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  1. Considering that Pearce is Kamara's agent you would expect him to be able to pronounce his name correctly.
  2. Watching Finland v Belgium. Anyone know if any of these players have played in England at any point in their career?
  3. Blatant penalty and could have been a straight red.
  4. Who is the best pound shop Lawrenson - Dixon or Murphy?
  5. "That's anuva one of those daft rules, innit?" Lee Dixon, football analyst, 2021.
  6. Wales = Whales Turkey = Turkeys (Plz like and share this Euro 2020 banter posting)
  7. I'm going to say what everyone else is thinking - Matty Kennedy is better at football than Leroy Sane.
  8. Cowardly Clarke, once again.
  9. O'Donnell is an absolute bag of nerves.
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