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  1. Cheers, I saw there was only 1 large on the website earlier so I've bought it, from what your saying that should be perfect for me anyway!
  2. Anyone ordered one of the matchwinner tops? Wondering how the sizing is, most footy tops are slim fit these days but I've had a few classic Scotland tops that have been regular fit and if anything, big for their size.
  3. Due to attempting (without much success) to play a bit of football myself, I've had the good luck in only having to watch us twice this season. What I will say is this, I have played a part in, and watched, games at amateur level in which a lot of the top players appear to be as good, if not better than what we currently have. I totally appreciate the "levels" to the game and whatnot, but I do genuinely feel that the best of amateur football is now akin to the McDonald/Maitland revolution, from which a lot of the best junior players were sourced. Bag Duffy, get a young coach with drive and a bit of balls in, and give a half dozen or so top amateur boys a go until the summer. Might not save us, but we might just create a pathway and links that could serve us well going forwards.
  4. Floodlights are installed, finished yesterday I believe. From my limited knowledge they have invested quite a bit into the player budget in the last year or two as they are concentrating on league position. I dare say if / when they get up the league's, the improvements will follow! Still don't fancy it as a groundshare right enough.
  5. Fair play, need to hold our hands up and admit we were steamrollered 2-2 tonight by a team that conceded goals to Rob Jones and Billy Mortimer
  6. Just about anyone who follows lower league football can conjure up a list of "targets" for every position in the squad. Surely in a paid role such as this, any targets identified and shared with DL would have had due diligence completed and it would be established that they would / could be interested in moving to the club. Naming players who are available and would do a job for the team is nothing like compiling a list of targets / clubs etc, who we know we can either attract to the club, or establish pathways and relationships with.
  7. You can add in 2 cup wins in terms of form since the restart. Also, with the sheer amount of games and crazy fixture list, I think the boys have done well. Hopefully that's our injuries cleared up also. Still work to be done if we want to stay in this league right enough.
  8. 3-0 down and East Fife haven't had to get out of 1st gear. Lacking any sort of cutting edge and our shape is terrible out of possession also. Scunnered.
  9. No idea what's going on but I fear there's a village missing an idiot. Just been added on Facebook and invited to share my mobile number for a "chat" regarding a post I supposedly made. Funnily enough it turns out he's got the wrong guy. Out of common decency I'll not say who it is, but just be aware that any posts made re Clyde on here may lead to a part time Poirot taking the huff and seeking you out.
  10. Cheers for the link, that's the donation done. More than happy to be able to do a small bit. I'd urge not just Clyde fans, but all fans to consider this either as a replacement, or in tandem with away fixture fees, if current finances allow. A little goes a long way in these communities across the country.
  11. Will the refunds be processed automatically or do you need to apply? Have no interest in applying for a refund, times are tough just now and clubs need to help each other. If it's an automatic refund can someone direct me to a local food bank page in Dumbarton and I'll get the money to them? Cheers.
  12. Away to Arbroath as part of the Spence deal, him and Irons never got on, apparently.
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