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  1. Record Store Day 2017

    Wanted Alice in Chains and Danny Worsnop, got them. Wanted Def Lep EP and Placebo w/ Bowie, didnt get it
  2. Quiz - Which one are you?

    Here mi
  3. Press Random On Your ipod

    One Tree Hill - U2 Dance into the Night - The View Like a Broken Record - Your Demise Lie to Me - Future Trophies - While She Sleeps 1945 - The Brave Blue by You - Turnstile Broken Glass - Boston Manor Torn Apart - Enter Shikari Submission - Basement
  4. The Metalhead thread

    £96 for standing at the Hydro....im out. Theyll do Download next year and the day ticket will be less than that!
  5. Gigs

    Going to LTA tonight and Vukovi on Sunday. Always park at the carpark next to the old Thistle Hotel (Think is a DoubleTree now) on Cambridge Street (G3 6RU). £2.50 for parking after six and a short walk down Sauchiehall Street to ABC
  6. Press Random On Your ipod

    1. Young Fathers - Nest 2. Basement - Covet 3. Sundara Karma - Olympia 4. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Party Smasher 5. Colin Hay - Children on Parade 6. InMe - Rapture: Land of the Secret Rose 7. Architects - Left with a Last Minute 8. Danny Worsnop - Prozac 9. Wovenwar - World on Fire 10. Lower Than Atlantis - I'm Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted to see How Far I could Stick My Fingers Down my Throat)
  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    People that phone you and you just miss the call... you phone them back and then they dont answer!
  8. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Logan - Solid 9/10. Loved it. Exactly what it needed to be. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Had only half watched this previously. Wish i hadn't bothered and then remember this timeline doesn't exist anymore because of Days of Future Past! - 3/10 at best. Woeful
  9. Are you part of the 75.3%?

    I have done but id rather go out earlier and be home earlier tbh. Nightclubs are w**k
  10. How would/ will you vote?

    Always have a been a f**k yes guy. Id vote on here but canna get to the vote button for the side ad
  11. Gigs

    Not said no. I havent been back since they moved to Hydro bar ICW which was in the smaller hall so who knows. Weird choice to be in there mind you
  12. Gigs

    Buzzing for this
  13. Aye lovely cheers. Weird wasn't there when i searched the other day, Eps 1 and 2 weren't there.
  14. Hamilton v Aberdeen, 28/02/17

    Rooney probably should be benched (mental considering 4 goals in 3 games). I'd give Storey a run oot
  15. Depeche Mode in Glasgow

    Never got tickets for this. Gutted but the chances were slim to begin with