January, beginning of February sometime. The Ayrshire Cup Final should be played about the end of March, beginning of April and the Scottish Cup Final should be the last game of the season and bring the season to an end. If sponsorship is a concern why not make the Ayrshire Cup the Ardagh Ayrshire Cup? I also feel that Scottish Cup ties should be played to a finish which would take away the replay problem and allow a fixture list to be made at the start of the season allowing clubs to plan things like hospitality, functions, match ball sponsorship, mascots etc. Obviously there would still be call offs due to the adverse weather we get however with the season starting earlier and there being no replays in the Scottish Cup there would be plenty time to re-arrange any call offs. There is never going to be a set up that suits every club but I think it's clear that some sort of change has to take place in order for our game to progress. There is also the argument to allow clubs with floodlights of a suitable standard to play midweek games in the winter months. I've never met a player who doesn't like playing a competitive game under floodlights and it also opens up the opportunity of Friday night football which to me is very appealing. I'm sure there are a few clubs out there who have thought about installing floodlights but thought better of it as without being able to play competitive football it's not cost effective.
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