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  1. Another christmas blip. I thought we got that out our system years ago!
  2. Clearly the opening line was dig at the poor kids in methil which isnt called for in the slightest. My response was mearly stating a fact and wasnt aimed at kids but purely the junkies and wasters of kirkcaldy.
  3. Remember when he was "delighted" to have signed Mendy? Tracked him for months and even compared him to the likes of Marvin Andrews and Mark Campbell. Glorious.
  4. Hendry was pish at Bayview earlier in the season. Callachan wont improve raiths sauad unless hes willing to play centre half? Will be sticking East Fife -1 on the coupon either way.
  5. You would think the under privileged kids of Methil would appreciate the charity xmas gifts donated by the good people of Kirkcaldy. I have lived, worked and went to school in kirkcaldy. I can say without doubt kirkcaldy had alot more underprivileged kids than methil did this xmas!
  6. We have been poor this quarter bar the last 2 games which have snuck us the 15 points mentioned above. It seems we are relying on Wallace a bit too much also. Realistically we need to be aiming for 4th place and I wouldn't say we are much better than the likes of Montrose and Clyde so we will see what happens.
  7. So really you mean the first goal doesnt matter?
  8. When is young boy Healy getting a shout? Seems to score every week for u20s and some beauties aswell. I know hes came off the bench once but surely deserves 10 here and there when the chance is there.
  9. Nugent, Kerr and McBride were okay? Shaun Fagan was amense until he would get sent off. Remember when we trailed to Arbroath 2-1 at HT with 9 men and went on to win 3-2? Robbie Reaside at his best. I thought Hislop was okay also just not when playing beside Jim Hamilton. Sheerin was about 17 and played about 3 games lol?
  10. Clyde 1-2 Peterhead Dumbarton 2-0 East Fife Falkirk 2-1 Montrose 1-2 Forfar Raith 1-1 Stranraer
  11. Are you going to every game post and referring to the home venue as a difficult place to get 3 points?
  12. Young needs to get back to the regular first 11. Too many little changes here and there and the momentum is lost. Been poor for a good few games now.
  13. Easy 3 points for me, Davidson wont handle Dowds and Benedictus wont handle Wallace coming deep. Mix that up with Dunsmore running in behind and Aggie threading needles from 60 yards... Should be delightful
  14. I thought they were both class! Tuta struggled for goals but his flair and strength was great to watch, Id rather have Tuta than the likes of Johhny Mitchell, John Bradford or John Martin
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