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  1. Away to Arbroath as part of the Spence deal, him and Irons never got on, apparently.
  2. David's a good guy, not only does he do a lot for the club, he has done a lot for the fans as well. The club could do with a few more people like David in my opinion.
  3. Commentary is better than the defending at the Clyde goal, that's all I can say in terms of that. Great day for the players and fans, it's been highlighted that 2 years ago things were very different for us, so let's enjoy where we are at this moment in time, what we do going forward is hard to predict, my heart says playoffs, though my head says survival. Still, what a great dilemma to have these days.
  4. On a double shift today, absolute canter. The scoreline suggests we were comfortable as well. What a result, let's take it a game at a time and not continue the overly emotive responses to defeats and victories we've had so far.
  5. It's a full 90 mins that wins a game, not a goal or moment. Currie at times was as important as these last minute goals, but was also culpable of errors himself. As I said, he leaves with my best wishes, and I'm confident Danny has identified improvement in that department.
  6. Think that's a harsh assessment of him, how many other players can you say won us a game throughout the season? He made a lot of important saves and also had a couple of howlers. In my eyes he was more than capable this year, but I'm also accepting that there was potential for improvement in that position and I'll trust Danny's judgement.
  7. Philophosise on this you massive dick, Clyde didn't play that well and still deserved to scud the shoulder barging, floor flinging XI you put out today. The last minute winner was at least the justice we deserved today. I would personally love a play off final against you lot, shoulder barges and theatrics aside you offer absolutely zero to league 2 football, never mind the play offs.
  8. Wasn't at the game today but for a guy being asked to play there I think he has been quite effective, sooner we can get him back into his usual role the better.
  9. I forgot the basic premise of homosexuality was a distinct interest in bowel movements, please forgive me.
  10. You want to insert your piece up someone's arse knowing they have the runs? You're definitely one for the watching.
  11. Spot on analysis, apart from the backspin theory but let's not get into that argument again!
  12. Ah good old deflection, how I have missed you.
  13. I'm honestly struggling to make sense of the first two paragraphs, apart from the last sentence. There's really not much point in me offering a response to that. Opinions are fine, but let's be honest, it's more of an accusation you've levelled at me, and an unfair and unsubstantiated one at that. Where we find ourselves reflects badly on everyone at the club, board included. But I ask you this, what would benefit the club over the next few days, negativity and self-pity, or a bit of support and solidarity? Things need to change, but they can wait until we have secured our league status no?
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