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  1. Just Falkirk fans being typical Falkirk fans. You had people venting their spleen when we were flying in the premier and look at us now. we don’t need to make this shit up at all. There is a slice of support who just like to main and be negative - even without reason. Just waiting for some conspiracy theory about the patrons being cahoots with the FSS to Rob the shares from the fans and sell it to the Rawlins to build a drive through cinema. Fucking stupid but wouldn’t surprise me if some rocket hit out with this next.
  2. Bairnstrust is now Falkirk Supporters Society crunchie initiative has now done what it wanted (I think) but included some guys who were part of navy blue I think (BPM can clarify I am sure) Dunno what equity Bairns is tbh. bairns for life - is this not the ‘January signing’ fund initiative?
  3. And it ain’t hard to be honest about things. The incumbent board had the perfect chance to wipe the slate clean but instead adopted the MSG mantra of ‘it wusnae us, it’s the fans fault’ Hopefully a corner turned with some people who actually know how to run a business now getting involved. Fingers crossed anyway.
  4. Think the issue is that when Ruth was first in he was fairly rank. He’s slowly got a wee bit better, but the start I think folk were quite right to be questioning why Keena wasn’t getting a sniff. It’s clear Sheerin prefers Ruth his blue eyed boy. But I think a lot of fans will change their moans on this if Ruth keeps progressing - we are fickle after all.
  5. Our esteemed ‘Director of Football’ is surely all thats needed to make more horrendous signings in January?
  6. Not only can he not dance but he thinks Wilson is a striker.
  7. I’d give him till Christmas, but bin Holt immediately....we’ll see what unfolds.
  8. We know from last seasons collapse that Holt is actually completely incapable of coaching the team, or doing tactics, taking the hot seat whatever. Sheerin I think even said himself he’s learning. Holt wouldn’t admit being wrong in any way - arrogant p***k. Proved as much at the Q and A.
  9. Would rather get Holt out and put someone with experience in that role. He’s the issue we need to resolve immediately.
  10. If anyone is looking to save on our enormous wage bill that could choke a horse then I’d imagine only one name consistently being on majority of fans hit lists.
  11. Not really, and tbh it’s not like their money is in a listed stock, there’s no short route of ‘selling up’ - you need a buyer And approval. Of course that depends on the intent, the ‘money men’ As you put it might be happy to sit back and hope their investment grows / not care to deeply in the event it’s written off. The AGM is bound to be due soon, and in the interim there is enough time to steady things. if only we could get some unity at this time it could actually be the end of long period of discontent with things and give fans a real voice and piece of job of running the club.
  12. Sounds like a great timeframe tbh, will check this out for sure. Is it till end of Hughes as solo manager or the promotion that never was when Coyle left?
  13. Be waiting a while if you are expecting one IMO.
  14. Got a Link to order online? Or just via DM?
  15. More chance of us signing Trevor Sinclair, it took more than a millisecond for me to process it fully, i was wrong footed initially, then remembered we don’t do good recruitment so couldn’t possibly be Scott Sinclair that was any good
  16. That’s what I thought, he’s been very quiet. Probably wondering what he let himself in for and engineering a move back to Stenny!
  17. You’re joking right? Exact reason I left that group years ago. Straight up frightening is what it is, but don’t expect any change lads - we’ve been fed the medicine.
  18. Not a family member of anyone on the panel. I don’t want Holt anywhere near the club, have said as much plenty of times as you’d know if you weren’t just stopping by now. Does anyone think that board are sacking Holt or Sheerin?? Did you even listen to what they said - it’s clearly far from agenda now despite how pish we are. They defended them to the hilt and more than once stressed constant changing of managers doesn’t help. With changing they two off the table what else Do you suggest to Improve our fortunes? Ask the players to work harder? Tell Sheerin to drop his style he is wants to apply and give him the ultimate get out? Like it or not we need better players for f**k sake. Current bunch proving they aren’t good enough.
  19. I watched this after seeing all the fanfare on here and can’t say I think that it’s as bad as I thought. We are in the shit for sure, Gordon asking for support from fans is understandable but very cringe worthy. Sheerin making himself a target with being too candid with his ‘I wish I had the answers’ response though. If he instead responded with what he’s trying to do about it through coaching I might have been like ok fair enough least they are trying something. But saying he didn’t have the answers in the way he did made it seem as if he will never get the answer. Worrying. If they have any level of awareness they’ll give Holt and Sheerin more budget and be looking to spend some money on further recruitment to hit the right ratio of ‘getting signings right’, even the Q and A I feel is a mild reaction compared to what we’ll see if form doesn’t recover dramatically. It sounds like binning is either Sheerin or Holt is the last thing we will see.
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