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  1. There is ZERO work 'scheduled' - there are no firm plans, official agreements or contracts in place as yet. Don't believe everything you read in the Clydebank Post.
  2. Hard to break down?? Not last night, thankfully neither were Neilston. Decent game for the few neutrals in attendance.
  3. Yoker Ath v Wishaw is on today. 2.30 ko at Holm Park.
  4. Yoker Ath v Wishaw is on today. 2.30 ko at Holm Park.
  5. Yokr Ath have today completed the signing of Kyle Gallagher from Lowland League side Cumbernauld Colts. The winger goes straight into the squad for tomorrow' cup clash at home to Wishaw.
  6. The Whe-Ho have tonight completed the signing of Michael Bailey from Queens Park. The club have also signed striker Gary Hynes on loan from Petershill. Gary scored the 3rd and Yoker's final goal v Lesmahagow after coming off the bench for his debut on Saturday.
  7. Assume Troon will be playable?
  8. Yoker Ath 6-1 Forth. Holm side better team by a mile. Visitors lost their discipline towards the end, a man sent off at 4-1 and another at 5-1. Doubles for Ryan Hynes, Greg Cree and Greig 'Tiny' Maitland for the Whe-Ho.
  9. Today's match has been switched to Holm Park, 2pm ko.
  10. You didn't state facts though, you said the entire Yoker bench were involved. They weren't. All the best at Glenafton on Saturday.
  11. Entire Yoker bench? 1 player who'd been substituted entered the field of play in the melee and was cautioned, your number 4 did likewise to start the whole thing but wasn't cautioned...... as the challenge in itself was nothing and in absolutely no way merited a red card which your club's video proves. One member of the Yoker coaching staff initially entered the field (as did your Manager) but only to diffuse the situation as again proven by the video highlights so don't start spreading malicious lies. The Yoker manager latterly enters the pitch to pull the player away who had been substituted. Your number 5 can clearly be seen to extend his arm in the midst of it all, whether it's aiming a punch or not is debatable. Can I ask what age has to do with anything? If that's the case you should mention you also had several players with senior league experience playing including one who played in the Premier League??? Don't be picky, state all the facts or say nothing.
  12. Decent enough start but a far sterner test lies in wait away to The Shire tomorrow I suspect. Steph Reilly said in last week's Clydebank Post it was about a continuation of preseason having started back later than normal so a few changes in personnel expected.
  13. Shaun has signed, yesterday.
  14. Winger Greg 'Tiny' Maitland today signed for another season at the Whe-Ho. Left-sided player Stewart Sharkey has returned to Yoker having left for Annan Athletic last summer. Today's 3rd signing is centre-half Rab O'Neill who joins after a spell injured at Clydebank.
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