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  1. Not sure it's fair to categorise him as fragile. He's had one injury from a bad tackle, and came back far quicker than first expected.
  2. Said it before...absolutely critical we get him signed up on a permanent contract. Superb player. Better than Max Lowe imo.
  3. Jesus. He sounds like some lad that's started a youtube channel commentating on games whilst sitting in his bedroom in his underpants.
  4. Quite literally the two longest journeys for Aberdeen based fans. Quite surprised there hasn't been more pushback from the club actually.
  5. My wee lad just expressed an interest in going to watch a football match (only 3 so undecided whether that's a good idea yet). So I checked the fixtures over xmas, and the SPFL - in their eternal wisdom - have decided to give us two away fixtures on the 24th and 28th. What are these muppets smoking?
  6. This has to happen imo. Moving McCrorie out of midfield is just a complete no-no for me.
  7. "Aberdeen goalkeeper Kelle Roos can force his way into the Netherlands squad, says Pittodrie boss Jim Goodwin" Is Jim ok?
  8. It's easy to say that as Jimmy is a known quantity, but Lance has a much higher ceiling overall. I was looking forward to watching Lance develop as the season went on, in the knowledge that being practically a rookie, it might limit how far we can go. I think with Jimmy in we can probably safely say we're heading deep into the playoffs again. I'm not convinced he has the arm talent to win the superbowl, but at the very least we have the best defence in the league which should serve us well if they stay healthy. That's what makes it all the more saddening about Lance, as it would have been the perfect season to bring through a new QB.
  9. Fair play to Jimmy, that's a great performance.
  10. Seen it so many times from the 9ers in recent seasons. Well in control, opposition scores and gets a bit of momentum, and then our possession stalls.
  11. McGlinchey is solid as well, especially coming off a horrible injury. The two guards are young and look to have plenty potential. Only really weak at C imo. Really poor FG attempt. Big possession here.
  12. That's a wild take.
  13. Hufanga has had an all-pro start to the season. Really dominant stuff from the 9ers.
  14. Most dissappointing thing about this game is that the first half was afairly even, end-to-end, pretty exciting and enjoyable affair. It was all set for another enjoyable half of football, and the referee has absolutely shagged it. He could have given a penalty, and really most folk wouldn't have grumbled too much. But the second yellow is a sackable offence imo.
  15. Absolutely shocking on all fronts. But the most disgraceful of all is that we've just taken Duk off for Polvara, instead of one of the hiders. Hayes and Besuijen have done f**k all of merit thus far.
  16. Hayden Coulson is an absolute baller. More important to make his loan permanent than Scales imo.
  17. Just occured to me that there's definitely a joke in Duk playing at Ibrox. If only we had a Chinese player as well.
  18. This reminds me that it's been years since I've been to Easter Road for a good boo.
  19. NO!? I'm heart broken. Are they going to play GSTK at Easter Road today?
  20. I was away in Islay last week, and it's dropped off the main AFC page. Can I assume from your post that Clarkson has had a retrospective red?
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