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  1. I feel the same tbh, guarded optimism. Other managers have looked good on paper and failed, but massive upgrade on our most recent Rennie, Sheerin and M&M none the less.
  2. It really does doesn’t it! Which probably makes sense, but with more than one manager failing to get enough from these guys it’s clear we need to make 3 ‘stand out’ singings of leaders in each area of the park regardless of which of the poor options we end up having to keep from this squad. Get that right, more leadership on the park and we might have an improvement next term. Sign more peahearts and we’ll go down.
  3. Got to agree with this assessment, there is no magic wand type outcome here. The hard work must start soon and much patience is required.
  4. Not there and didn’t fancy shelling out as I had to run family to airport and would’ve missed a decent bit driving. Thanks for the update, sounds like not missing much football on this report
  5. Flat 5 across the middle? Not a 5 with 3/2 or 2/3 split? tedious how people think 4-5-1 is defensive in and of itself - it’s not. Regards to the job each player has to do I would be happy to have Griffiths up front himself, on the last man and supported by 2/3 mids moving forward to support. 4-5-1 wouldn’t be the problem itself it would be a poorly operated 4-5-1 that leaves the 1 stranded that’s a problem (and mostly what we’ve see. Whenever we played it in recent years)
  6. I don’t think that’s a kebab mate. Maybe a battered hamburger?
  7. Can’t be bothered trawling through all the recent chat here. I’m still with Rennie. Slow progress is fine considering the downward trajectory seemed unstoppable prior to his arrival. He will know himself and will be learning I am sure. Not as a rookie coach but the football environment here in the outback of L1 in Scotland. Nice to to see KM going nuts at opposing bench with a disagreement Saturday past. Aside from the actual incident I like to see this passion from the sidelines. Some may criticise it as a cliche but the question of who else is gonna come is really relevant. We are at it if we think any decent manager wants us after 7 coaches in 6 years or whatever. If it were up to me I’d sign them up now and start serious planning for next year - especially being creative or brutal with those who aren’t good enough to remain. I blame the dropped points on Saturday with Hetherington. I’ll drive him anywhere in the EU to get him to f**k. Same with Wilson and Ross. No even close to good enough.
  8. The only point in stretching the opposition into a back line thats receiving deep is to then play past the players pressing - not f**k around till you loose it.
  9. The Prussians got a lot of stuff right to be fair. Still trying to teach some of this to this day, as you say 200 years later.
  10. Listening to Griffiths interview, what a difference to hear a player (especially a forward) who’s clearly got a lot of experience, tactical awareness and able to talk well to media. We’ve not had a lot of this in years, anyone who reckons we aren’t going to benefit from the dressing rooms he’s been part of is mental imo.
  11. The Rudi Skacel song was funny imo, heard a lot worse at games being completely honest. It was just bantz.
  12. Perhaps we need to stop fucking around and plan for next year. Get Rennie and Miller signed up and start working on making progress towards a title winning squad for next season. It was never going to get fixed in a single window. Despite 1/2 stooge types with nothing good to say about the new regime, i think most fans would agree that we give Rennie more time. Let’s make that clear now, if we ‘come together last 8/9 games’ and that is too late at least we can carry that into next season with additions rather than starting from scratch (again).
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