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  1. Sort of happy for Nesbitt but worry that it’s paper over cracks, new system obviously worked better for him personally. Maybe if Henderson plays more at CM he’ll get closer with the chances from the edge but was good to see two guys doing physical stuff right in the middle and let McGinn get wee but further forward. Would defo focus on a forward now tbh, especially if Algeria is going to be away for a bit.
  2. It was in, ball bounces off ground onto roof of net - you can see it bulge in the FTV footage. was the worst officiating I’ve seen in decades.
  3. Net actually bulges with that goal and they missed it. Off the ground and visibly moves roof of the net. How can that be missed? seriously? Officials have been honking. Liking McGinn and Henderson in middle so far tbh.
  4. Was wondering where this was was mentioned myself. I don’t read all the time but can’t see anyone saying throw everything at an academy. Actually everyone seems to be saying the same thing but Pedro still seems upset about it. Lawell, Burrell, Yeats are all decent enough ‘non academy graduates’ to clarify that it’s not ‘all in for academy’ in fact weren’t people saying we have a longer term plan for higher status in SFA programme? Don’t get what the knicker wetting from some on here is about. I don’t see anyone disputing that we need to get out this league first and foremost.
  5. Was thinking Scobbie, Barr, Alston, Sibbs - don’t think we sold any of those?
  6. You can’t guarantee it of course, but you can’t dispute the stream of graduates from our academy getting to the first was a sign that our academy worked to an extent. I dare say that all graduates with the exception of maybe a handful were way better to watch and done more than some of the total jobbers we’ve had in the last few years. We did manage to miss out though where a fee might have been on the cards for maybe 4 or so who went to play higher level than us, but we lost them without recoup. for me the academy worked well but started to go downhill, the further into the younger age groups we reached to get first team players. Usually caused by slashing budgets and woeful recruitment.
  7. They would wouldn’t they? Makes it all the more ludicrous that we canned ours. We created decent batches for years with 2/3 a season coming to first team (not saying we cashed in on them all of course). for a club our size creating first team quality graduates is very useful even if they don’t get sold.
  8. Not red on our strips but would say that i defo like red as an away colour, least favourite are these yellow versions and light blue. Reverse of Navy White, with main colour being white is suitable.
  9. How much were we spending on the academy previously?
  10. Fucking box office bairns. Over 7000 in league 1 is crazy. Always good away supports either way round in these ties too.
  11. Yeah he is selfish but also top scorer is he not? I was raging he missed don’t get me wrong, it was on balance the wrong decision but understand his selfishness to a certain degree
  12. That penalty denial was something else. Officials shocking for both sides (only saw second half but they were ganting)
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