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  1. Absolute pish. Security, police etc are engaged by the club. Try finding stuff out...your core issue is sound but the reasons are a bit EdiBairn sounding.
  2. This is the only thought that’s accurate. The club loose out on 2 areas, paying rent for the internal space used in the main stand. Opportunity costs of not having the other space as an income generating asset. most of the things you mention are costs we would have to pay regardless of our odd setup at Westfield. Or are you suggesting that we wouldn’t need stewards, police, insurance gas water and leckie if we had our own place?
  3. Cannae believe we’re giving 80p in the pound to stadium company. Raging likes 😡
  4. Nicky Low, Bobby Barr and Peter MacDonald?
  5. £600+ a week part time, at least 3 players on that. They’ve got an investor who is being benevolent in light of a life long shire fan is what I heard - from one of the players. We had players on that sort of money when in championship....
  6. I probably make more than these players. In the case of Tidser if was miserable every day in work I’d take less than the value of my contract to ‘escape’ even if it only gave me 6 months to find something else. don’t under estimate the the drain being miserable at work every day will put on someone even if they have what we’d call a ‘privileged’ job. ETA: the shire are paying more than championship clubs for part time players, I also understand that queens are ‘throwing money at it’. Don’t let prejudice of their league status trick you.
  7. Not a sympathiser of our leadership but no one knows who was paid what. Before Tidser left I was speaking to a player he’s paly with and he said that it just never worked out for him from day one with us. That’s sometimes happens with players at a club. He wanted away and we wanted him away so who’s to say that a mutual agreement wasn’t done? He’s still of an age where playing games is what would’ve mattered to him, wouldn’t be at all surprised if the deal was a lot less than paying off his contract. His alternative was to sit idle for a season which would do his career more harm in the long run.
  8. He worked for us down to sheer determination, his actual football skills were fairly average. But every fan at any club, will always take to someone who tries like they would if they were playing for their team. A little in the Vaulks mold but Vaulks also was a baller.
  9. He wanted away and wasn’t wanted. Easy transaction.
  10. I guess my main point is, that Miller isn’t a Vaulks or anything but i thought we really missed him. Maybe it’s cause McShane is so poor.
  11. It’s worrying how poor we are without Gary Miller. I mean we weren’t outstanding but since he’s came in we have managed to ‘get the job done’. Also been busy recently so not been keeping an eye on things as much. I thought Tidser was away on loan?
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