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  1. Can't argue with the first point, only Goodwin will know if he's ready to play. Agreed, I thought he showed a lot of promise when he broke into the team. I think it's pretty obvious that his succession of injuries played a big part in his dip in form. I'd equally like to see him make it, and now would be his chance with Coulson out.
  2. I mean, anything is possible, but the evidence from the cup and the league so far is that he's more likely to play Scales at LB and McCrorie at CB.
  3. I didn't suggest you did, I just wanted to respond to your comment regarding the possession stat. FWIW, I thought Hearts generally looked like a slicker, more organised unit. But ultimately neither team looked particularly good, as tends to happen in a derby.
  4. MacKenzie was saying on RedTV yesterday that he's not far away from fitness. I'd imagine we'll just continue with Scales at left back and McCrorie in the middle until such time as MacKenzie is fit.
  5. I think the important distinction here, is that there are barely any metrics by which you could say you dominated that game today. https://www.flashscore.co.uk/match/bHo6MhWD/#/match-summary/match-statistics/0 Except for perhaps corners free kicks...
  6. Given that he currently doesn't play for any Scottish team, he's less likely to score against us currently than if he played for us. Can't believe he's only 29, feels like he's been around forever. Would be an outstanding signing, but sadly can't see it happening.
  7. He's looked pretty handy at left back during the league cup so far. I think he'll do a job for you.
  8. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/BlaringIdleAnole-mobile.mp4
  9. I'm surprised you took the time to create such a lovely allegory, to essentially say....you're correct Illgresi.
  10. I'm fairly certain we're doing better on average over those four years than Hearts...
  11. Yep. And I stand by that statement. Happily, given we have absolutely destroyed the LCGS at the first time of asking.
  12. I broke with my own previously stated opinion that these games are demeaning to Aberdeen, and decided to watch the game today. Glad I did. Very impressed with McCrorie and Ramadani as a midfield duo. I think they will be dominant in many games this season. Also liked Besuijen in the free role behind the striker. Hard to see where young Barron fits in. Excellent potential, and I really like his style of play, but I don't think he displaces either of those 3 right now. Kennedy looked positive, and Jonny looks like a new man. Miovski looks like an intellgent player with a quality left foot. Will be interesting to watch him develop with us. Slightly concerned with the defence however. Impressed with all 4 individually at times, but collectively still looked a bit dishevelled at times. There were points today where Celtic would have punished us, no doubt. Understand and accept it's basically a brand new defence, and hopefully we can sort some little errors of positioning and concentration for next week. Enjoyed watching Hancock for the first time. Looks a prospect.
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