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  1. He worked for us down to sheer determination, his actual football skills were fairly average. But every fan at any club, will always take to someone who tries like they would if they were playing for their team. A little in the Vaulks mold but Vaulks also was a baller.
  2. He wanted away and wasn’t wanted. Easy transaction.
  3. I guess my main point is, that Miller isn’t a Vaulks or anything but i thought we really missed him. Maybe it’s cause McShane is so poor.
  4. It’s worrying how poor we are without Gary Miller. I mean we weren’t outstanding but since he’s came in we have managed to ‘get the job done’. Also been busy recently so not been keeping an eye on things as much. I thought Tidser was away on loan?
  5. Not correct AFAIK. The JV got disbanded many years ago. Falkirk Community Stadium Ltd own the main stand except the the seats. FFC lease space from them. The car park is owned by the stadium company (which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Falkirk Council) The south stand is rented by FFC from Sandy Alexander. The north stand is owned by FFC via honouring of a debt incurred by the JV when it was in control. FFC own the pitch and I think SA through his property business owns some land behind the east side of the stadium.
  6. Top of the league and you’re nooooooo! (taking the chance while I can, it’s not likely to last though obviously hope it does)
  7. I reckon he’d only come if msg were out tbf. Heard he had some bad blood with the board when he left.
  8. Raith were absolutely mince in first half, we absolutely dominated them. Second half they got their shit together and we struggled for most of it but I’d say we had the better football on show. Pleasing to see us get stuck in, both teams were at it. Loved how Conor Sammon was literally pulling fifers off the ball and not conceding fouls. Glorious. If Longridge effort that smashed the bar at 2-0 went in it was game over. Suffice it was a bit of a surrender in the end and had the game lasted another 5 minutes they could well have won. Still seen nothing to massively fear in terms of title competition from Raith. The top 3 are probably the best in the league comfortably and will slog it out. We’ll take full points in reverse fixture at TFS imo.
  9. The whole premise of SA labelling the SS as the fans stand would be eliminated if he sells to MC. If MC buys the club without SS he’s a bigger fool that the MSG for selling to him. My source says the deal is dead. Tbh given all that’s came out, im happy with that. MSG to get back to the table with BtB for dilution of their shares and new governance structure.
  10. You can only put so much of a poor performing player at a managers feet, hence the quality of league must be the only contributing factor. this guy barely looked like he could play 5s when he was with us. Truly remarkable stuff.
  11. I agree. Hes the kind of player where if he can take the ball, see options, and release it to them he will look decent. Last week he had willing runners out wide and Doyle looking to go beyond Connolly, as well as McMillan who seemed keen on ball to feet too. Compare that to when he takes the ball when we are set up like Clyde away.... He takes it, the only pass open is a 5 yard sideways effort to Tidser or Gomis, rinse repeat. We get bogged down. We have to be brave enough to take the chance of being overridden in the middle of the park, in order to commit bodies going forward and say we trust our defence and we will outscore you. The Kevin Keegan at Newcastle approach, indeed we should dust that strategy off. Looking at league goals conceded it’s not as if we are shipping goals and need to be cautious. It’s not that hard either to have a system that makes a midfielder drop deep when defenders commit forward either.
  12. Whilst you probably aren’t far off the mark, AT isn’t the problem, he’s has next to no shares as far as I know therefore wouldn’t be doing anything other than the MSGs dirty work. Same with Laing to an extent though as Chair she could be more culpable and was obviously involved in the statements etc.
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