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  1. No matter the opposition , it was still a remarkable achievement. It would have been easy to take your eyes off the ball against weaker teams. Arthurlie didn't do that, they just kept winning. As you say , 3 premier teams put to the sword, Bonnyrigg were outplayed but beaten by them not to mention our recent game against Hurlford. If we had taken our chances we would have been out of sight. Ford showed us if you don't take your chances you will be punished as they were ruthless in front of goal. That needs to be addressed for next season . To answer the OPs question. Darvel are team of the season. Winning the league is what every team sets out to do. Winning the league trumps everything.
  2. And if rumours are correct, throwing plenty of cash at the players they want. Not quite up there with Darvel but plenty of it.
  3. Bit of a shock that one. Seems quite a capable manager who knows how to get the best out of his players. Is he good enough to go to a bigger club than Maryhill ?
  4. Great to see Burgh getting there. They had a brilliant end to their season.
  5. Pies are magic mate. Highly recommend the steak pie.
  6. Up until 6 games ago Shotts had lost 3 games in the league . Since then they have lost 3 out of their last 6. Possibly a wee bit harsh to say their bottle had crashed. Lets just say they ran out of steam. It must have been difficult for them winning so many games and not making any inroads in to Arthurlie's lead.
  7. Arthurlie will need to strengthen if we are promoted. We have a great squad at the moment with some really good youngsters starting to come through. In my opinion it would be suicide to rely on the younger lads to do battle with more experienced players week in week out. Our manager certainly has a knack of bringing in quality and I would expect him to be on the lookout for players who will improve the squad. Already there are names being mentioned who come into that category.
  8. Shotts bottle has well and truly crashed. We played poorly against Burgh and scraped a draw, Shotts were beaten by them. We weren't in sparkling form against Whitletts yesterday but took full points from a very difficult game. Arthurlie have been relentless this season, the only game I feel they let themselves down was against Rob Roy as we didn't play anywhere near our real form. That isn't a complaint as most of us placed more importance on the league. The management, committee and players have worked extremely hard for this and it's going to be a massive relief when we finally get over the line.
  9. Arthurlie drop two points against Johnstone Burgh in a 1-1 draw. It would be more accurate to say Lie won a point as we were very fortunate to take anything. That was as poor a performance as I can remember this season that's not to take away from Burgh. They won the midfield battle and will be gutted at our late equaliser. Shotts beaten for the 2nd game in a row and look as if their battle is petering out. Arthurlie five points ahead and with two games in hand looks too much to overcome.
  10. I must say I was shocked when I saw that result.
  11. Arthurlie v Lugar Boswell OFF . Covid cases affecting Lugar.
  12. To be fair the poor ref needed eyes in the back of his head. He needed assistants out there with him. As you have said he didn't impact on the result. Arthurlie deserved the win. Shotts didn't have enough in their locker to upset their closest rivals. If the Lie can win their games in hand I can't see anyone catching them.
  13. Arthurlie played Glasgow Uni in the first league game. They were decent They were a good footballing side and looked fit. I think most Arthurlie fans left that day being impressed with them. Based on that game alone I expected them to be doing better than they are at the moment. They have lost to teams I thought they would have beaten.
  14. Glasgow Perthshire 0 Arthurlie 4. Half Time.
  15. On league form Arthurlie will be favourites but Whitletts put on a great display at Dunterlie a few weeks back and will be fairly confident of victory. If it is half as good as that game , it's one not to be missed.
  16. It was a cracking game of football. End to end stuff. I also thought Arthurlie created more chances but we couldn't have complained if the Vics had taken a point . They were impressive and had us rocking for long periods . I thought the referee did very well considering he had no assistants. He did well in the flare up towards the end of the game and diffused the situation by brandishing yellow cards rather than reds. An excellent three points for Arthurlie .
  17. The Roderick Dhu on Wellington Street, right across from Central station used to be decent.
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