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  1. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    We'll win now that Keiran Weiner isn't playing. Should never be called up again after his 'performance' in Israel and the fact his heart clearly isn't in it for Scotland.
  2. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Get Tierney out of the squad. He is terrible.
  3. Celtic v Aberdeen

    3 great dives from Sportsmanship FC today 1 from Burke - clear yellow card 2 from Tierney - possibly the worst Scottish international player ever?
  4. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Working perfectly for me. Must be your shitty internet connection.
  5. Offensive behaviour

    It can't be dealt with. There are too many neanderthals in Glasgow and the central belt.
  6. Calling Cards of Morons

  7. Comfy victory against 11 hammer throwers. St J had no interest in playing footy today, just kicking the red shirts flying past them and crying to the ref.
  8. Nice composed finish from Murray Davidson
  9. You should be down to 9, lad.
  10. That would have been a glorious goal from Big Sam
  11. Should have been a red for the unnamed St Mirren midfielder.
  12. Calling Cards of Morons

    Having an iPhone. Still having the click noise on an iPhone keyboard enabled.
  13. Terrible Jobs

    I was made redundant in June last year, thankfully got a job in what I do (for better pay and closer to home, yes lads) by August. In the meantime, I worked nights at a fish factory in Hartlepool. That was pretty grim, but quite funny at the same time. Including when a giant halibut was slid from one end of the factory to the other while being mopped like a curling stone.
  14. Peep Show

    C'mon, guys. Let's lose the cone.