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  1. Fucking box office bairns. Over 7000 in league 1 is crazy. Always good away supports either way round in these ties too.
  2. Yeah he is selfish but also top scorer is he not? I was raging he missed don’t get me wrong, it was on balance the wrong decision but understand his selfishness to a certain degree
  3. That penalty denial was something else. Officials shocking for both sides (only saw second half but they were ganting)
  4. How’s the first half been? Trying to watch online but FTV issues with my account and still not sorted…..SSN for me it seems
  5. Always been the same with our lot unfortunately.
  6. Aye me too. Maintaining some performance even if we don’t win is important here to keep league on track.
  7. Hard to disagree with this. We did totally wreck our momentum last cup game.
  8. Pretty honest feeling assessment and response from McGlynn IMO. Its a cliche but hard work is the way to address that. I hope those players now realise they will get done if they turn up on a Saturday again thinking the games won before even warming up. and yes some of the dead wood still needs thinned out.
  9. Thought the two new boys looked ok when they got on. Could maybe kick on. Maybe. Sean Mackie was probably our best IMO, but that’s not saying much. Hopefully injuries aren’t too bad.
  10. I tend to disagree….maybe it’s a very personal reason?
  11. Maybe those complaining simply aren’t members?
  12. Think it’s already been discussed here tbh - there another year on the puma deal was mentioned.
  13. I could agree with the Clarke Epos thing but to be honest I clearly recall multiple posters on here questioning it when the deal was announced - if it was so obvious to our esteemed contemporaries on here, how comes it seems to have swayed these pros we had running the place?
  14. I feel the same tbh, guarded optimism. Other managers have looked good on paper and failed, but massive upgrade on our most recent Rennie, Sheerin and M&M none the less.
  15. It really does doesn’t it! Which probably makes sense, but with more than one manager failing to get enough from these guys it’s clear we need to make 3 ‘stand out’ singings of leaders in each area of the park regardless of which of the poor options we end up having to keep from this squad. Get that right, more leadership on the park and we might have an improvement next term. Sign more peahearts and we’ll go down.
  16. Got to agree with this assessment, there is no magic wand type outcome here. The hard work must start soon and much patience is required.
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