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  1. Does your hometown have a slogan generally used only by locals? Not looking for any tourist board pish here. In Greenock we have: This is Inverclyde, come hard, come deep, enjoy. What’s yours?
  2. I don’t know who Stanley is. You make jokes about children being sexually abused. Your parents must be ashamed of you.
  3. Tell us the one about child abuse again. Thick c*nt.
  4. Genuine question, why SevcoTon? When has Largs Ton said or implied he’s a Rangers fan?
  5. I prefer it when he posts about a major football club exploiting a young player and ends it with LOL! Usually the mark of a deep thinker. Has @roman_bairn always been this much of a c*nt? He seems to think I’ve tried to wind him up 3 (three) times. I can’t remember when though.
  6. Add shite patter to your repertoire of life achievements. Replying to posts on a public messageboard on a topic about the team I support, when you have directly quoted me, does not make me a lost puppy, whatever that means.
  7. The difference is I’m not defending Morton, nor making excuses for their actions. It’s the hypocrisy from you, and having the audacity to defend your club’s actions, that makes you a twat, as well as a stupid c*nt.
  8. You’re the one defending your scum bag club for exploiting an employee. Calling you a twat isn’t a wind up, it’s just a fact.
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