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  1. Hit the nail on the head here. I'll make my feelings known when appointment is made but like any appointment the reality will come when they start and they'll be judged on results, and style of play, honesty and integrity when assessing how we are doing and most importantly ability to get the team playing some form of attractive football. Route 1 can work and be attractive, possession play can work be attractive, counter attack set up can work and be attractive. But none of the last 3/4 managers have been able to get a tune out of their own squads using ANY system they tried. Maybe a head coach is what we need as transitioning whatever the f**k they were doing during the week onto the park as been missing for years.
  2. Remember it well, Chris Waddle being one that sticks in memory clearly. Must have sold a tonne of shirts with his name on.
  3. Mind yon time Dundeh had all the guys under a time of foreign investment and management. Had a few good players by Scottish standards tbf. And yes I do recall it went horribly in the end.
  4. Gomis stick on for a red, 4 mins in a booked FFS. Not watching, first time this season but completely fed up and not interested at all first time in about 30 years I can’t honestly say I’d be happy being scudded. imagine having to watch more of this lot. Tragic.
  5. Agreed. I honestly can’t think of anyone, and we are probably a poor choice - getting into a habit of sacking folk. Wonder if anyone in any of Rawlins previous ventures in football would be suitable / available.
  6. This is the fear, is anyone genuinely thinking the likes of Grant, Petrie, Ian Murray etc actually has the ability to build a new team from scratch with us? It just seems too unlikely for me, we probably need to pay over the odds and get someone over qualified for this level to come in and correct course putting in some solid foundations. Holt as DOF is a joke also. If his criteria is folk who ‘want to run about’ first and foremost then lord help us. We’ve had a number of recent examples of headless chickens fitting that mould and they didn’t work at all. We need to get players with guts and some football intelligence. Too many pea hearts and complete duffers in recent years. Here’s who I’d keep.... Mutch, Telfer, Morrison, Alston, Dowds and Keena (as developing strikers, Keena been out most of the season and think dowds might grow) ....possibly Dixon, who has been one of our more consistent players this season and has a lot of experience to pass on. If any of the loanees are not wanted at their parents I think all 3 are promising but need to grow. This is clutching at straws and gives us a grand total of 10 players. Is it at all realistic that we can bring in ten players plus to this, have them gel and playing well for the next season? I have my doubts Unbelievably huge task ahead, regardless of the league obviously L1 for us but technically we may somehow end in championship which would be even worse in terms of squad required) Where do you even start with that. Complete fucking shambles.
  7. Falkirk Support is never unanimous on anything FFS.
  8. Does anyone honestly think the board will bin Holt? Clearly what we need but scared of the prospect that you can’t bin him for ‘helping out’ when he’s engaged to do an entirely different job without potentially being liable to some sort of claim. Does anyone think he should stay or are we unanimous that hes got to go?
  9. Am I imagining this or did today’s match sponsor not also sponsor the game on Tuesday (Anja and Chris Kanis) ?
  10. Sensible post alert, can’t really handle on heart disagree with this. I thought Houston had lost the dressing room to be honest. But was far better than Hartley, McKinnon, M&M and Holt since then.
  11. That would make too much sense. With any luck the Rawlins have a bit about them and they force a change.
  12. I’m not even going to listen to it tbh. Couldn’t give a f**k what he’s got to say. Win the next 2 games 8-0 and I MIGHT give him time. c***s got a killie tattoo on his leg FFS. killie!
  13. Never saw this, bin whoever is behind this also.
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