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  1. Cosgrove was lucky to stay on the pitch - he was booked after a number of fouls and then made a foul worthy of a booking straight afterwards. Wrong decision. Devlin - yellow card. Correct decision. Broadfoot - attempts to go for the ball with his right foot for approx 0.1 seconds, realises he isn't near it and deliberately attempts to hurt with Lewis with his left. Red card and extended ban. Findlay - Puts his head into Cosgrove's chest and then pushes him with 2 hands - Possible red card and lucky to get a yellow. 2nd foul - was a definite yellow. No argument. McKenzie - Loses a 50/50 with Ball, has a petulant kick out at Dom. If it was up to me, it wouldn't be a red, but if you kick an opponent, you leave the ref with no choice. Sir Steve would be better looking at his players instead of the ref. Although, he is understandably trying to deflect from the fact that his tactics weren't working even when it was 11v11.
  2. The Killie seethe... Mmm sweet nectar
  3. Findlay, remarkably, is as stupid as he looks. Cya
  4. Kirky's little hissy fit [emoji7]
  5. Studs up and hits the keeper in the face [emoji102]
  6. Del needs to take Cosgrove off now - the ref will be looking to even things up
  7. Disgusting from Broadfoot.
  8. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Just die Berra. An absolute no mark and an utter fanny.
  9. Strachan or McLeish?

    We are better now than we were under Strachan. Plus he is an arrogant clown.